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Found 7 results

  1. 1. An evil dictator who wants to rule over not just the world, but time and space 2. An evil dictator who tries to thin out the world population by starving people to death 3. A knight working for the protagonist who has unethical work methods and is a misogynist 4. A mad scientist who wants to raise the world's landmass 5. A knight who leads a mercenary army against his king because he was blamed by something he didn't do and takes it out on the king 6. A terrorist organization that wants to DESTROY the Fire Emblem 7. An army from another continent invading another continent 8. A protagonist who is actually the antagonist 9. An alien from outer space wanting to destroy the continent 10. A spoony bard that raped the Protagonist's sister.
  2. http://shipping.bulbagarden.net/listaz.html I'll start with the name of Looker x Platinum Berlitz: IWantABabyShipping
  3. Alright, so we already have the reverse of this, so now we have this. What are pairings a lot of people use that you personally don't like? This can be based on supports, personality, eugenics, etc. I personally will be basing mine on eugenics. Please, even with how entertaining they are to read, no shipping wars. Minor arguments are allowed, because nobody dies (That was a stupid sentence). Pairs I think are overrated- Libra and Olivia (Inigo becomes a sorc tool, and I hate sorcs. (Completely unrelated- Only using sorcs for lunatic+ where they are pretty much necessary) I also don't think these two really fit together. I see Olivia with Chrom, Gaius, or Virion) Stahl and Sully (Red and green. BIG DEAL. Kjelle becomes crap. Stahl is also better with Cordelia.) Fred and Cordelia (I see this as a watered-down version of Stahl/Cordelia.) Gerome and Lucina (WORST SUPPORTS IN THE GAME. PERIOD. Who agrees with me on this?) FeMU and Chrom (So many fangirls.)
  4. Who is better, Inigo or Owain? In my opinion, Inigo. Also, because we clearly need more character vs. character polls.
  5. Because apparently I didn't put enough in the first one.
  6. For optimality, Lissa/Owain gets the short end of the stick in this Lunatic+ file, and I have yet to pick a Father for Owain yet. The Father pool consists of Kellam, Libra, and Virion. Please base your answers on Maximum Stat Modifiers, and Skills & Classes available to Owain. Disregard context of the supports, hair colors, and biased opinions because of character hate/favoritism. Here's a visual:
  7. Type advantage? Only losers think about that.
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