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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. Missed me? Probably not. Seeing all of the fun with the new Randomizer, and WE ALL KNOW I JUST LOVE MY RANDOMIZED GAMES, and had to try it. After a couple fail randomizes (cuz chapters were so cruel on rng that almost no one lived.) I found an ideal one. Here I'll document my depression throughout the game. Because fuck me right? [spoiler=Prologue and Chapter 1] Our self-claimed Lord, Garcia the Hero! Awful Base tho. But we'll see. Dat movement though. Seth/10 That luck is abysmal but it won't bite us in the ass right? Because Garcia only has a lance to use, I do this. WELP Changed it up a slight bit and got a level of skill, true to his title as the Hero. A hero need skill. gitgudscruk Well, damn. This'll be fine. I guess. Next! 84% chance. Miss twice. ...Should I be impressed or surprised? MVP, won't bench. (unless growth is so bad it's abysmal. I don't have a way to find out anyway, won't plan to to keep it a surprise.) Default Blue team! Why do I have unimpressive screenshots? Glitch Shield is best defense! Well, no boss kill for our brave hero! thecoward Oh nice. Lute pls. Vanessa goes apeshit. Gain godawful lvl. To be continued. Next week at same fire emblem time! At same fire emblem channel! Good bye! dontkillmeforthatjoke
  2. Hello! I am currently working on a very small FEXP project, and was hoping someone would help me a little bit? My questions are as follow: - What code do you use in order to have the camera pan across the map? - How do you get a camera to follow a unit on the map, for a scene? I have been following Klok's tutorial for Yeti's FEXP, but I've been trying to solve this problem for a little while now. Here are some screenshots: Map Event 1 Event 2 I am trying to get event 1 (sage map sprite) to move towards the room on the top left, in the map. I also wish to have the camera pan, and follow him on his short walk. Note: I am still looking for someone to assist with coding. If someone agrees to help me finish this project, they will be paid (either in dollars, or I can also trade for custom mugs.).
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