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Found 1 result

  1. Because nuzlockes are weirdly fun and I've never actually completed one before curse you, White, I considered doing one for X. After some talk with people off and on SF, I came up with some rules: Standard nuzlocke, but because this is also a Kalos only run, the wild encounter rule is slightly altered. Instead of the usual rule, if my first encounter on a new route is a non-Kalos pokemon, then I must treat it as a trainer battle (no running) and the rule is ignored. This carries on until I finally encounter a Kalos pokemon. The duplicate rule will NOT be in effect No exp share, because I'm a real player nut No gift pokemon are to be used. The only exception to this rule are the fossil pokemon you can choose (I think? Been a while), since you can optionally choose to revive them If any of you would like to suggest any rules or change any of the ones I've listed, do tell The only other thing to note is how I'm actually going to playlog this. I could have it done entirely with text, but I think it might turn off some people from the nuzlocke. There's a possibility I could record and commentate with a crappy webcam take photos using said webcam for juicy parts, but we'll see what the poll tells me. I would use Miiverse, but apparently you can't take photos of X/Y and upload them to Miiverse, which confuses me somewhat, but that's for another time Index: The story begins (up to Shauna battle) The worst nicknames (up to Santalune Forest) STAB moves are so useful. Equipment failings aren't (up to roller skates) First gym badge. Also known as the I'M SO PARANOID chapter (got my first badge!) THE FLOWER THAT KILLS ALL! (just outside Sycamore's lab) THE LEGENDARY BATTLE WITH THE STONER-LOOKING GUY! (outside Sycamore's lab after the battle) Innocence and horseshoes (beginning of route 5) THE DEBUT OF THE MIGHTY PALADIN! Featuring crappy friends (beginning of route 6) The cinders of love. Also this game is rigged to give me shitty natures (just after the firework display) I'm just a painter, who paints his life away... (just after the 2v2 rival battle on route 7) Horde battles should only be a thing when you're EV training (just before route 9) "Class" doesn't even begin to describe how... thing they are (just after the end of Glittering Cave) Another awful nature and the chapter where Poly kills me afterwards because I didn't get to route 10 (just before Cyllage City) Second gym confirmed Glitzville. VASHIANE SMASH. Bring your Doritos dip (got my second badge!) I have 20 hours playlogged already how do you even (just before route 11) Canines don't stand a chance against birds! (near the end of route 11) [spoiler=Casualties]Need the Fletchling (level 10. Route 22) THO? the Bunnelby (level 10, Gym Leader Viola) Glaedyr the Quillidin (level 23, Cyllage City Gym)
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