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Found 1 result

  1. I have a question about the plot line for King Garon. My question involves spoiling the ending to all three paths, so if you have not played all three paths please don't view the spoiler. [spoiler=Plots of All Three Paths] My question is which form is King Garon's true form? In Birthright after you defeat him he turns into the Blight Dragon, in Conquest his form was revealed to be a slime monster after seating on the throne, and in Revelations he doesn't change forms at all. I have read many comments about him taking whatever form Anankos chooses, but if sitting on the Hoshido throne turns him into a slime monster. Doesn't that mean that is his true form, since the throne breaks any spell placed on who ever sits on it? Also if his true form is a slime monster, how did he manage to turn into a dragon in Birthright?
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