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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone! It's been one and a half years since the latest SRW draft was started, and a day since I finished it. So, of course, it's time to start up a new one. My usual partner in crime, Wen Yang, has unfortunately not logged in for a year, and I've copied more or less his rule set, which he copied from me, so its all good. Rules: You start off with a fresh save file, New game+ is not allowed. The Banpresto Original unit (Including Vorlent) as well as the Archangel and Nadesico are free to use the entire game Every other unit has to be drafted to be used without penalty, though there will be a lot of exceptions to this. The penalty for using an undrafted unit is 4 turns Undrafted units are allowed to persuade and sit their asses in a battleship. They are also allowed to cast skills like accel, zeal and enable(on themselves) if it keeps enemies from attacking them. All other skills are forbidden. They may not be used for support attacks or team attacks. They may also not be used for friendship, love, rivalry or command aura bonuses. There are exceptions to this and this comes into play with forced deployment. You are allowed the use of any and every forced unit who can't retreat into a battleship. This exception only lasts till they can retreat into a battleship. Also on the one beach episode map, you're allowed one free unit if you have no drafted units on the map. This exception lasts till reaching the unit deployment. This draft is for 4 people UNIT LIST: Nadesico: Aestivalis - Akito Aestivalis - Hikaru Aestivalis - Ryoko Aestivalis - Izumi Aestivalis - Gai Aestivalis - Akatsuki X-Aestivalis Mazinger: Mazinger Z > Mazinkaiser > Mazinkaiser KS Great Mazinger Aphrodite A > Venus A Boss Borot Million Alpha Lonesome Supers: Combattler V Voltes V Zeorymer > Great Zeorymer Dancougar > Final Dancougar Tekkaman: Blue Earth Tekkaman Blade + Pegas Sol Tekkaman 1 Sol Tekkaman 2 Tekkaman Rapier Brainpowerd: Nakki Brain Kant Brain Brain Child (Kanan) Brain Child (Higgins) Yu Brain > Nelly Brain Hime Brain Nanga Brain Lasse Brain Baronz Iiko Baronz SPT Layzner: Layzner > Mk.II > Enhanced Baybull Buldy Greimkaiser Bloodykaiser Gundam SEED: Strike Gundam Freedom Gundam Justice Gundam Buster Gundam Duel Gundam Moebius Zero Sky Grasper 1 Sky Grasper 2 M1 Astray Strike Rouge Gundam Eternal Full Metal Panic!: M9 Gernsback > ARX-7 Arbalest = Bonta-kun M9 Gernsback (Mao) M9 Gernsback (Kurz) G Gundam: Shining Gundam > God Gundam Rose Gundam Maxter Gundam Dragon Gundam Bolt Gundam Rising Gundam Nobel Gundam Input on random.org gave the following drafting order: 1. Balcerzak: Mazinkaiser, Layzner, Hikaru, Baybull, Voltz V, Great Mazinger, Venus A, Ryoko, Izumi, Boss Borot, Million Alpha, Nobel Gundam, Buster Gundam, Bloodykaiser 2. Excellen: Dancougar, Zeorymer, Shining Gundam, Hime, Freedom Gundam, Yuu, Skygrasper 1, Nanga, Lasse, Rising Gundam, Baronz, Higgins, Kanan, X-aestivalis 3. Shinkuma: Combattler, Tekkaman Blade, Strike Gundam, Buldy, Maxter Gundam, Rose Gundam, Justice Gundam, Skygrasper 2, Nakki, Kant, Sol Tekkaman 1, Tekkaman Rapier, Eternal, Sol Tekkaman 2 4. Camtech: Akito, Blue Earth, Arbalest, Gai, Kurz, Mao, Strike Rouge, Duel Gundam, Bolt Gundam, Dragon Gundam, liko baronz, M1 Astray, Akatsuki, Moebius Zero Free: Greimkaiser
  2. Azura - Felicia - Mozume- Elise - Camilla - Sakura - Hinoka - Belka - Charlotte - Elfie - Hana - Kagerou - Luna - Nyx - Oboro - Orochi - Pieri - Rinkah - Setsuna -
  3. Who would be best pairings for Takumi, Hinata and Azura? Want to focus on these three and get there kids right now
  4. In birthright I paired Subaki with Hana and liked the Caeldori I got and I was wondering if there is a better pairing for Revelations like Selena, Oboro, Mozu or Hinata?
  5. Okay, So i'm playing through fates on my birthright route, and I marry one of the female units that can marry other units beside just me.... then I notice Azama doesn't have a wife.... so... so if I marry a female unit that can marry other characters I steal a spot from another male unit so I will be unable to recruit one of the kids? In the end it is an uneven number of children if I count Mitama, so is that right? Does that mean if I want every single kid I should have married Scarlet? (and I get one extra unpaired kid?) or in conquest I should marry Flora? so I can get ALL the kids? that carries to revelations. does that mean I can have all the kids there and have every single main line unit paired up? Help would be really appreciated. I just don't get it...
  6. While I'm not the biggest fan of a 2nd generation outside of FE4, I do think the Gen 2 kids were handled really well in terms of game mechanics, they are given "Inheritance Seals" which auto level them to a certain point depending on where you are in the game, these also grant them fairly good weapon ranks as well, which in this game is a godsend because of how slowly weapon ranks advance. Although I think if you grab the kids early they don't reap these benefits because of how it scales. The characters themselves are innocent enough, some make me laugh, some smile, others i'm eh on, but in terms of gameplay I think this was handled really well.
  7. I'm not sure about my pairings and which skills to pass down. Any help would be great. Strategist Elise!Ophelia (Pass down Battle Command) Maid Felicia!Foleo (Pass down Tomebreaker or Live to Serve) Witch/Songstress Azura!Midori (Pass down Warp or Heathen Princess if possible) Wyrvern Lord Beruka!Ignatius (Pass down Lunge or Rally Defense) Hero Charlotte!Siegbert (Pass down Sol) Great Knight Peri!Soleil (Pass down Luna) General Effie!Percy (Pass down Pavise) Holy Bowman(?) Mozu!Sophie (Pass down Raven Strike) Malig Knight Camilla!Velouria (Pass down Deadly Breath) Sorceror Nyx!Dwyer (Pass down Malefic Aura or Bowbreaker)
  8. My favourite thing about the newer Fire Emblem games is kid optimisation and this is my current marriage list. I would appreciate some feedback about who to swap or even kid set ideas, anything would be much appreciated. Thanks :) MU X Ophelia Jakob X Peri Silas X Nyx Arthur X Effie Odin X Elise Niles X Selena Kaze X Azura Benny X Beruka Lazlow X Mozu Flannel X Camilla Leo X Felicia Xander X Charlotte
  9. So, I've owned it since it came out, and always play it regularly enough. Today was an awful day on Route One Island. First my cousin and Cilan had fallen in love with Serena and Dawn respectively (Pokemon if you didn't know) and they got rejected. They both tried again, but Cilan just waited on the beach to no avail and my cousin (who's 3 IRL) was informed by Pokey (Earthbound, aka Porky) that Serena was going out with him. Right, a few rejections happened, no big deal? Well I checked up on my aunt's husband and a witch who was the daughter of Luigi and Jessie, and my uncle-in-law said "I want to break up." I hit "think about it!" but the councellor failed, and the two divorced. My first divorce, and I've had TL 18 months. :( On happier terms, my island has a Quality of Life of 38 with 63 residents. I'm nearing 2,000 problems solved, and have ten-still intact wedded couples. They are as follows: (asterisk denotes incest, beastialty, etc...) MarioxMum (Causes some weirdness down the line.) LuigixJessie (Chance is a strange thing.) WarioxAunt 1 (Why not?) GrandadxAunt 2* (AGE GAP!) MexPeach (Sorry Mario.) DKxGranny* (Monkeys and humans. This game.) PikachuxMisty* (Semi-happy shippers?) AshxMay (sorry other followers, but this is how things panned out!) Uncle-in-lawxWitch (rip) MaxxIris (she can call a little kid a little kid. xD) IwataxSamus (no rigging needed. The Direct had its way.) If anyone else wants to share their info, feel free! Quick fact: Peach is currently most popular. I'm tied for 21st with Bowser and Ash. Jigglypuff is at the bottom.
  10. The topic " If male charecters had kids of them own" came to the forums recently, but what if spotpass characters and other that dont have kids had kids of their own or supports with other characters?
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