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Found 1 result

  1. So, yeah. This is my first LP. What do I say? I've been playing FE for around a year now, though I've only played FE6-8 and FE13. I'm also new to the forums, though I've been lurking for a while. And... that's it, really. Best get to the LP. Rules: -Can't reset unless Roy dies -If I fail to reach a gaiden, I may not reset to achieve it [spoiler=Ch 1: Dawn of Travesty - Part 1] The only way to play. Defeated and humbled, the Dragons disappeared from the realm. Mankind then began to rebuild and repopulate their newly won land. A millennium has passed since then... ...culture and civilization to the farthest reaches of the continent. In the west lies the Kingdom of Etruria, which is widely considered to possess the most refined culture in all of Elibe. The Kingdom of Bern, with its powerful military and logical, pragmatic people, is located on the other side of the continent in the east. These are the two most powerful nations in Elibe with the weaker nations situated between them. These smaller lands are... the Lycian League, whose numerous territories are independently ruled by a number of marquesses that are bound by a vow of allegiance; Ilia, where the people arduously till the frozen soil and many become mercenaries to earn money to survive; and Sacae, where various clans ride through the plains on horseback. Although there were occasional clashes between these nations, the majority of the people of Elibe lived in peace. That peace, however, was not to last... That moment when you're told that this whole game is because you beat BBD. Now, Bern is mounting a merciless invasion into Lycia. Pherae is a territory of Lycia known for its beauty and honorable lords. Pherae's Lord Roy was in Ostia, Lycia's largest territory, when the invasion began. He had been sent to study to become the next marquess of the Pherae territory. Eliwood defies the laws of FE and goes on to survive for the whole game. ...has sent for Roy to return to lead Pherae's soldiers in defending against Bern. He gets a beard, she gets a beard, we all get beards! At the same time Eliwood sent for Roy, Marquess Ostia's daughter Lilina was in Pherae visiting Eliwood, who is Marquess Ostia's long-time friend and confidant. Upon receiving his father's message, Roy hurries home, taking with him his vassals and Bors, a knight from Ostia who is responsible for Lilina's safety. The story begins when Roy reaches the outskirts of Pherae... Bandit: They've all hidden themselves inside the castle! Bandit: Hee hee hee... You were right when you said there wouldn't be many soldiers. They're all getting ready to defend against Bern! The damn ass is always right! Damas: But reinforcements could be here any minute. All right, you curs, listen up! Kill everyone in the castle while we still got time! Then we can waltz outta here with all the loot! Bandit: Let's go ransack the villages and take everything they got! OH GOD I NEVER KNEW --- Merlinus: We're under attack by bandits from Mount Bolm! Eliwood: I understand. Thank you, Merlinus... Eliwood: Lilina, you must hide yourself. This castle is going to become a war zone. She joins at level 1 unpromoted, by the way. In Chapter 8. Eliwood: Don't be absurd. I couldn't face Hector if something happened to you in my own castle. Lilina: My father? But... Eliwood: It's going to be all right. Roy should be here any moment, so we just need to hold our own until then. He'll drive off these dastards. Merlinus! Send a messenger to Roy to let him know the current situation! We need his help! Merlinus: Y-yes, milord! --- Roy: Why are you in such a hurry? Lance: Lord Roy! Bandits have appeared and are attacking the castle as we speak! Lance: He's inside, defending against the bandits' attack. But I don't know how long he can last with his illness...! Lance: She should be all right. She's with Lord Eliwood after all, but he can't last forever. Assuming the best paladin in the game will become a victim to level one unpromoted bandits. Roy: No... I shouldn't have let Lilina go to the castle before me. Roy: Yes, you're right. This is no time to despair. Very well. To arms then! Our target is the castle! We must rescue everyone! --- GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 50, Spd 40, Lck 60, Def 25, Res 30, Total 320 Yes Roy, please do invest all your good growths in Skl and Lck. It's not like you need more Str/Spd/Def or anything. You don't get to use his promoted version until The Neverending Dream, which just sucks. He's lagging behind for at least ten chapters, and gets insulting promotion gains for it. His 20/1 stats would be fine for literally anyone else at the same level, but he has those at what could potentially be the final chapter. I haven't played FE5 so I don't know how bad Leif is, but Roy is definitely one of the worst lords in the series. GROWTHS: HP 60, Str 25, Skl 20, Spd 25, Lck 20, Def 15, Res 20, Total 185 Your typical Jeigan. I swear that 14 Skl is a "fuck you" message from IntSys, because it just makes him better at stealing kills. For what it's worth, though, Marcus is otherwise pretty much what a Pure Jeigan should be. His Silver Lance is there to weaken stronger enemies like knights or wyvern riders. Use until chapter 7, bench for Jerrot, who is better in every way that matters. Also, Paladins have complete weapon triangle control, 8 move, and canto. Generals have lances, axes and 5 move. Balance, people. GROWTHS: HP 85, Str 45, Skl 40, Spd 45, Lck 40, Def 25, Res 10, Total 290 His higher Str puts him above Lance in Hard mode before Lance starts doubling. He regains his lead later on, and also has a bit more luck, if that matters to you. GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 45, Spd 50, Lck 35, Def 20, Res 15, Total 285 Lance is a faster, weaker Allen who is slightly more frail. He also has a 5% weaker growth total. Absolutely unacceptable game design. He's better earlier on, but becomes inferior later on because Allen will eventually reach him in the speed department if you train him enough. He doesn't quite double at base on Hard, but once he does, he'll get his earlygame lead, and things will become slightly easier. Also, nearly every potential paladin in this game starts off lance-oriented. The only people who don't are Noah (C swords, D lances) and Percival (A/A/C). GROWTHS: HP 90, Str 30, Skl 30, Spd 40, Lck 50, Def 35, Res 10, Total 285 This is the place where everything goes wrong. The problem here is so obvious I shouldn't need to spell it out, but I will anyway. 40% Speed. 50% Luck. 35% Defence. That's ridiculous. Sure, it's nice and all, but an AK's main selling point is its bulk, not its speed. Nevertheless, this basically makes Bors the best AK in the game, because Wendy has no defence and Barth has no Speed or Luck to speak of. Does that make him good? No, because he has four move in a game full of huge maps, and starts off at level 1, but he can be good. His C rank in lances is also fairly good for this point in the game. GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 50, Spd 40, Lck 40, Def 20, Res 10, Total 280 Okay. What. Just what. Remember, this is the archer. He has the worst bases in the group. He also has the worst growth total, save for Marcus. This means he's improving the least. Now remember that literally everyone else has 1-range, three people have horses, and that even Bors starts off with respectable stats in the areas that an AK needs good stats in, or at least has acceptable growths if they aren't good already. I thought archers were supposed to have some sort of redeeming feature like good offense to make up for their 2-range - I mean even Rebecca/Neimi can amount to something if you take the time to train them. Wolt literally can't do anything that other people can't do better. He has nice hair though. Yeah. He's bested by everyone else right from the word go, and will remain so for the rest of the game. I'm not using him except for urgent kills that Marcus is too far away to handle. tl;dr What is balance? I'll get the next part up at some point, because it's too late now. Any advice for making these in general would be greatly appreciated.
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