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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, so since I kind of let my last playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening lapse, I kind of realised I needed to...do it again and this time give it a more sustainable future and not lose any units because that is the ultimate goal here. Also I'm a masochist and like to drive myself crazy. The last playthrough I did had a poll on whether or not I would do Lunatic Classic or Casual, but since Classic won by a landslide and so, for the sake of those whom wished to see me complete that run, I have returned to do just that. Complete this run of Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic Classic and do so without losing a single (Virion included) unit. I am a pure masochist so for the real fun I am opening a few things for suggestions, take note however the following has been set in stone: 1. The team must have Chrom, the Avatar and their wives (Maribelle and Lucina). Sumia is locked to Henry because I have massive bias and I like a dark mage Cynthia and a +6 mag modifier Grandmaster/Dark Flier Morgan abusing Aether like no tomorrow XD 2. The Avatar is +Mag/-Def named Grima and his birthday is the 19th of April (mark that down if you like, we'll call it an Easter Egg for this playthrough, brownie points if you can guess why that is so.) 3. The first couple of chapters are over two videos, but hopefully it will be a chapter/map per video thereafter. 4. There will be some grinding, this isn't meant to be a massive challenge run, but will contain the bare minimum of stats required to pull through each chapter map without the units dying. DLC will help build up certain relationships after all. 5. Class suggestions will be considered, even the DLC classes if it's worthwhile. 6. There won't be any Enherjar units unless needs really must. 7. Enherjar shopping and grinding is acceptable for this run. With those wrinkles out of the way, suggestions and the run will now begin in ernest. My next post will contain Part One and Part Two of the run. Thanks for following and I do hope you enjoy me being the masochist I truly am. Tagging previous run watchers @Nym @DisobeyedCargo @deskita @ChickenWings @ElectiveToast @Light Strategist so you can join in on the masochism and take a sip of soft drink or more healthily water every time I tell Grima off in this playthrough. Part One: The Curse of the Game Overs XD Part 2: Chrom gets a kill XD
  2. Hello, Serenes Forest. I need YOU... to criticize the living hell out of my playstyle. I want to get better with Fates in General. As I lack the experience that I did with Lunatic and Lunatic+ in Awakening. A few notes: 1. I don't know nor care about pairings. I just want to use Gen 1 specifically and only unlock children gaidens/paralogues for the EXP. But with that being said, if the difficulty gets too much, I am open to giving this up and using them along with Child Proof items. Also, I have never done any of the children chapters except for Kanna's. 2. I am completely blind to Lunatic skill gimmicks. 3. I have never reclassed in this game. I only did vanilla canon classes on Normal Mode. Please help me on who to reclass to what for them to be good. 4. When you rip apart something I'm doing wrong, please tell me how to fix it. Not just tell me I'm bad at strategy. I already know that. 5. If you use an English item/character name and I don't recognize it, forgive me. I play the Japanese game more. 6. This will upload depending on when I have time after work to record these. 7. I will post failure videos if I hit a wall. And with that, feel free to rip me apart! Let's begin with Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.
  3. So one day I had a brilliant idea "Lets do a KOTOR Run where I RNG my Attributes and Skills and let everyone else vote on my feats" but I decided that since there ain't a whole lot of builds that are really sub-optimal in KOTOR that it wouldn't be torture enough. So I looked up on how to Screenshot DA:O and decided to go with that instead. So this basically this is as described above. I use a Random Number Generator for my stats and you all get to decide what combat skills I'm picking up. And as you can judge by the "masochism" tag I don't trust you all to not force me to switch between 4 sets of weapons all the time. So this is going to be fun. Before we can get to the meat though, we need to create our character We have a choice of Humans, Elves and Dwarves, as well as 6 backgrounds, Dwarves and Elves (unless it's Mage Elf) get 2 origins to choose from however both Mages and Humans have only 1 background. Also of note is that Dwarves can't be mages unfortunately. As for as I know there is no difference in stats for all the races. A quick summary of the Backgrounds: Human Noble: Only Human background. Your the Son/Daughter of the Cousland family and your brother along with your house's troops. After he leaves though, your attacked by another Noble Asshole Magi: All Mages are locked up in a big tower by the Chantry and Templars. After you pass a test to become a true Mage, one of your friends reveals he's dating a Chantry Priestess, which is forbidden, and you aid him in escaping Dalish Elf: Elves who don't like living with their oppresive human overlords so they live in the woods. One day you and a fellow tribesman discover a Demonic artifact in a cave. City Elf: Your about to be wedded to a lovely woman/man when all of a sudden a noble's son takes your bride/you to rape her/you at his party. Dwarven Noble: Your the favored son of the king and are about to lead an army I think? I don't know, I've never played this route. Dwarven Commoner: You are a casteless, Dwarves with out a special mark and are therefore are heavily discriminated against. As such you work for a local crime lord to get by. Anywho, the poll is there, get voting and tomorrow around 3-4 PM EST I'll update it with the Skills Poll, as well as showing you my Character and RNG'd stats after that. Eventually we'll also have to pick the specialization we get at Level 10. I feel like I'm forgetting something but I keep checking and I have everything so if I am please tell me. If you also want Info on how to make me suffer either check this wiki or ask me.
  4. Title says it all. I come back with a whole new randomization. I am a masochist for sure. Sure wonder what Ninian I get this run. [spoiler=Masochism Begins] Running with my first word instead. Arulle isn't supposed to be a tactician anyway :O this T͟His/ used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced. There, gave you the definition. Lyn Lord, while I did get Lyn Lord once before when I first got Klok's chaos mode but it didn't go great. Let' see what this one has in store for us. HEAL SLAVE DETECTED Carrying an energy ring is rather amusing. Then again, one run before this (in a curiosity of how items are randomized to each character and class.) He'd got two stats booster, a speedwing and a goddess's statue if i recalls it correctly. First off as usual... WALL BREAKING I shove the ring to Hector, Matthew isn't going to be much use for later chapter anyway as seen with his growths. That hit makes me all fuzzy on inside. MOVE BITCH YOU'RE SO WEAK YOU CAN GET ONE SHOT BY ANYTHING. Hector get hit and repays twice the interest in a critical. I don't need keys to be fair... Switched these two items so Matt heal and Hector open. After thief opens his side of door, I use it. HEY GIVE THAT BACK. Let's do this. Hector tears him a new one. Hector has the speed and power! allplanned.jpg Matthew is having fun with his shaft. Mani Katti crit isn't a joke. Dodge. Then I remembered something. Oops. HOW DARE YOU MISS ONE. Matt loots. He goes and use one stock of vulnerary, that bastard. Not like he'd live anyway. Rooming it up. Now moving along... Hector leads the lone charge. This is basically how much Hector does with Mani Katti... SO OP. MORE OP Lvl for matt Well Unlock is infinite so... It takes at most 3 uses of Unlock to get a level I suppose. (40 xp per unlock i think) No contest. And Hector tops it by critical killing the poor armor assassin. [spoiler=Clones. Clones everywhere.] Violence is best solution in that era though. . . HUH!? Well, in this case, the only follow-up is the fact last time Eliwood was Knight that promoted into a Dragoon, so I guess I should be graceful that at least this time they're identical for real. Hero Marcus inc. Nah. Nah x2 I'll take it. Better than last time.jpg I'll take it as well. MONSTER No.jpg Starting off with this~ Hector become buff Poor pegasus knights. No way in hell am I using her. 15 hp. FIFTEEN FUCKING HP. worse than other pegasus knights. Marcus is worth using, if that speed won't bite him in the ass. Heh. WHY Oh you were just building up suspension. Nope. Marcus can't dodge it seem. Hector one shot everyone in this map. They didn't like him it seem. Top is pretty much cleared. Thing happens at bottom. HECTOR PLS Oswin clean up for his master. Matt hide. Things happen with horsebirds. BOSS FIGHT! And it hangs. How did I forget that one? Back here. Savestate is important! He get hit this time though. But that looks weird. Hector makes her bite the dust. Marcus chips for Eliwood to kill and get his first level.
  5. Okay, so I just beat Apotheosis Normal Path with 6 units on a whim (No eugenics involved). Here are my units: Robin (Grandmaster, +Magic - Luck) Abilities: Armsthrift, Limit Breaker, Tomefare, Luna, Vantage Weapons Used: Forged Celica's Gale Lucina (Great Lord, Sumia) Abilities: Aether, Galeforce, Limit Breaker, Pavise, Dual Strike + Weapons Used: Forged Brave Lance, Forged Brave Sword Morgan (Grandmaster, Lucina) Abilities: Aether, Armsthrift, Limit Breaker, Ignis, Galeforce Weapons Used: Forged Celica's Gale Inigo (Hero, Henry) Abilities: Armsthrift, Vengeance, Limit Breaker, Vantage, Galeforce Weapons Used: Forged Brave Axe Chrom (Great Lord) Abilities: Limit Breaker, Aether, Rightful King, Luna, Dual Strike + Weapons Used: Brave Lance Sumia (Falcon Knight) Abilities: Luna, Iote's Shield, Galeforce, Limit Breaker, Lancefare Weapons Used: Brave Lance, Fortify, Rescue All units had Tiki's Tears used on them. They also had elixirs. Now, because I am a masochist, I am going to attempt to do the same with the secret path. (I know I can do the first part in two turns). I have most of the abilities available for each character. The question is, what should my strategy be for the secret path using these 6 units?
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