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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. So I just finished a sort-of efficient run through of Awakening on Hard Mode yesterday. I did ok turn-count wise, but it made me wonder how things would change if I had a male Avatar instead of a female Avatar, since my usual efficiency plan is to marry the Avatar to Chrom, pass down Galeforce to Lucina and Morgan, and then rolfstomp the rest of the game with Galeforce and Rescue. Obviously with a male Avatar, I can't marry him to Chrom, so some new pairings have to be made to account for this change. Here is what I've come up with: Chrom x Sully Avatar x Sumia Frederick x Cordelia Lon'qu x Cherche Sumia and the Avatar will get me two Galeforce children for use in later chapters (by which I mean Chapter 15 and on). Sumia is taken so Chrom goes with Sully (Lucina is not going to be used, sorry guys). The last two pairs are mostly to help clear out rout maps, and Cordelia can use Rally Speed later. This is a New Game + run, which means I will be using Renown rewards. The one exception is the Boots, which I think are too powerful, so I will have to take a few turns to get the Chapter 17 boots. The Avatar's name is Verdes and his asset/flaw is +Speed/-Defence Anyways, here's the Premonition and Prologue: Premonition: Prologue: Since Lucina won't be used, Chrom will probably be the receiver of a lot of stat boosters to make sure that he can do decent damage to (and actually hit) Grima. I'm not sure how often I will update this, probably 1 chapter per day unless real life gets in the way. Comments and advice are appreciated if you feel so inclined.
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