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Found 3 results

  1. First thin's first. This is my very first topic in Serenes Forest! Glad to be here! Anywho, I have been tryin' to pick a male sword user on my PvP team. Of all the possible sword male sword user classes, only Lodestar and Swordmaster has really stuck out for me. The two classes are really similar and I don't understand if Lodestar is truly suppose'd to be superior in nearly every possible way compare'd to Swordmaster with rather minimal drawbacks of bein' a Lodestar instead. Here's the list of pros and cons and ties that each class that I have came up with. I'm lookin' for an endgame sword user, so all my comparisons have been just base'd off the class's max stats. Swordmaster Pros: +1 Strength, +2 Magic. SLIGHTLY hits harder than Lodestar for any kind of sword. +2 Speed. Unless the foe has a negative max speed mod on a Lodestar/Master Ninja/Fast Class or uses a Steel/Heavy Speed Penalty weapon, then the 2 extra points won't matter much. Higher Critical Rate +2 Resist. That's nice to have but... Swordmaster Cons: -5 HP. Really puts Swordmaster's physical survivability far below average than other sword users. It's low HP also spoils the +2 Resist Swordmaster has over Lodestar in taking magical hits too. -3 Defense. As if -5 HP wasn't bad enough for physical hits. -3 Skill. 32 Skill is pretty good for a high proc chance for skills, but if another class has a better Skill, then the said other class would have a better chance of procs. -7 Luck. Which causes the followin' statements... Lower Hit Rate. 18% can be quite big in some situations, but with already high Hit Rate, would that matter much if at all? Lower Avoid. It's by 0.5%, but it rounds up to 1%. 1% is nothin' worth cryin' over, but it's still a "con" in a comparison. Lower Dodge. It's by 3.5%, and it rounds up to 4%. It's a bigger difference than the Avoid, but 4% is still nigh negleable. Neutral: S-Rank sword rank Movement Swords only Non-mount'd No extra unit type (e.g. Dragon/Beast/Flyer/etc.) Unless I'm missin' anythin' else, I can safely say that Lodestar is a bulkier Swordmaster that might hit negligibly weaker. With such advantages, there shouldn't be much of a reason to choose Swordmaster over Lodestar, right? Any other thoughts would be much appreciate'd! Edit #1: Here's some interestin' numbers in regards to defense and such... http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=64579&p=4428960 Edit #2: Here's some more number crunch, but most importantly to take from this is the difference +1 or +2 in damage can make. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=64579&p=4429784
  2. I'm playing Conquest (hard/classic, if it matters) and I wanna try my hand at planning ahead. Is the Lodestar class viable? I know Xander benefits from it quite a bit, but would it be acceptable to not change him into another class?
  3. Spoilers I know that many people have been RAM hacking Fates already, but I haven't seen any direct-capture footage of the classes yet. Hope this video will be enough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6GlpBR2qeg
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