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Found 4 results

  1. THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S HERE. THE SEQUEL-PREQUEL THING OF A GAME. THE MANLY TEAM IS BACK. You know the drill, the MANLIEST OF MEN only. The difference is, this run will be played on HHM. I have never played HHM before (except for the first two chapters), so there is going to be a small exception to the rule. Serra can be used very occasionally if necessary, because this run is more for entertainment, and it can't really be that if I can't complete the levels (Dusk probably can with his eyes closed, but I suck at FE, so...). Yeah. Once Canas or Lucius promote, Serra will no longer be permitted, yada yada. Let's just play the game! [spoiler=This level reminded me why I stopped playing HHM] THE PREQUEL-SEQUEL YEAH THIS TIME WE AREN'T PUSSIES SORTA Accurate ELIDAD NO MANLY friends *implying he isn't already* That's right, it is another journey Now we're playing a game with hit rates OsTHWOMP doesn't like it as rough as Hector OH SHIT THWOMP BROTHER but love and adventure PLOT HECTOR HIS EYES ARE UP THERE DUN DUN DUNNNNN 'rendezvous' kinky 'Move out of the way or I'll penetrate you!' Wait that didn't come out right Yeah No Yeah your strength sucks Point proven THWOMP I like you already I like money I am already getting owned, awesome HECTOR COME ON IT'S THE FIRST CHAPTER THWOMP SO GOOD OH IT'S ON NOW BRO This went on for a couple turns until Hector got there God dammit Hector too THWOMP for you Wow some boss *gestures towards Matthew* Nah, Hector loves to make a mess Kinky Oh shit If I were that knight, I'd waddle away as fast as I could Why is this guy easier to take out than half the enemies in this level HEY SPOILER ALERT MAN HECTOR STOP SUCKING Hector doesn't have enough speed for that And so it begins SHUT IT GENERIC SOLDIER FIGHT ME Having back problems there, old man? OSTHWOMP, the MANLIEST OF THWOMPS, joins us Next time, we meet up with some of the MANLY MEN and fight crime together!
  2. Alright, I'm new here, but I'm really want to have a runthrough FE8SS :D Oh yay, this is my first run, so I need your advices and criticism (having finished Sacred Stones 3 or 4 times before). Oh yeah, this run is a gentlemanly run! I know that there's some manly run out there that also forbid the usage of magic users, but... oh well, Moulder's moustache are too manly, and I like manly magic users, so... Ok, first, the rules: oh well... Dang, why FE8 Paladin doesn't have axes? if not I bet Valter will be minced by steel Axe! Nothing to see here, Seth is doing all the fighting... What a gentleman, he asked if she was injured, despite she's just sitting in the background... Another Princess in distress... Princess Eirika must find a nice house and have a chat, sips some tea, and get somewhere safe while Seth is doing all the fighting... More gentlemen arrives, and Franz is pissed because they try to hurt his princess... Speaking of which, all armor-knights seems to have identical-model of armor, but yeah. Gilliam kills the guy who scratch his armor in return... To protect the Princess! You must fight! GO FRANZ! A good first level up! I hope he could overtake Seth later... And that's why you don't piss Franz up... hey... speaking of which... Seth one rounding the boss... and get a good level up as well... Princess saved, and we got a manly moustache to join our team! Weeee!
  3. Due to some reasons, the FE6 MANLY RUN had to be cancelled. Fortunately, after some planning, we have decided to restart the run. This means that I LOSE ALL MY SHITTY LEVEL UPS!!! Oh well, I'll probably get them all back anyway. Rules are the same as last time. 1. Obviously Men only (Elphin is a guy) 2. Women can be moved, but other than that only used for recruitment (Sadly, Echidna is a woman) 3. Elphin or Echidna Route doesn't matter at all 4. Same with Ilia or Sacae 5. Normal Mode, because the lack of healers earlygame will make it nearly unbearable (Also because I'm a coward) 6. Just gonna throw out a swearing warning, if anyone actually cares As Marquess unfortunately left us, a new person will be taking his place. The manliest of men have facial hair, and who did that? He is experienced in the art of manly runs. He is myth. He is legend. He is probably going to get much better levels than me. The FE6 MANLY RUN will now feature... DODGEDUSK!!! That is all. Here's chapter one. [spoiler=Chapter One] IT RETURNS PLOT You bet your ass it was, cause this! Is! ELIBE!!! Oh wait... It says Pherae doh RAT FACE KID Let's not A moment of silence for the item in that village We will never know what it is What? Villagers? You think I give a shit about villagers? "I heard everyone was on top of each other and came as fast as I could" CHIN is giving his stuff to Lance I'm still not using him "That's right Marcus. Gimme those weapons, now you go out there and hope they don't hit you! Good luck!" First hit of the project! Hey, that's my line! Oh, darn THE CHIN IS BEING USED TO GO SEE VILLAGE GIRLS WHAT A PRO I'm curious if he can potentially be good If Roy can double you, you need to rethink your life ROY ARE YOU REDEEMING YOURSELF SO PROUD DAMMIT YES MOOLAH SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED Dolt, what? I've decided on something. I'll put up a poll on what scrub character I should use. What did I really expect? Lance you really need one more point of strength STREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGTH It's doomsday for this jackass ROY WHY WHA ROY YES DUMBASS DOLT GET HIM I really hope I don't get you in the scrub poll Yeah, he got one more point of strength DEJA VU "But why are you on each other?!" WAIT ELIWOOD HAS BECOME ELIDAD ELIDAD Next time, the revenge of MAN OF STEEL And here's a summary of the run:
  4. Optional Theme: MANLY MANLINESS! Geese, Moulder, Brendan Reed, Gilliam Use at least three of the above mugs in your entry. RULES THAT YOU MUST FOLLOW: No mass 'made from scratch' areas. In other words, the final result should be made of and identifiable to areas from the source mugs. Only use the set given, no other mugs. Recommended color limit: 16 (15 on your mug +1 for background). This is a flexible rule, but be cautious with your color count as a general rule of thumb for good pixel art. You are allowed to deviate from the standard FE color choices if you want to do so. Don't vote for yourself or I will cry sad tears devoid of mod power. Hosts may enter contests. Only 1 mug per member. Winner of the contest will choose the next theme and a mug, runners-up will choose the remaining mugs once a theme has been decided. Voting consists of 2 categories: 'Best in Theme' (single choice) and 'Favorites' (multiple choice). 'Winner' is the popular vote for 'Best in Theme' and the runners-up are taken from the most popular two from both voting categories. If there is overlap (e.g. 2nd place is the same participant for both categories), a weighted average of the total votes will determine the remaining runner-ups. PARTICIPATION NOTES: In the past, there has been a lot of conflict surrounding what does and doesn't constitute proper splicing techniques. This is not the venue to repeat that argument (if you're interested in it, please look at old rounds between 50 and 65). Please remember to allow participants the freedom to experiment and find their comfort zone in splicing. Give them votes when you believe they're successful, but do not use their entry as a platform to tell the world what you don't like. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM the current host. Deadline: Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 Have fun!
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