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Found 1 result

  1. So, I saw Jotari's Fire Emblem topic and thought a pokemon gen version of it should be interesting. Gen 1 Like: It started it all. Kanto is an amazing place. Dislike: wow I actually had trouble thinking about this one. I'm going to say no way to breed pokemon haha Gen 2 Like: The starters. The Totodile and Cyndaquil lines are just fantastic. Dislike: Johto has terrible balance. Few gen 2 pokemon are caughtable there, which is stupid. Gen 3 Like: Hoenn. I absolutely love Hoenn. It's just a fantastic, diverse region. I could never get bored of gen3!Hoenn Dislike: Okay, this is even harder than Gen 1's haha. I guess I'll go with how tedius EV training was. Gen 4 Like: Physical/Special split Dislike: IT'S SO SLOWWWW. Diamond/Pearl is the Path of Radiance of pokemon haha Gen 5 Like: Dream World abilities changed the competitive game a lot. And for better. Dislike: Unova is too linear. Gen 6 Like: How many pokemon kalos had. It was amazing being able to choose between more than 400! Dislike: I was hugely disappointed by ORAS and thought its version of Hoenn was soulless compared to RSE's
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