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Found 4 results

  1. So I'm kinda new to Fire Emblem but I know with Awakening you can have customization with your characters. A few people just told me "Do what you like." I'd rather have efficiency with my characters so that I can massacre people online. XP Not to mention I'd rather get the game done quickly and max out my characters and have them at their best ASAP. I do have ALL DLC for this game as well. Thank you in advance. ~StormVentus
  2. So in one of the recent Trailers we saw that Felicia (a pre-promoted Maid) was at Level 40. Speculation was that pre-promotes get an extra 20 levels to help keep up. However, what if this games leveling system is like Genealogy? (at least I think it was Genealogy) where promoting doesn't reset your level, it just gives you 10 (or in this case 20) more levels to work with.
  3. I have Fire Emblem 6 on the GBA. It's (of course) all in Japanese and though I've done okay enough considering I don't know a word of what they're saying, I've encountered a small problem. I just found out that I missed the divine weapon Armads and that I've sentenced myself to the so-called bad ending of the game. I really want to play it in full, including the last few chapters, but I don't want to start from scratch. Playing in Japanese was hard enough the first time around. I know I can look up translations, and try to restart the game but I was hoping there might be a better solution. Is there a way I can use an emulator to recreate my scenario from the GBA (but with Armads)? Is there a way to start from Chapter 14 and recreate my characters as I used them in the game? Or can I at the very least change the characters' levels to avoid grinding and arena abuse like I did in my current play-through? I know there are hacking programs that can edit stats, but they seem to only affect base stats and growth rates, which I don't want to alter. I also don't want to make my characters start at higher levels, because then they'll be too overpowered by the end. If I could change their levels/stats mid-game that would work, but it doesn't seem to be an option. Of course the ideal is a way to import or replicate the data directly but that doesn't seem possible. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. This form is for the levels that you have beaten in JUST ONE TURN. You must edit your post, if you have beaten another level in 1 turn after you've already posted here. Also, please don't say things like "The Brady Level". If you need a reference to the names of the levels,=> http://www.ign.com/wikis/fire-emblem-awakening/Walkthrough . You can use any strategy that you want, even if it includes characters that are from a streetpass/spotpass team, DLC cards, or an avatar recruited from a different file. Another thing, you cannot say "I beat a risen/spotpass team/streetpass team on Breakneck Pass in 1 turn.", I only count Chapters, Paralogues, and Xenologues (DLC Chapters). Also, if you want to show-off just how good you really are, you can name the difficulty that you've done it on. Note that Xenologues are the same on each difficulty. I'll go first: Chapter 5: The Exalt and the King (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 7: Incursion (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 8: The Grimleal (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 9: Emmeryn (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 10: Renewal (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 11: Mad King Gangrel (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 12: The Seacomers (Lunatic+) Chapter 13: Of Sacred Blood (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 14: Flames on the Blue (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 15: Smoldering Resistance (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 16: Naga's Voice (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 18: Sibling Blades (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 19: The Conqueror (Lunatic+) Chapter 20: The Sword or the Knee (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 21: Five Gemstones (Lunatic+) Edit: Chapter 22: An Ill Presage (Lunatic+) Endgame: Grima (Lunatic+) Edit: Paralogue 3: A Strangled Peace (Lunatic+) Edit: Paralogue 4: Anna the Merchant (Lunatic+) Paralogue 7: Noble Lineage (Hard) Paralogue 20: A Hard Miracle (Lunatic+) Edit: Xenologue 1: Champions of Yore 1 Edit: Xenologue 2: Champions of Yore 2 Edit: Xenologue 3: Champions of Yore 3 Xenologue 6: Infinite Regalia Edit: Xenologue 8: Lost Bloodlines 2 Edit: Xenologue 9: Lost Bloodlines 3
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