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Found 7 results

  1. Well, Miiverse ended today, So that means i'll most likely be more active here and on Discord, I seriously hope that most of the people on Miiverse made it to other forum/social media sites.
  2. Just as it says in the topic title. I found out about this last night, and from the looks of things, word spread pretty fast. And here's how I found out. So... Thoughts? Personally, while I saw it coming, I feel like it's too soon. I know that the Switch might be a factor in why it's shutting down. But are there any other reasons? And is there any chance of the Switch getting a sort of successor to Miiverse? While it wasn't the best of communities, especially since it, like any other community, had its share of trolls and clueless players, I had fun being a part of it and got to meet new people because of it. (As some of this forum's members can attest to.) Did anyone else have a similar experience?
  3. Hey everyone. This is my first post here and I don't even know if this is where I'm supposed to put this lol. Just wanted to share a drawing I did on Nintendo's social media (?) forum thing, Miiverse. It's basically where you can talk about games and make scribbles. Hope ya like it! By the way, if you want to see it on the Miiverse website, go to my Miiverse page - https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAAAtVHhqp_AghQ Thanks :)
  4. I've seen a question on Miiverse asking about how having both games as physical copies would affect your gameplay in any way. Such as anyone being able to access a "Branch of Fate" from Conquest while having beaten the game on Birthright, or vice-versa. In that discussion linked in the URL seen here, I see someone saying that it's possible. But is it really? As soon as I saw that statement, this has been kinda bugging me. Any insight on whether anything would carry over from physical copies or not?
  5. So some of us use Miiverse. Personally I use it a lot to take random pictures of FEF that I end up liking. Phone or otherwise, any you'd like to share? http://imgur.com/a/RR5qH I actually have an album's worth. No spoilers. I won't lie, it's mostly of my Corrin. Because I'm vain.
  6. Hi, I was just flicking through Fire Emblem: Fates' Japanese Miiverse page, and I found a couple of pictures for people to translate. These pictures aren't mine as they belong to several users on the Japanese Miiverse page for these games, but I'm curious as to what they say. So...
  7. http://www.nintendo.com/3ds/built-in-software/miiverse So the latest Nintendo Direct revealed Miiverse for 3DS will be added on the next system's Firmware Update next month. Among the confirmed communities we know Fire Emblem Awakening will be there, and it will let us post screenshots from the game without the need of anything extra outside of an Internet connection. Well, now we can do runs and keep track with pictures. I also hope the community gets filled with amazing fanart.
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