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Found 5 results

  1. I just got a Twitter notification that Patrick Seitz (the voice director in Awakening, Warriors, Three Houses, and Heroes along with VA for Basilio, Hector, Camus, Jeritza, etc.) just tweeted minutes ago when I asked Patrick Seitz about the confusion that Behind The Voice Actors website (which it was skeptical for them to make jump the gun to put it in a snap and claming it that they were right without checking their sources) about if he did voiced Laurent that made confusion around in 2016. Patrick Seitz just reconfirmed it in his tweet reply that he indeed voiced Laurent in Awakening (he did made a mistake in 2016 that he didn't exclusively voiced Basilio in Awakening). The credits in Fire Emblem Awakening for Laurent's part labeled voiced by George C. Cole was a mistake.
  2. I'm having trouble picking out fathers for these three units. For Brady I was going to give him either Libra or Henry for the dark Mage class, but then Gregor passes down armsthrift and makes him a great support unit but Lon'qu gives him great speed mods which, besides strength, is all you need in apotheosis. Then Gerome he has potential to be one of the physically strongest units in your team, so I though either Frederick or Henry but than again kellam and Gregor seem alright. And worst of all Laurent, Ricken is taken and Henry's magic mods are very good but not as goods as rickens and I feel like I'm missing out. Could I get some suggestions on some of the better fathers for these three. (Stahl, Ricken, Donnel, Chrom and MMU are taken btw).
  3. Hi guys. Hope all is well. I've been considering making my Virion!Laurent (who just maxed out his Mage class) into a Wyvern Rider, but I wouldn't mind hearing someone out if they had suggestions and/or advice for a class change. I don't want to Master Seal him and make him a Dark Knight or a Sage since those are his parents classes and they passed down the skills I wanted for him (Virion -Tomefaire, Miriel -Lifetaker). His other options are Barbarian, Archer, and Dark Mage. (The Archer is kinda tempting since I have a lot of great bows in my Convoy that I feel bad for leaving there, but we know how annoying it can be when a unit is (somewhat) defenseless.) (Another option is Dreadfighter but considering I already have 4 or so, I'd like to hold off on that.)
  4. In my experiences, Brady, (whom I recruited three days ago) is my new almost favorite child, pushing poor severa down to third (this doesn't include superpeppykawaii female morgan). Noire takes first by a few miles because, well, her personality, it's just like that one sincere old lady from birdemic, "*insert blow kissing noise here*", so real, and yet I find that to be what sets her a tier above the rest for me. What are anyone else's thoughts? I almost wonder if anyone will even read this...
  5. "Father, I have done research into this fell dragon. I believe there are other ways to secure peace besides your demise."- Laurent on Chrom's ending [MU/Miriel]. Just what the damn hell was he getting at with that? Besides the obvious take a third option, of course-- err... what is his third option. He seems pretty confident with that line, and Laurent being.... Laurent, I doubt he's off the mark. I mean, yeah, he could be thinking the "easy way" (Walhart's plan, I.E. Jugdral's plan, I.E. Goodbye crazy cult, meet torch burning.) which would be effective at keeping Grima down for good (Hi, Loptyr. I'm not sure you've enjoyed your 3000 year sealing, but it's not ending anytime soon... Seriously, Loptyr is pretty good proof such a plan would work. Sure the Grannvale army never found the Yied Shrine (which I don't get), but it only took a measly 200 years for Loptyr to come back the first time. 3000 years later, since Seliph rolled thru and handed them their asses, the Loptyrian cult didn't seem to get their Dark God back ever- even with Saias around (he doesn't die, and nothing implies he's chaste- he may stick to the thou shalt have no more than one child Maira Convent, but he's not anywhere implied to be chaste)...) even if it is quite brutal. (Not that the Grimleal don't deserve it, but...) But something tells me it's something else entirely. Use of Alm's Falchion, maybe? (Duma and Mila are not dragons. They're outright gods like Ashera/Yune/Ashunera... with a base assumption that the most powerful of dragons cannot actually destroy each other, perhaps an actual outright god, like one of those two (or Ashera/Yune/Ashunera) can?) EDIT: I just realized he said "ways". I.E. More than one. ...More reasons to push MU's ending off the table, TBQH.
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