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Found 3 results

  1. So! There was an update to this website and its music offer today: http://renka-web.com/news/news_001.html#clearfile It's a pretty cool set of offers, particularly with the limited edition set. Anyway, apparently, there is an option to reserve/pre-order this on the Japanese Amazon page. I'd love to snag it, but I've never made a purchase on a foreign webpage before, and know absolutely nothing about currency conversion or shipping changes... Anybody have any insight? (I hope this post is in the right place!)
  2. Noticed you've lost a game, and could care less for awhile. Then, out of nowhere, you get this weird frickin' craving to play said game. So you go looking for it, turning over every cushion on the couch, all looking for this game. For me, right now, that game is Bravely Default. I played like, halfway through it, got bored (Because if you didn't know, the games enemies kinda get reused multiple times near the end) and I just put it next to my bedside one day. Months later down the road, I can't find the bloody game, and I have the strangest desire to play it. And it doesn't help that I have to be conservative of the Demo, either, that I have for it. I have like, 24 uses left.
  3. I just did a system transfer from my Ambassador 3DS to my FE 3DS. I wanted access to those titles and switching them back and forth was a pain. I called Nintendo and was assured my two people I would lose nothing in FE13. I clicked do not delete. I lost 400+ hours. I had a party min-maxed, beat Apotheosis, unlocked lunatic+ and completed the support library. It's all gone. Granted I wasn't planning on replaying the game any time soon, and if I did it would be another min-max playthrough. What really bothers me is the support library. That's gone and I don't have the patience to redo it. Just thought I'd rant a little. I'm just that angry.
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