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Found 3 results

  1. I was worried there was a level cap I could hit, and be unable to level up anymore to learn new skills when new classes come out. I couldn't find any info, so i sat down, farmed, and found it out, Figured I would share There is a "Level" Cap, it caps at 99, whether you are +20 level DLC class or not. but you can still "Level up" and learn skills, and even gain stat points (if you aren't capped already!), it will stay at level 99, and you can "Level up" 5 times per Eternal Seal, as usual so if you are like I was, close to level 99, don't worry, You wont run out of levels to learn skills on level up. you just keep leveling from level 99 to ... level 99
  2. Hello friends, I've finished Birthright and Conquest and during my playthroughs I noticed that Intelligent Systems changed a lot of things in this game from Awakening and even added new things as well. And one of the things they changed was the level up system, you can't reclass forever so you have to be careful of how to use your seals. I don't intend on making mistakes on my Revelations playthrough, so I ask when is a good time to promote a unit? I just got Takumi for example and I wanna master seal him to a sniper and then heart seal him to a Basara because of Rend Heaven, but the question is should I do that now with him at level 10 or level him up a little bit to improve his stats? Basically what's the optimal way of going about this? Eternal Seals are kind of expensive so I don't wanna buy too many of them if I can avoid it.
  3. I'm asking because I'm abusing the, "Gives Gold Bars every three levels," thing in Nohr, and I want to be careful. I'm sure it has something to do with being able to Upgrade her buildings.
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