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Found 4 results

  1. I'm not confident in my own decisions, so I'm letting you pick out my units, marriages, the classes they go through, and even skills passed down; but so things will still be a little interesting, I'm limiting how many units I can use. I started this on another forum that I didn't realize was actually pretty inactive, so I already have a few picked out from that phase - but don't let that discourage you! For the unit limit, I was thinking of 16, maybe a total of 20 (so you have 16 slots open to pick rather than 12) since I've been given Normal/Classic as a difficulty? That's all up to you, though. I'm currently waiting before the Prologue in case any more early-game units are picked. Pairings: Yoshi X Cordelia (Ether) Chrom X Sumia because everyone else is taken Morgan X Brady (zhellybelly from the other site) Nowi X Donnel (Anonymously from the other site) Stahl X Sully (Big Smoke) Olivia X Lon’qu (1japanfan) Inigo, Severa, and Lucina hang with each other as buddies :3 (Ether and Big Smoke) Maribelle X Ricken (Big Smoke) Lissa X Libra (Levant Mir Celestia) Tharja X Gaius (astrophys) Flavia X Basilio though they can only get to A (Goddess Serra) Miriel X Virion (Nimbostratus) Units: Yoshi +Luck/-Str (zhellybelly and Big-Wicket {other site}. Name by Parafin {Discord}, accepted by Cozy {other site}.) Noire as a Sniper (lAmRyugin55 from the other site) Lucina (Big Smoke and Ether) Nowi (Anonymously from the other site) Say’ri as a Falcoknight (eclipse) Maribelle as a Valkyrie (Levant Mir Celestia) Stahl as a Great Knight (Big Smoke) Sully as a Paladin (Big Smoke) Severa as a Wyvern Lord, inherit Galeforce and Veteran (Ether) Inigo as a Trickster (Big Smoke, 1japanfan and Ether) Olivia as a Falcoknight (1japanfan) Lon’qu as a Wyvern Lord (1japanfan) Lissa as War Cleric, get A support with Maribelle (Levant Mir Celestia) Gaius as a Warrior (Goddess Serra) Flavia as a Hero, keep paired with Basilio (Goddess Serra) Basilio as a General, keep paired with Flavia (Goddess Serra) Miriel (Goddess Serra) Tharja as a Sniper (Sage of Ylisse) Gregor as a Swordmaster (Mr. Vercetti) Optional Special: Get Laurent and kill him (Goddess Serra) I hope this gets finished, since I've never fully completed this game before. My files kept getting deleted for whatever reason, either by accident or from my brother wanting to play it again but this one won't!
  2. Okay I know I did a stupid thing but I couldn't resist. I married Felicia but afterwards I realised there just aren't enough females for the rest of the males, so I can't get all the children. I'll make another save file so I can get them all. ): I'm really confused on the rest of the marriages though. What should I do? I decided to ditch Silas' kid because I don't care much about him anyways. I'm. just. so. freaking. confused. Here's what I'm thinking: Kaze/Sakura (already done) Takumi/Azura Saizo/Kagero Ryoma/Orochi Rinkah/Azama (cause I don't care about them) Hayato/Mozu Kaden/Hinoka Hinata/Oboro Subaki/Setsuna Jakob/ ??? what? there aren't enough??? Sigh. Next time I'll marry Caeldori cause she'll always be best girl.
  3. I'm just curious which "special" marriage is your favourite, if you have one. These marriages are restricted to only the Avatar (depending on gender) and some are only recruited in DLCs or Spotpass. The polls are multiple choice, so feel free to vote as much as you'd like. (If I'm forgetting anyone, feel free to tell me and I'll add them asap.) For Female Avatar, I'm quite fond of Priam (even if he can't get Aether, it's cool) and Gangrel. For Male Avatar, I'm less picky and like all of the marriage options (but I'm really attached to Tiki).
  4. So as the title suggests, I'm looking for the best pairings/marriages I could do for Fe:A. I'm not planning to do DLC (not yet, anyway- maybe after I beat all classic modes for Hard and Lunatic) so please don't include the options that's only available with DLC. I understand that there are tons of forums and guides asking for the same thing but I eventually got tired of shifting through pages and pages to find my optimal pairings. And no one seemed to agree on specific pairings except some :/ I don't mind grinding to level up and get specific skills cause I want to make all my units the best they can be - I'm sort of OCD that way xD The pairings that I think are good and decided are in bold and the rest are my thoughts so please provide opinions^^ It would be great too if you could give me some ideas as in what skills to pass down. Chrom and FeMU – Pass down Rightful King and Galeforce/Ignis for Lucina, Aether and Galeforce/Ignis for Morgan Stahl and Cordelia – Pass down Aegis and Galeforce Gaius and Tharja - Pass down Lethality/Counter and Vengeance Henry and Sumia – Pass down Vengeance and Galeforce Ricken and Miriel – Pass down ? and ? Libra and Olivia – Pass down Renewal and Galeforce Gregor and Panne – Pass down Sol and Beastbanes Nowi and Donnel – Pass down ? and ? Kellam and Sully – Pass down ? and ? Vaike and Lissa – Pass down Counter and Renewal Lon’qu and Cherche – Pass down Astra and Swordbreaker Frederick/Virion and Maribelle – Pass down Luna/Prescience and Galeforce What else was there? @[email protected]
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