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Found 19 results

  1. Alrighty some rules in place here since usually I don't really like shipping threads but Link is an interesting case considering there are so many different Links and pairings which don't clash with each other, there are exceptions but hey. Keep it civil and such please. Now my favorite pairing for our favorite dude in the Green Tunic? Midna from Twilight Princess, I feel since they are literally fire forged friends and such. They experience many deadly fights [Zelda does too in various others I know I know] I like Midna's Snarky attitude, yet underneath is a kind person. She just doesn't like to show it much :P I've always liked Midna haha nothing more then that, although I also really like Link x Marin from Awakening, and thats Link's Awakening not FE awakening where I had 2 avatars or something. [Although I really like the name Marin so haha]
  2. Tonight at 11p EST, Jedi and I are going to stream an hour-long breakdown of Fire Emblem. We'll be running this in about 5 hours, and if you have anything you'd like to mention, we'll have Stream-chat open for review and discussion assistance. You can join us by visiting my stream, https://www.twitch.tv/the_elieson, and check out the VoDs that Jedi and I will link at our YouTube channels.
  3. After playing some matches with Euk, Timp and random For Glory, I have some thoughts on Cloud who I was greatly excited for. If there are redundant lines then I'm sorry I'm writing this at 4 am. Now this is a day 1 evaluation, do not take what I say as 100% fact, I'm sure more experienced players will have better things to say. When he's actually allowed at tournaments, who knows I may even take him to a tournament, but we'll see. Also the people at Smash Boards have already complied his frame data https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h5peQlvrlAc2g3kLTllpSkggN6MfpLfZIiBdGv6xOFk/htmlview?sle=true# be sure to click Cloud Cloud is deceptively fast for a character with such a gigantic weapon, every hit is pretty punishing although not as much as say, Bowser or the super heavy hitters, his tilts are all really speedy with little to no lag, the dtilt slide has a little start up, but can dodge attacks and lead into some aerials, mostly the uair. Cloud's jab will always connect fully until around 100+% when it will then possibly start to whiff, but the first 2 kicks can be used as grab lead ins. Filt is a quick slash, that does reasonable damage, and has little to no lag, utilt can chain into itself multiple times and instantly lead into a nair or a uair usually. Ftilt becomes even better with his great ground speed and using pivots along with his ftilt Cloud's throws are sadly not super great, he has a bthrow roundhouse kick, which can lead into a chase situation for his solid Dash Attack, an uthrow which sets people up for a possible aerial, a fthrow that just kicks them forward, and a dthrow which does actually lead into a quickly timed ftilt at lower % as well as his Side B Cross Slash, Cloud's throws are mostly all just neutral game enders to go into an advantage situation, but don't fub up the chase. His grab range is also sadly poor but isn't as short as Ganondorfs thankfully. Pivots help his reach somewhat. But overall his grab game is a tad weak despite the chase possibilities. Cloud's Aerials, hoo man, Fair is somewhat slow, but is a very rewarding move and his speed allows it to be used in various situations and even get a few good spikes off if done well due to how its angled, careful though it has a bit of landing lag, Nair is amazing, it sweeps around him at amazing speed, possibly one of the fastest nair's in the game period you can also utilt right into a nair, it has tons of potential. Dair is a surprisingly swift punishing downward stab, which can meteor if sweetspoted and works slightly like Link's dair, but is faster and can't be as punished. Uair is spectacular, its really fast, its strong and it can juggle or even KO, imagine Ike's utilt but as a super fast bigger hitbox upward strike, its massive and it baits air dodges super easily, allowing for swift juggles if played right, dtilt and a few other moves can lead right into it. Bair is quick and is also fairly strong, not as strong as Ike's but it has great reach and along with his mobility does a good job being a spacing tool and aggressive attack. Bair, nair and uair also can be auto canceled taking out their lag to an extent. Clouds Specials. Neutral B - Blade Beam, this beam is wide and has decent reach, it can actually clash with a number of melee moves along with canceling out projectiles (It even can trade shots with Sheik's needles somewhat). Its a great spacing tool and pressure, B-Reversing it also seems to be ok, but I didn't find it to have a huge special use right now, who knows maybe later. Limit Blade Beam - Blade Beam becomes bigger and does tons of hits even applying a bit of shield pressure even shielded, even Koing around 90-100% depending on stage location and rage. Side Note - Villager can pocket both version of Blade Beam. I tested it myself. Side B - Cross Slash, Cross Slash is kinda strange, you do a quick swing and if you land it, you can do the rest of the combo, at low %'s its very reliable and gets 19% very swiftly, but as the % and your rage grows, it becomes a bit less reliable, also in mid air you can suspend yourself briefly kinda like Marth's dancing blade, but not as nifty. Limit Cross Slash, Cross Slash always does the full combo in this mode, and it pretty much instantly breaks shields, and has pretty good KO potential, if I recall around 80% to beyond, depending on weight class and stuff. Also seems slightly bigger but that may be just me. Up B - Climhazzard, Cloud does a straight upward strike, and you can choose to do the downward strike, SADLY this is one of the weakest recoveries in all of smash 4 unless its the limit break variant. However on stage its a very very good out of shield attack, dragging your opponent into a decent amount of damage as its pretty fast and doesn't have much end lag. Off stage, its easy to gimp this recovery, although Cloud does have a wall jump to his name, so that helps slightly, but this move is finicky around the edge so be careful with it, it doesn't always snap to the ledge, but you can grab the edge while facing away from it at least. Limit Climhazzard - Makes the move an actual recovery giving it gigantic distance and makes it a devastating upward slash which I haven't tested the kill potential of quite yet. Down B - Limit Charge, Cloud's limit gauge is invisible most of the time, however with this you can see it while you charge, this charge up works like a typical b charge up move and you can dodge, shield cancel out of it, also the gauge goes up as you fight, getting hit and hitting both raise it. It can also be used in the air and canceled out via an air dodge. Down B Limit - Finishing Touch, Cloud does a twirling tornado sword attack, which only does 1% damage but it Kills as early as 50/60%, its a very deadly move and one that shouldn't be taken lightly when Cloud is in Limit Mode. It also has somewhat of a windbox so be careful. Up Smash - Is a fairly strong uppercut which stops people in their tracks and lifts them into the air, surprisingly doesn't have that much lag. Fsmash - Three powerful slashes, a very very solid KO option and a good roll read move, however if you whiff you'll most likely be punished. Dsmash - a hilt strike into a backward slash, the backward stab portion is good and the hilt strike does lead into the stab, but its techable, which lowers its effectiveness quite a bit. However the backward stab is not techable at all so its still fairly useful. General impressions - I personally find Cloud to be a blast to play, he's really good at what he's good at, but his off stage game leaves alot to be desired (one of the worst in the game arguably), his limits are super awesome to use, he's really fast for the type of character he is, although he has weak grabs and combo potential, his moveset has a bit of a flow to it while your in a chase, leading to juggles and mild strings, combined with good spacing tools. Where do I think he'll be in the overall tiers? My guess is near the middle of Mid-Tier (No idea if I'll even be right, this is day 1) although his limits can be a game changer and he has a number of tools, his poor recovery offsets it, so a very good Cloud could possibly rise. Will there be? We will have to see. I hope to be proven wrong and he can go high up in the ranks even if its just Mid-High. I do have hopes for him, he seems to have the potential to be pretty solid. I mean his blade beam at least gives him something to work with against the likes of Sheik so -shrugs- she still has that amazing offstage game though... Not sure if he'll be a main either I would like him to be, but I'm still much more comfortable with my characters such as Ike, but this is day 1 after all I'll be using him for quite some time, main or no, for sure, just to get the barrings right.
  4. After the disaster that was the FRLG nuzlocke, another one has appeared. Venturing into a remake of a sequel which had a prequel remade, our five bold heroes strive to blindly stumble through a game or something! In the LILAC corner, being called by pipes everywhere is Terrador! In the MAGENTA corner, with more mind tricks than that guy who sold you that set of knives you didn't need, Jedi! In the GOLDEN BROWN corner, the king of fast food and also no scoping noobs, Refa! In the SEPIA corner, a contemporary of Hippocrates, Shin! And sitting in the middle of the stage due to space constraints, is Horace! Dem rules; - If a mon dies, it's gone - First mon is catchable in the area, regardless if it's been caught or not before - Losing all your mons is only a game over if you have none in your box - Amazing names are mandatory - Trades between players will occur at given intervals permitting for hardware allowances - Starter Pokemon options have been selected by other players before start PROGRESS Terrador: Rocket Hideout - 0 Jedi: Bugsy - 0 Refa: Bug Catching Contest - 0 Shin: Rocket Hideout - 1 Horace: Rocket Hideout - 1 BUG CATCHING CONTEST 1. Terrador - Weedle 295 POINTS 2. Shin - Metapod - 259 POINTS 3. Refa - Metapod - ~245 POINTS 4. Horace - Metapod - ~240 POINTS 5. Jedi - DEAD
  5. PKL

    DS Tag Team

    I got this idea from the FE3 tag team. Basically, all 7 of us will be playing the DS FEs and alternating turns until we beat both games. Each of us gets 2 "safe units". Those units can never be undeployed unless required (too little amount of deployment slots) and can never die and must be trained regularly by all members. The Safe units are: PKL Jedi Elliot Ice Sage Shin Breezy Terrador Anti-troll rules: 1. Difficulty for both games is H2. 2. None of the safe characters above can be undeployed or killed. They must also be recruited. Any characters that recruit other important characters or safe units must also be recruited and alive. 3. No massive selling/buying of items to make everyone poorer in either game. 4. Drill Ground training is fine, as long as it's on a safe character or on Marth. 5. Don't drop items intentionally. 6. Warp and Rescue is banned. Again is ok. 7. Reclassing is ok. But don't reclass more than 1 of the safe characters to curate to halt their growth to troll others. 8. FE12 must be played out to the true ending. 9. FE12 Chapter 23 Gharnef has to be killed. 10. FE12 Chapter 21 you have to visit starlight village. 11. Have fun. 12. Trolling will not be tolerated unless it is extremely minor and humorous. Trolling exceedingly will result in someone else taking the spot from the troll and extreme shame to the troll. Let's get this thing started :D. I love the safe team.
  6. Team Dan (1-50) Team Jedi (51-100) Rules: -Swordmasters: No -Shin: Yes -Roy: Also Yes (6) Charlemagne, the personification of RNG rolls, hath declared than Dandragon shall go first. Truly an epic match, in which neither side has a complete support circle! Oh, yeah, spoilers, the teams which cannot possibly have support circles have support circles. Unit HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Acc Avo Crt Shin 60 24 28 30 17 13 9 8 64 77 14 Zeiss 60 26 26 23 15 25 6 11 59 61 13 Dieck 60 25 27 22 17 17 8 14 62 61 13 Lott 60 21 20 22 13 21 6 14 46 57 10 Roy 52 22 25 24 30 17 16 8 65 78 12 Percival 60 24 20 25 18 18 14 12 49 68 10 Dorothy 52 23 25 25 16 11 10 8 58 66 12 Shin 60 24 28 30 17 13 9 8 64 77 14 Roy 52 22 25 24 30 17 16 8 65 78 12 Lance 53 22 25 25 15 16 9 11 57 65 12 Allez Cuisine!
  7. Jedi

    Fe6: (R)FEmastered

    There is a project I've had on my mind for awhile, although being at job corps kinda restricts my time to do anything especially with KP starting next Friday for me. anyways the concepts, this would be Fe6 made on the Fe8 engine. The story would be revamped a fair bit and there would be two parties (think Fe2 or TRS) one led by Roy and the other Lilina, the cast of Fe6 would be divided between the two thereby allowing a more balanced game. Not to mention stat changes more classes, thieves would promote, Roy would promote in a reasonable time and his stats would actually be decent. All new maps with some of the originals being used Cavaliers would become like their fe9 selves aka Mono weapon. With the two teams the various split paths would both be followed. Hit rates would be much more reliable and thrones not as much of a pain. Fe5 PCC and possibly fatigue would be integrated thanks to Cam Promotion items would all be Master Seals to allow people to use their favorites more easily with promotions. Possible new prfs and prfs for non Roy people. Such as a Judgral styled Fire Sword for Roy 3x effectiveness would remain. As would Swordmaster and Zerker 30% crit and Snipers would join their ranks Archers and Healers would have a greater experience gain. Weapon ranks would be easier to up, support rates will be ridiculously high in comparison. Unsure how to divide the partied equally and make sense currently. I will make a document when I can but all I have is my phone I am writing this on currently
  8. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I know the completion rate of tag teams has faltered and the fact I messed up my FF6 lp but this time will be different. In december I will be getting a laptop for job corps for personal use. SO I figured I should play through an Fe for you guys. Its time for you to voote. Whatever FE I am playing will be on the difficulty I am most comforable with. Although if you REALLY want me to go beyond that add a (difficulty) to your vote. Well shoot, the poll function hates my phone so I guess I gotta put the choices here. Fe2 Fe3 Both Books Fe4 vote Kids or Subs if you pick this Fe5 Fe6 HM Fe7 HHM Fe8 HM Fe9 HM no flight Fe10 NM but can do HM just been awhile Fe11 H3 Fe12 H2 Cant screen cap FE13 :(. Now if you would like a stipulation like Ironman or something feel free to include that in your manual vote.. Sorry again for that its just my phone said eff you to the poll option..
  9. As some of you know I signed up for something called the job corps awhile back and was waiting for the time I had to head to the center of my choice. Which will be in the state of Washington I made a thread on this before I know but that was a false early alarm and I apolgize for it 2 weeks ago I got that call. A new chapter in my life is unfolding and after drifting for the last couple years I have regained my old confidence from when I was younger, I have learned much from my family to prep me these past 7 weeks. But I am rambling at this point. Fact of the matter is, I will not be on nearly as often as before. Some of you I know will hate that, others will rejoice. In the end I will miss being as active on both here and skype, I will try to keep in contact as much as possible though. Feel free to PM me I will get back to you ASAP, as of right now I do not know how often I will be able to keep up with stuff so bare with it please. Originally I wasnt going to make a thread for this but then doofina told me he was going to, so I decided to beat him to the punch haha. As excited as I am for this new chapter. I am also extremely nervous and anxious, but as my Dad has told me mulitple times, its normal to be nervous about the unknown. But I am rambling again sorry about that. So that is where we stand ^^ I wish you all well, I call a good number of people I met on this forum extended family at this point and really good friends, I am going to miss you all.. Wow I am repeating myself, Specta was right I will never stop doing that.. Haha
  10. How would you want it to play and what characters would you include? I would try to make it unique is structure but it would probably end up being tradional 2-D. I would try to include all Lords then go off of getting one character at the least from each class. Maybe more like 3 or 4 per yet staying unique or maybe it would just be the Lords I dno. Hard to think of a roster out of all the fe's without dipping into total bias
  11. Ok folks! Remember when I first joined and made a top 10 for favorite video game characters? My list has actually changed since then! For the newcomers since that time and people who posted their lists before why not do it again. So LET'S GO #1 Sonic The Hedgehog [Origin: Where do you think?] Been playing his games (along with Mario's) since I was 3 years old. The blue blur still holds my loyalty to this day lots of fun games. His attitude and image songs always pump me up, he is the 90's personified and its awesome. Also looking forward to getting Lost World and playing as him in Smash 4 #2 Zero [Origin: Megaman X] Zero the Maverick hunting badass, with his saber and long hair how could I not like him? His growth and origins through the X series are great and his own series just continues to show why we care about him, tragic event after tragic event haunt him but he remains strong throughout and is not afraid to sacrifice himself for the greater good or his friends. #3 Aerith [Origin: Final Fantasy 7] Aerith the innocent flower girl of the slums of midgar. She has remained one of my top favorite characters in gaming history due to both her personality and attitude and her willingness to help others, espcially Cloud even when he was in his worst states [although Tifa was the one who broke him out of the funk at last] She even helps the group mulitple times after her She just has the best interests of everyone yet has a very spunky and playful attitude. I still want art of her in SOLDIER Gear if anyone wants to draw that hahaha #4 Ichiro Ogami [Origin: Sakura Wars] Captain of an all girls fighting squad who pilots Steam Mechas is no easy task and poor Ichiro has to deal with it. But he manages it with his sense of duty and justice with some awkwardness spread around. He is basically me as a video game character as Breezy and Integrity have pointed out both positively and negatively #5 Luke Fon Fabre [Origin: Tales of the Abyss] Luke is another case of "Character who is like me" but its even deeper then Ichiro's. Luke's original snotty attitude is honestly what I somewhat was like as a kid and its a bit jarring but his development and atonement also remind me of my teenage years and how I developed into who I am now I suppose that was a bit more personal then expected but hey. Luke is a great character and is a great role model to those who wish to better themselves even after errors. Not to mention his cool swordsmanship abillities and his love for Tear [LukexTear for life] #6 Richter Belmont [Origin: Castlevania Rondo of Blood] The all symphony badass, Richter knows how to do his job as a vampire hunter and do it well. Often being called the strongest of the Belmont clan and its obvious why with his extremely acrobatic abillities and mastery of the whip, not to mention his devotion to good despite being able to be manipulated and have to be saved by the combined efforts of Maria and Alucard #7 Cecil Harvey [Origin: Final Fantasy 4] [ugh I hate the lipstick on his arrrrt] Anyways Cecil is one of my favorite protagonists in a game as well, his atonement and caring for his friends and his lover Rosa in any situation before himself always made me want to be more like him. A paladin of virtue although he isn't the smartest crayon in the box [ask Golbez] He shines like a beacon of light to those in need. #8 Alys Brangwin [Origin: Phantasy Star 4] Alys is just awesome, she can kick ass and take names with her amazing boomerang skills and she knows how to do her job and being downright intimidating yet very kind and motherly when she needs to be around the young and inexperienced Chaz #9 Matthew [Origin: Fire Emblem] Matthew is another super favorite, he is cheery and kind. Yet takes his spy work seriously. His supports in Fire Emblem Blazing Sword are also some of the most heart wrenching and best written in the francise and I never miss a chance to use him despite his late promotion. [Poor Leila...] #10 Magnus Gallant [Origin: Ogre Battle 64 Person of a Lordly Calibur] Magnus doesn't have it easy. He gets positioned in one of the weakest divisions in the kingdom and finds out just how unjust the kingdom is, he is distant from his father and super loyal to Prince Yumil his best friend yet they have different goals. Magnus doesn't have easy choices ahead as leader of the Blue Knights he struggles and loses much of what he loves just so the people in the kingdom have better lives.
  12. We all know the scene at the end of chapter 14. Where in a desperate move the Avatar plans to set the enemy fleet alight. It works at the cost of about half of the fleet. Yet many people I've seen nitpick this is a total illogical strategy. I have a counter argument. In 208 AD there was a battle in China known as the Battle of Red Cliffs also known as Chibi. Keep your hats on this is going to be a history lesson. Note some bits are taken from my memory and some from Wikipedia to make my explanation better The rouge ruler Liu Bei who for a good number of years had been roaming China trying to find a foothold to fight the lord of the North Cao Cao. Forged an alliance with the ruler of the south lands Sun Quan having succeeded his eldest brother Sun Ce [who was known as The Little Conqueror for his quick defeat of the lords of the Wu lands] after his very untimely young death at the age of 26. Cao Cao who had chased Liu Bei into the south along with a mass group of peasants and some loyal followers. planned on defeating both lords at once and if he had, it would have been a total victory for Cao Cao's Force which would be later renamed Wei. Zhuge Liang, a gifted minister of Liu Bei's. Was sent to talk about the possible alliance By the time Zhuge Liang arrived in the south lands of Sun Quan, Cao Cao had already sent Sun Quan a letter boasting of commanding 800,000 men and hinting that he wanted Sun to surrender, the faction led by Sun Quan's Chief Clerk, Zhang Zhao, advocated surrender, citing Cao Cao's overwhelming numerical advantage. However, on separate occasions, Lu Su, Zhuge Liang, and Sun Quan's chief commander, Zhou Yu, all presented arguments to persuade Sun Quan to agree to the alliance against the northerners. Including their naval advantage, because Cao Cao until this point had rarely had to fight on the sea, and the men of the south often boasted of their naval prowess, Sun Ce before his untimely death had even recruited quite a few pirates into his force. Sun Quan eventually agreed to the alliance. Famously cutting his desk in half with his fathers sword, and claiming "Anyone who still dares argue for surrender will be treated the same as this desk" It's also depicted in some media to have been Zhang Zhao's letter of surrender along with the desk He then assigned Zhou Yu, Cheng Pu, and Lu Su with 30,000 men to aid Liu Bei against Cao Cao, Although Cao Cao had boasted command of 800,000 men, Zhou Yu estimated Cao Cao's actual troop strength to be closer to 220,000. Furthermore, this total included 70,000 troops via impressment from the armies of the recently deceased Liu Biao lord of the Jing territory and relative to Liu Bei, so the loyalty and morale of a large number of Cao Cao's force was very unclear. The combined Sun-Liu force sailed upstream from either Xiakou or Fankou to Red Cliffs as I will show on this map below, where they encountered Cao Cao's vanguard force. Plagued by disease and low morale due to the series of forced marches they had undertaken on the prolonged southern campaign, Cao Cao's men could not gain an advantage in the small skirmish which ensued, so Cao Cao retreated to Wulin (north of the Yangtze River) and the allies pulled back to the south Cao Cao in desperation to keep more of his men from getting sick, decided to moor his boats together. Because of his northern based troops they were not used to the sea at all. One of Sun Quan's officers Huang Gai, who had been serving since the days of his father Sun Jian [Who for a little backstory was the famed Tiger of Jiang Dong, Pirate Hunter and descendant of the Art of War's creator Sun Tzu] noticed just how easily it would be to set the entire fleet ablaze. He decided to fake a surrender, and defection. He took a squad of ships along with him. and his small fleet sailed towards Cao Cao's base. The wind was blowing strongly from the southeast. When Huang Gai's fleet reached the middle of the river, the ships all raised their sails, and Huang Gai lifted a torch and instructed his men to shout "We surrender!" Cao Cao's troops came out of the camp to look and they said Huang Gai was coming to join them. he ordered his men to set the ships on fire and they boarded the smaller boats behind. As the wind was very strong, the flaming ships sailed towards Cao Cao's warships at fast speed and caused them to catch fire as well. Cao Cao's ships were all burnt down the flames also spread quickly to his camps on land. Zhou Yu then ordered an attack on Cao Cao's base and scored a major victory. Cao Cao retreated north with his surviving troops after his defeat. Liu Bei along with his small force did attempt to give chase but were unable to succeed in catching Cao Cao. Later the Three Kingdoms Era would officially start. Liu Bei in the Shu-lands, Sun Quan in Wu and Cao Cao with Wei. As you can see.. The avatar's fleet burning tactic isn't quite so farfetch'd now is it? Granted it was much easier to pull off then the Sun-Liu forces but all and all. I don't see why people complain about this scene. There are plenty of other things to nitpick about the games plot.
  13. http://operationrainfall.com/introducing-kiss-me-sweet-the-sakura-wars-localization-project/ Sega has a huge series sitting mostly in Japan the 5th Sakura War's game was in the west under the name Sakura Wars So Long my Love. The first game came out in 1996 and was a smash hit. Anyways this amazing series is a blend of Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Tactical Steam Punk Mecha RPG. A strange but refreshing blend The character interactions are golden, the writing is great. The characters are great. I played the games in Japanese with translation guides and I'd have to say. I'd love to see these come over via steam or ANYTHING. With Project X Zone also showing some of the characters the series has to offer like the lead you play as in the first 4 games. Ichiro among them is making me think this will get alot of attention. The Original Sakura Wars when it first came around was wanted 2nd to ONLY Final Fantasy 7! [Japan only I know but] THINK ABOUT THAT.
  14. After the successes of Unleashed, Colours/Colors, and Generarions. Sega is now working on their newest Sonic game for the Wii U and 3DS. It's looking promising, and a little like the old canceled Sonic Xtreme in some ways. Looks fun and it may be my jumping on point to the Wii U alongside Smash 4. The Wall running ability looks fun to use, reminds me of SA1 where you could do that freely. Also do I see a lack of boost? That's interesting. Then again parts do look like a smaller scale boost. I would like no extreme anti-sonic bias in this thread if you please. Because I know how some people get when Sonic is even mentioned in some places.
  15. Nippon Ichi has done it again. We have a true sequel to Disgaea 1, i'm sure many people are happy with Laharl back in the spotlight. [As much fun as we had with the other 3 protagonists, Adell in particular for me] It looks like he is the focus again. Main details can be found here http://disgaea.wikia.com/wiki/Disgaea_D2:_A_Brighter_Darkness Comes out in NA on October 8, 2013. Not sure about everywhere else and it is already out in Japan. I will quote part of the page for those of you who are too lazy to look
  16. http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Stupid-Fanboys-Petition-Microsoft-Bring-Back-Xbox-One-DRM-57382.html What.
  17. While i'm kind of lame at making my own art.. As in drawing it. I have over the years been able to get decent skill in photo manipulation via effects and brushes and stuff via Photoshop. People know this.. Because of late I've had to do requests haha. Latest work from the end of last year till now/examples just to show you all.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AyK1_rEWBII Being a fan of the various DBZ games over the years. I haven't been this hyped for one in quite some time. We've got TEAM BATTLES. I can use Team DB, [Krillin, Tien and Yamcha] and pwn :P among some other cool team fights. I've been WAITING for a mechanic like this so we could have super chaotic DBZ fights with all sorts of team fights and stuff. We can have like Future Gohan and Future Trunks against both Androids. and have to struggle as Future Gohan against both at once! It's tense and exciting to think of! the Saibaman FFA that Nappa proposed could actually come to light! Krillin's spread shot would be super cool in a team fight. Gohan and Krillins many tag team fights in the Frieza saga as well.. This will be so cool I COULD GO ON BUT I"M TOO BUSY FANBOYING
  19. Pretty basic stuff here. 1. Who is my favorite Fire Emblem Lord? A. Lyn B. Ike C. Roy D. Eliwood 2. My favorite game of all time is.. A. Super Mario Brothers 3 B. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles C. Ogre Battle 64 D. Final Fantasy 4 3. Which of these do I say the most often A. I'm sorry B. Justice will always triumph! C. -Insert Stahl related pun here- D. All of the above 4. What is my favorite Manga Series? A. Rurouni Kenshin B. Dragon Ball C. Yu Yu Hakusho D. Mahou Sensei Negima 5. You all know that Sonic is my favorite video game character of all time. But who is my 2nd favorite? A. Richter Belmont [Castlevania] B. Zero [Megaman X] C. Aeris/Aerith [Final Fantasy 7] D. Kratos Aurion [Tales of Symphonia] 6. What Fire Emblem related weapons have I actually used/trained with in real life? A. Bows B. Swords C. Axes D. All of the above 7. Who in my Fire Emblem headcanon do I pair Briggid with? A. Ardan B. Holyn C. Finn D. Lewyn 8. Who in Binding Blade did I decide to oddly get to Armads level axe use one run? A. Wendy B. Zealot C. Bors D. Dieck 9. Which Ninja Turtle am I assigned as when I play Arcade online with Shin, Darros, Refa, Xinny, Horace etc A. Leonardo B. Raphael C. Michelangelo D. Donatello 10. What is my favorite drink? A. Milk B. Lemonade C. Coca Cola D. Red Wine
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