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Found 9 results

  1. How many level each character gain in Timeskip ? I want to know.
  2. Hey everyone. I am new here, but I wanted to help update the skill proficiency list for Three Houses. Don't know how to contact moderators or anything, so I am just doing it here. Hopefully one of you can bring this to them, so they can update that page when they have the time. I also set up a google spreadsheet with all of the skill levels if anyone is interested. Still updating it as of now. Thank you all for your time and efforts. --,-'-<3
  3. A lot of RPGs use the level-up system. I was recently watching a video about the level-up system in RPGs and whether or not it actually makes sense in a large number of games that use it. It pointed out the flaws inherent with the level-up system, such as level grinding and the risk of breaking immersion because sometimes all you have to do to defeat a tough opponent is gain enough levels. Not only that, but he pointed out one game where the player character has saved the city and is being praised as a champion, even though the player character at that point is level 1 and had only beaten the weakest monsters in the game. At the same time the level-up system is a way of showing progress and experience, and it has been used often enough that people are familiar with it; kind of like having elves and dwarves in RPGs. So what do you think? Do you like or dislike the level-up system in RPGs? Do you find it necessary or unnecessary? Here's the video if you are curious:
  4. Yo dudes and dudettes! So I've played a couple fire emblem games (shadow dragon and blazing sword) and I can't really get along with something.. Basically in every game what I did was decide which units I wanted to train and basically ignored all others. I choose to level them up to lv. 20 before promoting them, but what happened is that in the end of the game they all were mostly lv 18 or 19 and only a couple had been promoted, and didn't even get to level up. So yeah, I loved both games, but before moving on the next title I wanted to ask you guys, is this really it? I feel as if I'm not getting the most out of my units.. is there some sort of strategy to make them more powerfull or something? What use is there in pushing them to lv 20 before promoting if you're not gonna enjoy them once promoted? Any tips are really welcome. Thanks a bunch!
  5. I think I would have preferred if that were the case, but how do you guys feel about it?
  6. Hello everyone! I decided to post this here instead of concepts because this isn't I new game idea. I'm going to propose an idea for a chapter in my Blazing Sword hack and I ask that you guys share your thoughts on whether it's a good or bad idea. In the chapter before it your party is captured and thrown in prison, with one or two characters being in each cell. Your main lord manages to escape, and your thief picks the lock on their prison door. Prior to the start of gameplay all your other units (only six at the time) get turned into red units with the guard tile AI (this is to hide their location as this will be a fog of war chapter) and standing on the tile in front of their cell door turns them into green units which can be recruited back to blue units. Your goal is to rescue as many of your units as possible and you end the chapter by reaching a certain tile with the main lord and escaping. Any allies you don't rescue are permanently lost. There will be many enemies stationed around the prison with either the guard tile or attack in range AI (no approaching enemies) so you'll have to be careful about how you advance, but nothing cheap like a bolting tome or sleep staff. Does this sound like fun? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you, Gryphon
  7. Asking this because I predict hitting level 20/0 will take a long time without arena/tower abuse; this is especially the case for staffers Moulder & Tasha.
  8. Seconding Nobody's idea (meaning it's mine? ok it's a terrible joke) in this topic we can share our competitive teams, give some tips, ask for help, etc. Simple as that.
  9. So, I used the casual bookmark and was fooling around with different weapons and level ups. I kept reloading the save with a streetpass avatar myrmidon, and a killing edge kill gave him Mag and Def +1, but the Brave Sword gave him three stats instead of two. It seems that perhaps brave weapons might make the RNG re-roll for level up growths. Discuss.
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