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Found 19 results

  1. As someone new to the fire emblem series, at least new in the sense that i'm interested in the series as a whole, I haven't fully developed my opinion on lords. So far I like the Blazing Sword lords, though some are not as great in fighting as others are. Feel free to state favorites character wise or combat wise, or even both if wanted. I'll give my current opinion as to my favorite, subject to change due to still being new. Character wise: While Eliwood and Hector are really close, I love these guys so much, my favorite is probably Dimitri. His development was well done and he truly made the BL run special, aka my first run. BLUE LIONS FOR LIFE! Combat wise: I can't really say much about combat since I've only completed a few games... tho, I'd probably have to go with a three houses lord, and, while they are all close, Claude probably slightly outs the others. He is 100% the best bow unit in the game from what ive experienced, GD is my current and last run I need besides dlc. That's my opinion for now, but i'd be happy to see how everyone else feels. I hope to play more games in the future, and that these these forums help me when I truly need them, which they have so thanks~
  2. I figured I would start a topic about this. Tell me who your least favourite Lord is and why. And no shallow reasoning ( stat-hate being the main one ). Mine is... FE10!Ike. Borderline-Stu and I state my reasons below. He was tolerable as a Ranger in FE!9, then he promotes and loses his personality. And it gets worse. And this is not meant to be a debate. Just state your reasons for your least favourite Lord in the series.
  3. I haven't seen this posted on this forum yet (feel free to delete if it has), but translations have come out for the Cipher cards featuring the three main lords. Edelgard: "A wise ruler shouldn't take one's words purely at face value" Dimitri: "I've no desire to be accused of seeing only subtext in what others say." Claude: "Oh, how innocent - how naive - these two seem next to me, shiftiness incarnate!" The quotes are... surprisingly darker than I anticipated? They all seem to connect to the ideas of lies and deception. Not to mention, Claude's character appears to be taken a very different direction that what I expected. Not only that, one of his skills is "Scheme Beneath a Smile". I know that the Famitsu blurb stated that Claude was more perceptive than he seemed, but these almost paint him in a sinister light. Although, all these undertones could be due to a lack of context, so it's entirely possible I'm misreading these entirely. Either way, it appears our upside-down archer boy will be some kind of trickster character. So what do you guys think about these quotes? Did they give you a better idea of what the lords will be like, or did they just bring up new questions?
  4. Boy Roy is kind of the worst lord isn't he? from a character perspective, he's very generic, he's just sort of a noble, unconflicted good guy prince, with no strong motivations save for honor and duty and yeah it's probably because the game was never localized, that would be a fine counter-argument until you consider that stats wise he's bottom tier until his own game until receiving the sword of seals, anybody have similar complaints about the other protagonists? certainly not Ike or Lyn, Lucina, or Seliph, from a character perspective the original version of Marth is comparably flat but at least he's useful in battle, and usually the writers will use the support system as a way to provide exposition and flush out the characters, a great idea, but, i'm not sure to what extent it helps roy, shannas is good from a characterization standpoint, but of the handfull i've read i know Roy pressures himself to be a good leader, to act honorably, and to be a great warrior maybe i just don't like him, i don't know, he's great in smash though...
  5. So, we all have our favorite lords and not so favorite lords. How would you rank the Fire Emblem lords in your opinion? For me, the list goes: The Best Lord: Ike. Pretty Awesome Lords: Hector, Lucina, Alm Okay Lords: Eliwood, Epriham, Erika Meh: Celica, Chrom, Lyn, Roy, Micahia, Worst Lords Ever: Robin, Corrin EDIT: In case you're wondering where Marth, Sigurd, Selpih, and Leif are, I haven't played their games yet, so can't really comment on them.
  6. So I've been wondering lately, especially with the looming war between the 'Old' and the 'New' and Fire Emblem Warriors, what you guys think is the worst Lord in the series? I'm really curious of opinion, because I honestly love both Old and New games. So I would like your worst Lord, and why you think that he/she is at your bottom list. It could be unit wise, like stats, or character wise, like in-game story or supports, or you hate the design. (You can even throw in Heroes Gauntlet responses too, I don't mind.) Thank you guys, and hope to see some neat opinions!
  7. Hello, so I am desperate and I have no activity to do in my free time and I thought of doing this rather than doing something else, creative. So, here's a poll
  8. Out of all of the lord in the series, which one do you think has a most difficult time growing up? For it's a three way ties between Lucina, Seliph and Leif. Living a life where there is little light in the world is quite difficult.
  9. I'm curious to see people's favorite and least favorite lords. So I made these polls. Let me know if I forgot any and feel free to say why you like/dislike these lords if you want
  10. So I think it's no surprise to anyone that most FE Lords are or could be considered Paragons. For those wondering, a paragon is a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality. They tend to be catalysts in other character's development and influence others to follow them out of pure paragon-ness. Overly Sarcastic Productions on Youtube has a video about paragons so for a more in depth discussion about the paragon itself, she's far better at tropes than me. Anyway, the point of this is to discuss the paragonness that is inherent in all FE Lords, from Alm to Corrin, and how it was used. Were they effective Paragons? Were they subverted? I'll use two examples of characters I know well enough to actually talk about - Micaiah and Corrin. Micaiah is a really good example of a Paragon. She's upstanding and people naturally want to follow her and her example. What makes her interesting is that she happens to lead those followers down the wrong path - not because she wants to, but because she has to in order to save her country. Micaiah suffers from development issues because she isn't the main focus of her game, but what we do see about her is a really nice twist to the paragon-type character. Now for Corrin. Call it bad writing all you want (I'm not saying I agree or disagree) but Corrin is generally considered by everyone to be someone that you can and should follow, to follow their example. This may not be handled very well throughout Fates, but it's still true that Corrin is a paragon - influencing other characters to develop and change more than Corrin does any actual changing. Of course this can be applied to any and every Lord throughout Fire Emblem I'm sure, so if you feel up to it, please discuss your favorite (or least favorite) characters and why you think they are or aren't paragons. If they are paragons does it work? If they're not paragons would you change them? Also this doesn't just have to be main lords, as Emmeryn could be considered one too so go wild!
  11. So, It seems like they nerfed most legendary weapons, so the lords don't overshadow other characters. But the balance bitween them is completely off. Roy's Sword of Seals, one of the most OP legendary weapons ever, got nerfed badly. It Lost a lot of the protection buffs( DEF and RES in smaller values and limited use), but more importantly, It Lost the iconic ranged flame atack. Ryoma got a ranged counter at the same power, but of course, doesn't have any buffs. Are you kidding me that small +2 DEF/RES is a Fair trade off for the lack of a ranged counter? Takumi has both close and ranged counters, and his weapon has the same power, with an added colorless advantage( although the Double ranged counter is from his skill). That only shows how completely off their balance is. I can only imagine the disapointment when Ike and his Ragnel comes with the lost ranged atack. Do you think they will rebalance this stuff? Takumi needs an emergency nerf, like seriously.
  12. So while playing Binding blade I have to say I am quite happy with Roys growths. So my question is who is better Eliwood or Roy? Im going with Roy because at ch 5 level 12 he is currently 11 str. If it were eliwood he'd be at least 9 or so and Id have to use an energy ring on him to even make him decent at this point. So who would you go with Eliwood or Roy.
  13. Hey guys! I thought i would ask what your favorite lords are. It can be either how good they are or personal preference. I personally run a straight black deck (Nohr) with F!Corrin and it works pretty well. SR F!Corrin can wipe the board which i find very entertaining. With the new series coming up, what do you guys think? Will Sigurd trump the rest? Or will the classics take the lead once more?
  14. It's been a while since we've had a topic like this. For me, though I will only go into detail on my top three: Favorite: Roy - Tied with Micaiah for my favorite. I like his relationship with Wolt a ton, favorite male-lord design. His supports make a point that he recognizes how important his duties are, even though his feelings about them is what you'd expect of a fifteen-year-old thrust into a very important position. Micaiah - the other favorite. Best female design (she's GORGEOUS), and is probably the only lord played as grey, at least in Part III. Her actions are criticized, and she uses questionable tactics. It's really a shame Part IV shoves her aside to such an extent. Eirika - Just below Roy and Micaiah on my favorite FE characters list, I like that her errors had consequences. She was naive, and the game knows it, and this naivety ultimately bites her when she hands the Renais stone to Lyon in hopes of saving him. After that point, she learns and comes to terms with the fact the Lyon she knew no longer exists. Coolio: Eliwood Ephraim Leif Seliph Marth Celica Exists: Lucina Hector Lyn Sigurd Alm Don't particularly like, but at least they aren't insulting: Ike Chrom Insulting: Robin Corrin
  15. So basically what the title says. What "personal" regalia is your favorite? Personally, mine is a tie between The Binding Blade (for awesome fire effects and crazy stats, on top of being practically the only thing helping poor Roy's lategame) and Ragnell (for the link w/ Alondite and lolstomping the latter half of FE10 being highly amusing), with a bit of preference for the former because of Roy and FE6 bias.
  16. Well, considering how many veiws this got in so little time (I will say this: It gets more attention than my Elibe fics in that regard), I minuswell give it a thread instead of using the Hello, Hi, Hey thread. So yeah. For those of us who haven't been in the Hello, Hi, Hey thread, I'll give a brief explanation. #1. You know how I complain there are too many Awakening fanfics? Well, this is technically an Awakening fic, but it focuses on the Einherjar of past Lords (plus Chrom, F!Robin, Lucina, and of course Lissa). And Shipping. Lots and lots of Shipping. #2. This is an seventeensome fic. So if multisomes aren't your thing, you'd best turn away now. #3. The general plot is that Lissa tries to get Chrom and Eirika together, but things go out of control quickly. It's meant to be simplistic, random, and fun, so yeah. #4. You can blame Duck for making the thread that gave me this idea. #5. [spoiler=Starting relationships, be careful, it is spoilery to some extent] Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10133956/1/Seventeen-Lords-Seventeen-Lovers Anything about this goes in this thread. Be it feedback/constructive criticism, asking me questions, or just feeling bad for poor Seliph, it goes here. I'll post when I update. EDIT: Title fixed. Der Glac.
  17. I've heard this mentioned plenty of times and have yet to see anyone state an actual reason for this.Yes, I'll admit Awakening was a jack-of-all things good throughout the series, but don't you think this is a little pushing it? Granted, I wont deny that there may be similarities, but I'd really like to know where the idea comes from.
  18. It's gimmick run #9001 of FE7. How did this come to existence? Well, I like sword users, you know, Mercenaries, Thieves, and my personal favorite, Myrmidons. FE7 has a good amount of Sword Users. Therefore, I should do a run of FE7 where I use sword people. Don't question how I made that leap of logic, it makes sense. So here are the rules: Only Lyndips, Eliwood, Hector, Matthew, Guy, Raven, Legault, one of Karel or Harken, and Jaffar can fight enemies. All other characters can only engage in unarmed combat, unless it is necessary. One of Serra or Priscilla or Renault can heal my units, but they cannot class-change. If, upon promoting, someone receives an alternate weapon, they may use it to ensure that my team doesn't get murdered by Sword Slayers and Sword Reavers. Ninian and Nils can use their power to give one of my units extra turns, but they (obviously) can't attack. I will do my best to get to the extra chapters, but I won't make any promises. Try not to die. Ok, with that HERE I GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. [spoiler=Prologue] This seems familiar. Oh right. Anyway. I don't have much to say about the opening scene, let's go. And so our story begins. Activating Combat Mode. Lyn.... This is going to become a regular thing, isn't it? Whatever, he dies, Lyn wins and heals herself. So it's on to the boss. Taste my blade. Conflict Resolved. Good enough, no? I know. No. FE7, FE8, FE9, FE11, plus bits and pieces of FE3, FE4, FE5, FE6, and FFTA. I think that's more than "Some Experience." Sure, that's not alot compared to other people here, but... I'm not. Wow, wait what. I'm too young for that kind of stu- Oh, right, I knew she was going to say that. Still, I'm too young for war. I'm no Snake or Raiden. No I won't, now leave me alone you stalker. I didn't say that. Damn it silent protagonist syndrome!!!! You're not a warrior. You're clearly a lord. I can, I'm not sure about you. Either way, as I was going for Bulgar, Lyndips followed me over there and wouldn't leave me alone until i let her join. Goddaaaaaaaaaa.... And here's chapter Un. [spoiler=Chapter One] Who are you calling apprentice. No. How about I favor your face with my fist. Sain's a masochist? I never have anything to say. For once I agree with the crazy stalker. No they aren't. Don't worry, I won't let yo give up. No you won't. "Out of my way!" "Forget it!" You can and you will. Ok, I command you to stand in the corner without weapons. I just realized that Kent doesn't have a "Turn to Screen" portrait. Gotcha Bitch. I didn't cap it, but I think you know what happened. This works, although... Ok, seriously. Enemy dies. Take on boss. Of course it's the boss that misses. I like the look of this. Unless Lyn misses and the boss get's a 0% crit, I think she's going to win. Called it. There was. It's not my fault that you suck. You've gotten everything BUT defense up to now. I bet that next level up she's going to get a stat up in Con. >_> You know if you said that like 5 chapters in I'd be ok with you saying that, but it isn't so... Hell no. Your companionship doesn't ease my sanity. You know I hate silent protagonist syndrome... You're only going to get one. Hint: It's not my friendship. Alright 2 chapters. I'll see you all in three months when I update again.
  19. So I am a complete deviant art x fire emblem search noob. Was wondering if anyone has created or attempted to creatively add every single fire emblem lord there is from all the game iterations onto a single wallpaper desktop in HD? Helpful info is appreciated as always, cheers!
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