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Found 3 results

  1. I have a problem with using the Item Editor module on Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. I want to give certain weapons the unlimited usage and like make them unsellable. But when I use Nightmare and the Item Editor to click on any weapon under "Weapon Ability 1", there's no "Indestructible Weapon / Magic", no "Hero Indestructible Weapon / Magic, no "Unsellable Hero Indestructible Weapon / Magic", etc. It's all negative values but with just "Indestructible", "Weapon", "Magic", "Unsellable" listed. Giving a weapon or magic the option: "Indestructible" won't give it unlimited uses, but it makes it completely unusable. I don't have this problem with Fire Emblem: Binding Blade or Sacred Stones as the options "Indestructible Weapon / Magic", etc. are listed and work with no problem. But Blazing Sword, I don't know why this problem is occurring and has negative values on the drop list. Can somebody please help me on this issue?
  2. The one I have only lets me select 1 or all, so I can't edit any 1-2, 2, or 3-10 range weapons without their ranges being changed.
  3. Hi there, so I have been hacking FE2 with the few modules I have and I would like to ask whether these 2 modules exist, specifically: I need modules on a custom spell set editor(so Alm can learn some spells and Robin can learn something other than just Excalibur) and a drop rate editor, so that angel rings could be dropped at a 1/128 rate instead of 1/9001 rate for example. Does such modules exist, or do I have to request for someone to make said modules? Thanks.
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