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Found 1 result

  1. God fucking damn it I hate this game. So the only natural thing to do is make a playthrough of it. Obviously. LHM to start idk maybe I'll do HHM if I hate my life. Pick good characters for me. Serra and Florina will be used and transcend christ. Raven, Kent and Erk will die. Pent will not be used and his sexy wife will be used. This is guaranteed. Everyone else is fair game. It feels so weird not doing a tag-team [spoiler= Prologue because I'm too lazy to do Chapter 1] Gross no tutorials plz lets do eet true fact: chapter titles are a stable of screenshot lps Am I dead? Is this heaven. o Oh god. It feels so weird not hating you anymore. What am I doing to myself. b-but I am mute, so sorry. what's dat I am useless in every way, my apologies. Gosh that first text scroll was painful Move #1 Good start. *sigh* Wasting vulneraries is a stable of the prologue. probably God damn it. Wasting more resources. FINISH HIM get rekd baby steps to godhood Please stop watching me sleep. Ponytails are always welcome. We're screwed.
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