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Found 10 results

  1. Thingyman would like to extend an invite to our community to join the Season 5 Mafia Championship at Mafia Universe. We will be running a custom matrix style semi-open setup. Full details here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E9x7nJkSPmv1ZtSKFdSmLsvD4DQoX13i2MA9VG5p4W4/edit
  2. So I'm trying to make a street pass team made up of custom avatars in fates. Since fates has 9 save files thanks to the extra data, I decided to use them to make my different save files for all of my different MUs. I made 3 different save files in the extra data, one being the actual account I'll be sending out, and the other two I registered into the unit log book. Now this is where the problem comes in. I made the fourth one and bought and einherjar of the fourth MU to register it in my Logbook. When I went to the "main" save file to buy the fourth MU, it said that I already recruited it despite only having the 2 previous Einherjar in the file! Not only that, the second MU that I made and registered was nowhere in sight in the log book! After some experimenting, I found out that save files that are in the same row are assigned the same log book spots. Also, I tried saving the save file to a different row, deleting the unit from the logbook, and then buying it again, but the MU is still in the same position in the log book. Do you have any alternative ideas/ways to make a MU army cause the logbook doesnt work any more.
  3. Hey guys and gals! With the new Fire Emblem comes the new wave of pairing threads, so I guess I'm gonna contribute to that. I'm looking for some advice for my Conquest playthrough. I made my Female Avatar a +Mag -Lck. I'm leaning towards having her end up as a Sorcerer or Onmyoji (suggestions for that as well?) and I really don't know who to pair her with. I took Diviner as her second class because of the access to Mag+2/Future Sight for early game and for Tomefaire, and because Rend Heaven is just so fantastic to pass to everyone. I want to optimise this run but I'm not so comfortable with Nohr children yet, since this is my first playthrough with Nohr. I don't mind the pairing to not be the absolute best because I'm only on hard mode. I'm thinking of a few potential husbands and need help with choosing: Leo: I guess that would make two great children, but I really don't want to pair her up with her brother, even if not related by blood, just seems too weird to me... Alright enough sentimentality, I'll do it if I must, but it just doesn't feel right to me :P (remember Owain x Lucina?). Odin: God this guy is just so epic. Always been a fan of Owain. Anyway, I guess he could make a good father for a mixed Nohr Noble Kana and his good skill stat benefits having skills like Dragon Fang/Rend Heaven. Like Leo, not a lot of class diversity. Forrest: Kana would just be so damn great with Forrest as a father, but I don't really know if it's better to have two awesome children or one godlike unit. I'm really open to suggestions for other potential husbands, as well as for ending classes/skills for the children. Thanks for the help! TorterraX
  4. Hello, I have been playing this game for a while, but am certainly no expert. Therfor I would like some advice or feedback. I have made a +Str/-Lck MU, and am planning to have him marry Severa. I'm also not really sure about which classes I'm going to have MU, Severa, or Morgan be yet. What I would like to know is, based on this who would make a good father for Severa, and what might be a good class for her and Morgan?
  5. These are kind of big so I'm just gonna slide these into spoilers. They're of my MU Stella! They aren't the best but if you have any suggestions or feedback I'd love to hear it! Tactician Clothing: Trickster Clothing:
  6. So there's been some discussion on Kamui's class and such, so I'd like to state my opinions on the matter (please be mindful that this is my first post and I've only played Awakening, so I am not as familiar with previous generation concepts): I do not believe that the class is directly tied to the manakete class. Kamui clearly does not appear to have the longevity ability that most (if not, all) manaketes in the series have. The transformation that Kamui goes through is different from other manaketes (or at least, from the versions in Awakening). Also, Kamui is clearly a different type of creature, given the new appearance that they have. Because I cannot read Japanese text, for anyone who is able to, would you mind elaborating on the translation of the status screen and such that may possibly give us an idea of what kind of stones will be usable in game (if there is any indication of this at all)? I feel as though it won't be dragonstones, exactly, given that Kamui is obviously not a manakete. Also, for those of whom it concerns, what drew you to the conclusion that Kamui was a manakete? The only similarity I saw was the use of stones and transformation (which doesn't even appear to be the same as in most games). Finally, anyone got an idea of what Kamui's custom class might be? Just want to know what thoughts you guys might have on it, given that I have literally none (since an activation skill seems a bit too early on to have in the game, so I've seen).
  7. Hello, recently I've been looking at stat modifiers and just been wondering what you guys think are some of the best Assets/Flaws for your Avatar/mu. I came up with at least one asset and flaw for each stat, and these are what I've made up so far. (The modifiers go in order by each stat listed in FE:A) i.e. HP, STR, MAG, SKILL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES... and will be listed as the solo number. Those are a few (9) that I made to try to balance the stats for each type of asset as best as I could. I just made these for future MU's that I want to make, but I don't want them to have two big of gaps in their stats. Tell me what you think of these! And if you have any other combinations please do share~! Also, here is what each Asset and Flaw does to your modifiers :) All Assets that are 4, 2, and 2 will have flaws of themselves of 3, 1 and 1.
  8. Since most of the character from both series are on the roster (i.e. protags) that leaves me to wonder will our MU character be referenced or even spoken of or is that just me wishfully thinking, I'd love to hear Chrom and "Marth" reference MU even if he is called Robin
  9. I was wondering what the best class or just good classes in general for a Morgan who is the child of Yarne and an +Skill/-HP MU? Also on a lesser note the skills: LB, Galeforce, Vantage, Weaponfaire. Was thinking a Bow Knight or a Hero.
  10. I have the MU on my Normal Mode/Newcomer file as a Grandmaster with a focus on magic. (Has tomefaire, tomebreaker, +2 All Stats, +10 avoid and Ignis. Now, my Hard Mode/Classic MU has only just started out. He is also focused on magic, with high speed as well. So... My question: What should I do with my Hard Mode MU? Who should I pair him with? Thanks.
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