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Found 1 result

  1. People seem to see it be famous for 100% Miracle activation, but I see it as what it truly is: 100% chance to get 7 bullions, 7 stat tonics, and a Hoshido Iron weapon per every kill But I'd like to actually confirm if it really is the BEST Midori, as opposed to just giving her Miracle and trusting it'll activate a lot. Plus we can discuss it if need be. For reference... [spoiler=How to achieve 100% luck skill activation (assuming you are in Revelations)] Midori needs to be the daughter of a mother who gives her the highest Luck modifier. Only two mothers outside of Luck boon Avatar do this: Mozu and Elise, as they bring her luck to an even 0 modifier. Midori needs to be a Basara, Falcon Knight, or Great Lord, the classes tied for second-highest Luck cap in the game available to Female units. As it is, Basara is the easiest to get without much sacrifice since you only need to A+ with Selkie, while Falcon Knight requires marriage to Shigure or Male Avatar/Kana with Sky Knight talent, and Great Lord is currently limited in availability. Midori needs the Luck +4 skill, which can be bought from castles or via inheritance from Azura on a previous file. Midori needs a Luck Tonic, which increases Luck by 4 for one battle. Midori needs to be in a Guard Stance with a Basara, who offers +5 luck, the highest possible without utilizing Support bonuses. This means you can just go and capture Daichi, a generic Basara, or reclass a Diviner/Spear Fighter/Spear Master/certain Onmyoji into one as opposed to having a more valuable unit act as pair-up fodder. The players My Castle requires all 7 Luck statues in the game (Felicia, Hana, Setsuna, Charlotte, Anna, Mitama, Percy). At this point, Midori should have 55 total Luck. Conquest players will be short 3 Luck while Birthright players will be short 2 Luck, so at this point you might need to exploit support pair-up bonuses. Midori needs the Quixotic and Hoshidan Unity skills to boost skill activation by 15% and 10% respectively. Her personal will boost the activation rate of Luck-based skills by 20%, for a grand total of 45% luck-based skill activation. 55+45=100. At this point Midori just needs two of the three item-giving skills to take advantage of, those being Salvage Blow, Profiteer, and Witches Brew, then go into a map that is easy enough for max stat Midori to clear out, but hard enough that it won't take less than 7 turns, turn on Auto-Battle, and I dunno go to the bathroom, fire up that anime you've been putting off cause you can't read subtitles and Fire Emblem at the same time, read a book/news article. Optionally, if you come up short on BR/CQ, you can always use Lucktaker from Heirs of Fate 1, though this does limit the resources you can get per battle (unless you replace Luck +4 with Lucktaker) Salvage Blow rewards Hoshidan Iron weapons, the kind gotten depending on what the enemy was using upon death (Samurai give Iron Katana for instance). Ox Spirit cannot be obtained this way. Profiteer rewards a Gold Bar for the first 7 turns of battle. These are sold for 300 gold apiece, totaling 2100 gold per battle. Witches Brew claims to give medicine for the first 7 turns of battle, but I only ever get stat tonics, so I assume these are all that you can get. I personally would like confirmation if an Einherjar Midori will work alongside your current files Midori.
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