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Found 4 results

  1. So apparently there is a well-documented playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles that beats the game (final boss) at a ridiculously low level of 45. I didn't believe this when I first heard it, since mandatory EXP gains from locations/landmarks alone take you to level 57 or so, but apparently using some resetting glitch you can avoid this. In any case, I would like to watch these videos, but my Japanese skills are pretty mediocre, and I can't seem to find the thing on nico nico. If someone here who is more proficient at Japanese can help me find these videos, I would very much appreciate it.
  2. I'm a couple of weeks late on this... but in commemoration of the release of the Second Chapter, I'll be doing a playthrough of Trails in the Sky! Not just a regular old playthrough, of course; that would be far too simple! Instead, I'm going to attempt a Nightmare difficulty, no carry-overs (NG+ bonuses), low level perfect game! Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Anyway, let me define my goals more clearly: 1) Nightmare difficulty, no carry-over (duh) 2) Maximum BP 3) Open all treasure chests 4) Complete all sidequests, recruit all characters, get all recipes, etc. 5) Maybe fill out the monster book. I'm not sure if I'll do this at all, or leave it until late game, or how it will fit in the context of LLG, etc. Unlike my Persona 3 playthrough, I won't be posting videos of the entire run, as that would be far too tedious in a game with this kind of length. Instead, I'll just be providing videos of the battles. And here is the first one! In case you are worried about me abandoning my other playthrough(s), don't worry; equal time will be spent on both this and the Persona project for now
  3. Espinosa was totally correct that the Persona 4 LLG challenge ended up devolving into a huge grindfest as soon as the first dungeon began, and it looks like it won't end there. Since I'm not particularly interested in doing that at the moment, I decided I would work on something more fun: playing through my favorite game in the Persona series, in a 100% low level completion. I will be playing on Hard Mode, easier than Espinosa's Maniac Mode on P3P, for obvious reasons, but their will be a different set of challenges to this playthrough that he did not encounter. First of all, due to the different game mechanics, I will not be able to directly control my party members during this playthrough, which will make item spamming (and general battle tactics) more difficult; this, however, should be offset by the fact that I have access to fusion spells (and multiple Personas, unlike P4) and can change the MC's weapon type as necessary. In addition, my time constraints for clearing areas of Tartarus will be much more stringent due to the constraints of a Max Social Link playthrough; for example, I will most likely have to clear the first sector of Tartarus on my first visit to the area, and thus I won't be able to advance the storyline to gain access to the compendium (or more EXP/Akihiko, in general). In any case, I feel that this challenge should be a lot more fun to do, as even though there will still be grinding involved, it should be significantly less. I'm really looking forward to playing through this excellent game again. So my first question to my audience (you guys), is would you prefer to see this in the style of an LP (with me recording cutscenes and noncombat events) or would you rather I limit myself to screening boss fights only? I feel that the Persona games are very compatible with the idea of LPs due to the fact that they are largely story-driven, and for this playthrough in particular, a lot of what occurs during the regular part of the game will be important to maxing out social links and the like. But whatever you guys would like to see, let me know, and I'll let you know when I get started!
  4. If anyone cares, I'm currently working on this challenge and posting videos to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPs9XPS9DEY&list=PLaRQIiRnzZu9oTu5A2fPAj-ZX6U9Q0YDI Should be fun! It's my first time playing through the game, by the way/ [spoiler=Boss Fights]Shadow Yosuke Shadow Chie Avenger Knight Shadow Yukiko
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