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Found 1 result

  1. Well, everyone else is doing one and the game's relatively short so hell, I might as well throw everything into the blender and see what transpires. Using the same settings as Klok's LP so...let's get this random party started! [spoiler=Prologue & Ch1: Monster Quest] Yeah, I'm no weakling. Go big or go home for challenge I say! Someone hit the red button and changed everyone. Names, classes, you name it, the jerk that hit the red button likely caused it. Apparently the enemy hates monsters. I suppose they aren't anyone we know, right? Oh hey, there's a king...who was really a monster this whole time. That being said, he doesn't seem too bad. That speed is likely going to lead him into being doubled before long, meaning he's going to need to travel very carefully as the game progress, but good starting magic & resistance scores means he's no slouch at dealing damage right out of the gate. Being a flyer gives him some utility too, allowing him to reach important points in a map before anyone else potentially. If one king wasn't enough, how about two? Fado's having none of this dying bullshit on his home turf and he too turned himself into a monster. Lots of move, acceptable bases. Should be able to help Hayden mop up the joint if needed. Just a reminder that Hayden isn't very tanky right now. Since I want to feed him as much experience as possible, I'm going to have to get a bit crafty. By crafty, I mean Fado stands in front of Hayden and trades his weapon away to him so he can act as a giant monster-esque wall to which the enemies will have to put in some serious work to break down. Like so. I've got six Vulneraries to burn so Fado can keep on tanking hits like this. Not much needs to be said about my strategy here. Hayden keeps plinking away while Fado uses a Vulnerary so he can keep up with his tanking duties. Repeat until Hayden drops the two nobodies. You know, assuming he can hit said nobodies in the first place. After a good 4-5 rounds of a giant eye nuking things, there's only the leader and...oh god that's another monster, haha. So I'm 3/3 on player units & bosses being monsters. I'd love to see this keep up honestly. In any case, O'Neill has a ton of speed, enough to double the two monster kings, but he's no stronger physically than his lackeys. All this means is that Fado will likely take 6 damage a round compared to 3 damage. Fado rushes forward into a forest and pops another Vulnerary as he's going to be tanking again. Monsters wanting to kill other monsters...oddly amusing to be honest. That high speed does mean O'Neill will be a bit tricky to hit, but luckily for Hayden, he nails both of his attacks over the next two turns, killing O'Neill. Considering he's gotten all the kills thus far, something else happens... Hayden's first level! Not that bad actually since he can now hit harder and be more accurate, two things he'll sorely need if that speed is anything to go by. Eirika really needs to lay off the drinks because monsters are appearing everywhere, but whatever, chapter 1 time now! Not much to say about the start here. Fado uses his turn to take back his Demon Surge weapon since I'm going to need him ready for offensive strikes if needed. Meanwhile, Hayden gets as close to the Soldier's attack range without being in it as he can. He'll take a hit most likely from the Fighter in the next enemy phase, but he'll be fine. I think he's even seeing through this whole farce...or maybe he's drunk too, who knows? You didn't miss much here. Just Hayden trading blows with that Fighter. Reinforcements for us, but obviously they aren't who they say they are. Oh hey Ephraim, fancy meeting you this early. Problem here is that his magic is abysmal and he's not that much faster than Hayden. Hopefully his growths don't disappoint. Please please please have awesome growths Saleh. Amazing bases, high move, and a flyer to top it all off. Ephraim's 2 magic just hurts him so badly. He needs to feed off of very low hp enemies if he wants to get anywhere. Saleh though kicks all kinds of ass. Give him some Vulneraries and he'll likely be able to fend for himself if needs to fly somewhere dangerous. Fado wipes out a Fighter while Hayden finishes off the Fighter he counterattacked last turn, picking up the same level he got in the prologue. Enemy phase highlight right here folks. Saleh promptly kills the foolish Soldier on his counterattack. Saleh still owns face as he continues to either ORKO or OHKO his opponents. He grabs a bit of an underwhelming level after counterkilling a Soldier, but whatever. Strong bases ensure he'll be pretty good up to at least lv8-10. Oh sure, more random mooks to slay. Going to let Ephraim lure in one Fighter and do some damage via a counterattack with everyone else out of range and ready to pounce on the enemy trio in the next turn. Some people can murder well enough. Others would murder if they could actually hit their targets. That's why Fado's here to correct said failure to murder. You didn't miss anything on the enemy phase aside from the Soldier & Ephraim trading blows. The Soldier is weak enough that Ephraim can finish him off on the next player phase, leaving only the boss to deal with. Another monster as a boss, fantastic. Too bad he sucks besides his modest hp total. Between just about everyone getting in some random hits for lulzs and unneeded rescue shenanigans (Fado rescued Saleh just in case someone wanted to attack the boss at melee range), the boss falls to an attack by Hayden who picks up another level. No magic in this one, but he gets some precious hp which is just as important. He then seizes on the next turn. Ephraim confirmed to be a secret agent working undercover without the girls noticing. That concludes this update. [spoiler=Growths & Comments (Hayden, Fado, Ephraim, Saleh)]Hayden's growths: Hp: 15% Luk: 20% Mag: 80% Def: 0% Skl: 100% Res: 80% Spd: 20% Eh, he's going to become more and more of a liability as the game progresses with those kind of hp & spd growths. Not as worried about him having no def growth as that simply means he'll need to ensure that there's no physical bearing enemies near him when he ends a turn. Fado's growths: Hp: 25% Luk: 30% Mag: 0% Def: 45% Skl: 60% Res: 95% Spd: 75% If there's a 0% in someone's growths, it had better not be in a stat they're going to need desperately. Fado clearly didn't get this. Hopefully the enemies don't get too resistance blessed later on. Alternatively, I get another Gorgon that rocks the house down the line. Ephraim's growths: Hp: 45% Luk: 35% Mag: 25% Def: 35% Skl: 55% Res: 70% Spd: 50% 2 magic with a 25% growth sucks, but his other growths aren't horrid. I guess I'll give him a chance and see if he gets enough lucky magic level ups for himself. May even consider promoting him if I don't run into a staff user quickly enough, just to have a staffbot available. Saleh's growths: Hp: 105% Luk: 50% Str: 25% Def: 0% Skl: 45% Res: 0% Spd : 15% Dammit Saleh, I thought we had something special going on here and you decide to have god awful strength & speed growths. Even so though, his fantastic bases coupled with flyer capabilities means he should stay relevant for awhile.
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