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Found 4 results

  1. Before I begin I just want to say I'm not a professional film critic and as such this is more of a "thoughts on" rather than a "review" of the movie, but just really wanted to talk about it while it's timely. So the Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty much the most popular thing on the planet and it's really hard to say if any of their movies have ever really been truly bad, sure there are some low points in the series(Iron Man 2, Thor: The Dark World) but even those films aren’t unbearable to sit through. So I don’t think it comes as a surprise that Thor: Ragnarok is a good movie, in fact I think it’s a great movie. I know it might be the hype talking here, but it’s easily in the top ten MCU films, maybe even the top five. It really is a ton of fun so if you haven’t seen the film yet and you enjoy Marvel movies you’ll probably enjoy it. Now let’s get down the the specifics, I’ll probably get into some spoilers here so if you just wanted a recommendation I suggest leaving now. First let’s start with the plot which is honestly one of the weaker parts of the film. I wouldn’t call it bad, but it definitely feels very safe for a Marvel movie. It mainly boils down to yet another save the universe from a bad guy because the bad guy is evil and must be stopped. It works, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen ever since you started watching Marvel movies, But I do like the change in mood from the other Thor movies, I think having a more Guardians of the Galaxy style, fun action vibe works well since it is a comic book movie which benefits from a more lighthearted tone. However, the characters and how they are developed are what really shines in this movie, there are so many great characters that I could write a paragraph for nearly all of them, but I’ll try and do just the most important ones. The star of the show himself Thor has had some pretty significant changes made to him in this movie, but I’d say it was for the better and Chris Hemsworth adapted fantastically. He is alot funnier this time befitting the change in tone and I hope Hemsworth can get into more comedies in the future. I also think that striping his power from him by destroying the hammer was the best way to give him a reason to grow and change as he encounters new challenges and overcomes them to become stronger, I can’t wait to see more Thor in the next Avengers and possibly a Thor 4(fingers crossed). Tom Hiddleston is back as Loki and he’s killing it as always. He’s still the same trickster we all love, but by the end of the movie it feels like he’s gotten his full redemption and will most likely become a hero moving forward while still being somewhat of a trickster(I don’t doubt the idea that he may have taken the Tesseract from the vault during the final battle). A big selling point of the movie was the inclusion of the Hulk as a main character and I think this movie delivered, it gave Mark Ruffalo some much needed spotlight I’ve been waiting for ever since the original Avengers. Much like Thor, Hulk has become pretty comical to better fit the tone and is the source of some great moments throughout the film, but one minor complaint I have is the idea that we might be having more Hulk than Bruce Banner moving forward because while I don’t mind it too much I think I prefer having the duality between the man and the monster. Anthony Hopkins returns for his last performance as Odin, he’s not in there for too long, but he get’s the job done admirably when he does show up. I think what makes Odin interesting in Ragnarok as opposed to the other films is that he’s pretty much responsible for all the conflict in the story because he just had too many skeletons in his closet to not suffer consequences(no really he had enough to make a whole army), but I really liked his final talk with Thor, it was a really touching moment for as cliche as it was. Now let’s talk new characters starting with the big bad herself Hela. I’m not sure how many people noticed this, but Hela is actually the first ever major female villain in the MCU which is a huge landmark, but while I loved Cate Blanchett’s performance I felt that as a character she was very one dimensional which was a huge disappointment, but I guess we have been spoiled recently with both Kurt Russel’s Ego and Michael Keaton’s Vulture being fantastic villains so the bar may have been set a little too high this time. One of the characters I was most excited for was Valkyrie mainly because she was played by Tessa Thompson who I really loved in 2015’s Creed. Going in I thought she would be a strong female character which is not a bad thing at all, but as soon as she showed up my expectations were shattered when right out of the gate she falls over drunk. I was completely caught off guard by such a simple character flaw, making the strong female warrior an alcoholic trying to run from her past makes her way more interesting and relatable as a result. It was a change in perspective I would compare to James Spader's Ultron where the trailers made him out to be really intimidating, but in the actual movie he had a sarcastic side to him we didn't know about that made him a lot more entertaining. Then there’s Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum who… well he’s Jeff Goldblum. He’s just a goofy oddball who’s highly entertaining and thankfully never overstays his welcome leaving me hungry for more Grandmaster in the future(assuming he survived the post-credits scene). While I said I’m not a professional, I’d also like to take a moment to admire the craftsmanship behind the film. The worlds are are full of stylistic flare and bright colors creating a very comic like atmosphere I wholeheartedly embrace. The action set pieces are bombastic, flashy, and super fun to watch thanks to some great looking special effects. The movie is also really well paced, never once did I feel it was moving too slow or too fast while watching which is impressive to say the least. There’s even a great match cut in the film that when I saw it I all I could think was “Wow! That was a really cool transition!” Once complaint I do have though is the music, Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song may have gotten me really pumped whenever it started playing, but the original score was really bland, it’s become a recurring issue I have with a lot of the Marvel movies that I really hope someone decides to fix one of these days. I think you're probably ready to kill me by now seeing as how long winded this “thoughts on” has gotten so I’ll just end it here saying that Thor: Ragnarok is a film that I thoroughly enjoyed and is easily the best Thor movie yet.
  2. Thought I'd just plop up a thread for everything Marvel Related. Big Hero 6 is based on an obscure series from around 2000. At the moment, there are some troubles between Disney and Fox over the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. This is why the FF comic is being cancelled, Wolverine is being killed off, and the Mutant books are being pushed aside for other concepts and ideas from the Marvel Universe to shine. Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, and non-FF/X-Men related Cosmic stuff being pushed into the forefront. Oh, and should I mention there's a Daredevil tv show coming up, and there is word of a Heroes for Hire and Alias shows too! [Heroes for Hire- Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Alias-JEssica Jones aka. Jewel] Oh and an Aquaman movie in my lifetime. Yaaay?
  3. I want to see a GundamXMarvel crossover now. Am I the only one who chuckled at Vigna Ant Man?
  4. So yep, Marvel movies. What do you guys think of them? This is for all Marvel movies, not just the Cinematic Universe owned by Disney. Sony's Spider Man films, marvel films from way back when, the X-men, Daredevil from Fox, if anyone remembers that. Basically, if it's a movie with Marvel characters, then it's open for discussion. Feel free to talk about movies still in development, like Ant Man or Amazing SpiderMan 2. Just...no DC. Just Marvel, okay? So yeah, chat away about what you liked, didn't like, want to see in later films, wished you had seen in films already out, idea you have for Marvel movies, etc. Well, I'll start off and say that I'm pretty excited for the upcoming films. Amazing SpiderMan 2 is only a few months away and I'm really excited for that, and I'm actually going to go see Ant Man. I feel like the only person who want to see that, does anyone else want to? I do have one majot complaint though, and it's how they're handling Deadpool. I mean come on! You mute the guy famous for being 'The Merc with a Mouth,' and then you make us wait well over a year for you to get the movie you promised for him out? I haven't heard news on that for a while, which makes me not happy!
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