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Found 2 results

  1. 1. Dwarf Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place underground 2. Mermaid Emblem/Water Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place underwater 3. Bird Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place in the sky 4. CDC Emblem: A fire emblem game but instead of fighting bad guys, you fight a deadly disease outbreak 5. Internal Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place inside someone 6. Micro Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place in a continent that's so small, that you can't even see it 7. Modern Emblem A fire emblem game that takes place in modern times 8. Twilit Emblem: "YOU TAKE THE MOON AND YOU TAKE THE SUN, YOU TAKE EVERYTHING THAT SEEMS LIKE FUN!" 9. Chrono Emblem: A fire emblem game that focuses on time travel (Not Awakening, I mean a fire emblem game that ONLY focuses on time travel) And the most important one: 10. Dank Emblem: A fire emblem game where a kingdom of modern memes like Ugandan Knuckles and Dat Boi fight against the kingdom of old memes like Vegeta and Weegee
  2. Hey. I'm one of the contributors to the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE subsection on EmblemWiki, responsible for the majority of the script that's been uploaded on the subsection. I'm currently wrapping on my first playthrough of the game--stopped just before fighting the final boss--and I've started updating the wiki with the requests that were first available from Chapter 6. I'm currently on the request "Conditions for a Masterpiece Movie". For those who don't know/don't remember which quest I'm talking about, it's given to you by a Mirage NPC that's found in Illusory Daiba Studio, and wants Itsuki to present "at least one of the elements an actor needs", with "ambition", "harmony", and "courage" being options. I have all three as presentable options. Now, to actually get to my question: does anyone here know how I unlocked these options? My mind immediately jumped to the completion of Touma's, Eleonora's, and Yashiro's Side Stories, since the three are the most prominent actors in the game, but I can't say that for definite. I've done a look on Google and YouTube, but I couldn't find any answers. I'd hate to leave the unlocking criteria for the three elements blank, so I'm asking if you guys know anything. Thanks in advance. EDIT: HawthroneKitty over at NeoGAF has told me how they're unlocked. Looks like I was half-right--the Side Stories for at least Yashiro and Touma do play a part in the completion of this request.
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