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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, I just obtained an Action Replay DSi as my Birthday Gift and I just unlocked a few undiscovered codes for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon that it wasn't listed in CodeJunkies.com and I just run the second playthrough and unlocked Chapter 6x with just Lowing the Allies' HP. And I also selected the Quick Level Up, Max HP, and Low HP. But, I just noticed that code for Max HP that if the player has selected for Max HP and then, stays on the Fort after the turn will revert the HP back to the like 99 HP -> Current Character's HP if it touches the Fort or Castle. But here's the Undiscovered Codes that I found: Over 100 Moves (I think this might adds 99 Moves) Just change from 6C or 6B from the Max HP or Low HP -> 6D for Adding Over 100 Moves. It permanently stays if its selected the character and it also allows to move in all areas in the map and I did tested this out on Caeda as a Pegasus Knight also and she can Move in all places in the Map. And I did tested out on Non and Mounted Characters and they can move on the all the areas on Land also. It should be like this: 62197504 00000000 B2197504 00000000 2000006D 00000063 D2000000 00000000 But, I did this discover this one also Make the Characters on the Map turns Invisible. But, this one stops the game and I think that one might be crashed. 62197504 00000000 B2197504 00000000 2000006F 00000063 D2000000 00000000 But, I did this discover this one also can do Select + L or R (It can choose which button you can use after holding Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 But, I just wondered that what kind of new codes that I can might possibly obtain clone Aum Staves, Elysian Whips, and some of the others with Action Replay.
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