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Found 2 results

  1. So is the official name Valentia now. Am I imagining that it used to be Valencia? That hard T at the end of the word just seems wrong for some reason. The soft S sounds makes the word sound refreshing. Believe me, make a "tuh" sound, then make a "sah" sound. You'll feel much better with the latter. It seems both are names of real places, so Fire Emblem's penchant for using real world place names isn't a big help, there.
  2. I am going to edit the Mystery of the Emblem patch and I wanted to know how to use a program that might able to get help out on the FE3 patch so that I will might able to fix rest of the names to the localized names from Shadow Dragon such as Caeda, Archanea, Ridersbane, Elice, Tiki, Parthia, Gradivus, Nyna, etc., and plus, some of the others that appeared in Awakening such as Dragon's Table, Hero-King, Bull, and Panther & the rest of them from using the other games and the others from FE12 patch, but I went to Romhacking.net that I went to ask them how to edit the FE3 patch in a couple of months ago and they told me that use the Atlas program will be a good thing to edit on the patch and I did download that Atlas program and I couldn't get it to run it properly on my computer, but does anyone who uses the work on a Atlas program so that I can might work on the FE3 patch?
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