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Found 5 results

  1. Starting with Chapter 9, Hana, Rinkah and Subaki, I decided I'd make a patch for Revelation so that in a Lunatic Revelation, most units could actually be usable right off the bat instead of being useless that chapter, and also being useless even after some grinding. This was used to calculate the Average stats for the units at certain levels. Thoughts? Ideas? Discuss.
  2. Firstly, I don't actually own the game. I am planning marriages and children ahead of time so that I'm ready for Invisible Kingdom, the campaign in which I will be taking the couples and children seriously. I am planning on marrying Charlotte with Flannel, however Flannel's secondary Class is that of a Fighter, Charlotte's primary class. What class will she inherit? I think that I read somewhere that if this happens the character acquires the complementary class from the other nation (Nohr <--> Hoshido), so in this case, Oni Savage. However, I am unsure how true the previous statement is. I'm unsure on what this means for her, so I just thought that I would ask to clear the air.
  3. So I just started chapter 23 on my incredibly slow paced playthrough of Ik... and almost got a heart attack when starting the map. I've been using and leveling a good specific few characters, and out of those characters, there are only two flying units that I regularly use; Belka and Hinoka. The next highest leveled flying unit is Camilla and/or Yuugiri, who I haven't used since recruiting them. Next in line is my LAST flying unit, Tsubaki, who sits at a sad unpromoted level 6. My question is, are flying units the only way to get to the other islands // reach the enemies ?? I pretty much already figured out and made everyone that I typically use into their endclass, so I'm probably going to have to do an atrocious amount of grinding with those untouched characters if that's the case ; u ; But yeah, going to need all the advice I can get for this particular map, thanks in advance ! ; U ; *an alternate idea I was playing around with is using Hinoka and Belka as my "transporters", bringing my strongest one or two units to each island and then cloning the characters using copycat (most of them have the skill already)...but that seems like it'd take a lot of turns and may potentially backfire ~ I think I have copycat on Hinoka as well, which helps, but I'm not sure if Belka can even get it ?? I'm gonna get this checked ~
  4. So I'm currently playing the game on a 3DS with 9.0.0-20 firmware. I use it in a 9.4.0-21U EmuNand as a cia. The cia was built from the rom I dumped from my retail copy of the Special edition which I know supposedly gives you the 3rd path free, but it wasn't available on launch so it's not pre-downloaded. I'm curious as to how I can get access to the 3rd path and/or DLC? Thanks in advance!
  5. So I just rather want to hear it straight. I like to nit pick and dig down deep into my games. I've done pretty well so far dodging spoilers. Even when I open some up and not even get a cent of what it meant (though I know IK is the true). I played Awakening, I thought the story was meh, I played Blazing Sword and found it exceptional. So, topic. What do you think about Fire Emblem: Fates story/plot of each path? I'm aware not every story can be good, but I might not consider this gen if I'm going to play 24+ hours of an RPG and find the story not engaging enough. I'm willing to give these weird characters, mechanics and everything else a try, but only if the story is actually worth it, I'll regret it after a week of play. So I want honest opinions. - One of the Best!: Fully engaging and you could never say the story was bad in any way. Worth every cent. - Above Par.: Really good. You'll probably play more playthroughs you usually go through, weather you find the rest of the game mediocre. Worth the money. - Good Enough.: It's tolerable. Nothing spectacular. You'd probably enjoy it as much as Awakenings story. You probably stick with this version though. - Rather disappointing...: You wouldn't buy this game for the sake of the story. You better hope you like everything else. This versions story isn't worth it. Just rent or borrow it. If you going to post something about the story from one of the 3 paths, please put it in "Spoilers". Votes and Posts from members who've played the game or currently knows the story very well preferably.
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