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Found 2 results

  1. I messed up on passing down skills to my male Kanna and was wondering if any of you guys have male Kanna with the Lethality skill equipped? If so, PLEASE PM with your Castle address. Prefer a castle that's easy to seize.
  2. Hey guys, I was hoping that the Fates community here might be able to help me come to a decision regarding Kanna. I would like my M!Kanna (Manna) to be able to use the dragonstone regularly since his personal skill relies on it and since the dragonstone depends on magic I thought that it would only be logical to make a Manna who is more magically inclined for offence and who has really good defence to balance out the perks/penalties issued from the dragonstones. To do this I was hoping to marry: Femui +MAG/-LCK: -1/3/0/2/-3/0/2 To Rinkah!Ignis ... Rinkah!Ignis: 0/1/-1/-1/1/6/2 To get a Manna with these mods... Ignis!Manna: 0/5/0/2/1/7/4 Does this look ok for a Manna that will utilise the dragonstone more? Upon saying this, I have other questions... Would this waste my Femui's potential? Seeing that magic (and dragonstone) has been nerfed in this game and taking into account how amazing Yato is, would my Femui be wasted? Of course, upon saying this, I can still use Yato with my Dark Blood Femui, however with this set up she will have a magic bias and would not be as effective with it. Would it be better to give up on the dragon Manna and go for a more physical Ignis!Manna? Ignis Manna with +STR/-LCK mother: 4/1/2/0/-1/9/3 For those who have played the game ... How does a physical Kanna perform compared to a magical or dragonstone based Kanna? Is magical/dragonstone Kanna really worth it???
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