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Found 2 results

  1. I have played Sacred Stones off and on for a few months usually stopping shorty after getting L'Arachel but this time I stuck through and over leveled and by god is Lute an absolute beast I knew she was good but 2HKO to Morva on chapter 20 as a Mage Knight is still kinda crazy to me. Not to mention she's perfect for attacking and support due to how she can hold staves and max out her magic way before she reaches level 10 promoted. I knew I loved her for a reason.
  2. This is my first try at doing one of these screenshot LP things, so I thought I should do something simple. Feedback is very appreciated. Rules: Lute is the only character who may fight (duh). The only units who may be deployed are Lute, Colm or Rennac (for thief utility only), any unit needed to recruit another unit, any forced units, and Tethys (maybe. See below). All units must be recruited. If multiple units can recruit a unit, I can choose which one to use (for example, either L'arachel or your main lord can recruit Rennac, so I can choose which to recruit him with). In the Prologue and chapters 1, 2, 3, and 5x, since I don't have Lute anyone can be used. Arenas, Skirmishes, The Tower, and The Ruins can not be used to grind. Non-Lute that fit into one of the categories in rule 2 can visit villages, shops, and armories. Whether I go on Eirika's route or Ephraim's Route will be voted on in a poll. If a loss condition is met, I must restart the chapter. This will be on difficult mode. No using other units for meatshields. Eirika and Artur can be used in chapter 4 until Lute is recruited. I must try to recruit Lute as quickly as possible though. Loss Conditions:Any character dies. Any character is not recruited. Any character other than Lute attacks or counterattacks an enemy (even if it does 0 damage or misses)(unless the unit is currently green or red). Any character other than Lute uses a staff. Tethys: I'm not sure whether I should use Tethys or not. On one hand, you could say that Tethys dancing could make the game less of a solo, but on the other hand, you could say that it would be more challenging because I'd have to protect Tethys with only one unit. Decide in the poll. That's about it. I'll probably update this once a week, maybe twice. Depends on school stuff. The first update should come sometime this weekend, and I'll try to fit the first 3 chapters and the prolouge into it, so we can get to the real challenge quickly.
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