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Found 1 result

  1. For a few months, peace and order reigned SF's music community. Every week, one person would be elected the Vicar of Music and, for an unchallenged week, would gift his music to the community. The world listened, nodded, smiled and kept going with their lives. That order is now gone. The world is shaken. EVERY DAY, music must be posted. Who posts it? Me. Like all good anarchy, this one is channelled through an organised spreadsheet for which you must put your name, song and link. I will post the songs as they're ordered on the list every day, one a day. Can you talk about your music? Yes. Can my music be my favourite cartoon opening theme and or video game? Preferably not. There is a strong preference that the music stands on its own right as opposed to being a soundtrack for other events, like films or games or whatever. It's not outlawed, but I'll consider it if the thread gets swamped in it. With regards to other subgenres, I'll sometimes shuffle the order around of songs - if we get like four jazz songs in a row, I'll probably shift the next non-Jazz song into the third day just to break things off. It would also help if your song choices were diverse but tbh since it's only a day anyway it probably doesn't matter too much. Ideally, stick to submitting one song per given artist. Furthermore, give others a chance to flourish! After submitting your first song, please wait until it's posted before submitting another! And, very importantly, please do not submit anonymously or your song will not be posted. Here is the playlist to which all songs have been and will be added. The old Vicar of Music playlist is also being updated with Anarchist songs.
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