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  1. I'm curious as to which classes most Morgans tend to finish up as. I know from persoal experience that every Morgan is different and if I did miss ANY classes please tell me!
  2. “Robin’s daughter. An aspiring tactician with no memory. Cheerful and loves to study.” Italics equals superbane, Bold equals super boon Stats: Hp: 36/ Atk: 34/ Spd: 30/ Res: 33/ Def: 16 Starting Skill Set: Weapon: Blarserpent+ | Special: Iceberg | A Slot: Mirror Stance | B Slot: Guard | C Slot: Atk Ploy Intro: Morgan comes flying in, being one of the first flying mage that will be added to the summonable pool. Compared to her other blue mage flyer, S!Corrin, she has, +5/+3/-4/+7/-6. While the lower spd can hurt, it doesn’t hurt as much due to skills like QR and spd stacking being good fixes for her mediocre spd stat Strengths: Good res and atk, great mage tank Weaknesses: Weakness to arrow’s and dragons, poor def Tactic: Defense (Blarserpent, optimal build) Tactic: Swarm (Blarraven) Tactic: Charge (Spd stacking build) Changelog: Big thanks to @BANRYU, who supplied the write-ups.
  3. I'm just curious basing on their stats, and their personalities.Which of these is better? The Avatar, or Child unit? (I suppose I put this in the wrong category again.)
  4. If Inigo, Severa or Owain are the same people as Laslow, Selena and Odin, then couldn't Morgan and Kana potentially be half-siblings?
  5. Well it looks like I did a stupid thing and deleted my current playthrough (I was up to chapter 21 D:) so I figured that with all the fun and games of trying to start again, I would rather happily share this run with everyone. Sadly I don't have a lot of pictures, so I am afraid that I will have to bore you all with walls of text. If of course you are interested in seeing me scrape through Normal/Casual mode to improve my game playing ability. [spoiler=Meet the game Avatar]Alrighty then, since I am going to attempt to do this properly, I will introduce you all to my avatar for this playthrough, Chloey (*cough*who will become OP really quickly if I have my way*cough*): Don't ask for more pictures because seriously this is all I have. So if you want your own "Chloey", here is the details and build that you will need. Of course you can do whatever you like but if you want the closest you will need to follow the build below: Build: 02 Face: 04 Hair: 02 Hair Colour: 17 Voice: Female 1 Birthday: Err totally obvious :/ Oct 19th Asset: Def (To cover Chrom's lack there of defense caps for Lucina so that she gets a whopping +4 def and +2 res) Flaw: Luck (Although if you want my first ever playthrough OG Chloey Magic is the flaw here ) So now that we have the details all said and done now to the actual fun! D: What have I gotten myself into?! Heh, I hope you all know that I jest and the japes are going to flow as best as I can make them work [spoiler=The Goal]So I know that a lot of people do challenge runs on Hard Mode, but I wanted to do something different. The plain and simple goal here is to go without any units falling, whether due to them not being strong enough to take hits or getting into enemies that will lead to their deaths. Not an easy goal I can tell you! Help is going to be much appreciated. ETA: Also this goal is so that I can go to casual without feeling guilty about my tactics not working. Seriously. I have never cleared the game on normal/casual without losing units. If I do this right then we might see a normal classic run in the future. Ok, now that is all out of the way onto the playthrough itself... [spoiler=Premonition/Tutorial Chapter...:XD:]We open to the all important battle cutscene. Why is this important you ask? Well I guess it gives us three of the game's characters duking it out in a fight, although why they are fighting is initially unclear. We leave the cutscene to two characters standing together on what looks like the corner of the map...Oh boy this does not look good to me. Chrom is the first to start speaking. Is it really the final battle already? Also why are we fighting? Can someone please clarify why. Oh right, it seems that we are rebelling against some "Destiny". Oh ok well that makes some sense now...er not :/ also why do we have to kill someone? Chrom? Slide guides appear and oh, we need to move closer to the guy in the middle of the map? Ok Chrom whatever you say. The thing I find I don't like is the creepy music. Since I am past the tutorial and can pass it on any difficulty, I should be fine here and not lose the two characters. Firstly though I will have to switch off the slide guides. That done I change the interface to show stats and low and behold I can now see Chrom's stats in their full glory. Looking at the map I can't see the rest of the shepherds so I am assuming that they are all dead and Lucina and the others are in Ylisse or that there will be someone who gives her the falchion. I hover over mr Sorcerer and find out that his name is Validar. He has an attack of 34. Great. Chrom has 14 res. This is not going to end well unless...Oh right Chloey's 17 res should be useful, but we'll see. Pairing Chrom up with Chloey ort to do the trick. Chrom gives Chloey the following bonuses: +2 Str +0 Mag +1 Skill +4 Spd +4 Lck +2 Def +1 Res and lastsly +0 Mov. I switch Chloey with Chrom and Chloey gives Chrom an astounding +2 Str +2 Mag +3 Skill +3 Speed +1 Lck +1 Def +1 res and +0 Move (who is giving the most in this pair up? Chloey obviously. No wonder she turns into Grima with those sort of bonuses being ignored by Chrom A jest that I might just have fun with comparing later with their support bonuses that we get later in the game ) With is in mind, Validar will now do 19 damage? I am not sure. Chloey however allows Chrom a dual strike so I might as well use it! Validar says that we are fools trying to fight destiny and Chrom attacks and kills Validar taking a total of 19 damage. Too bad that Chrom didn't Crit Validar. That would have been fun to watch. Plus the idea of Chrom 1 shotting ol' Val seems like a good idea! Not bad for the tutorial run, but there wasn't a lot that I could do. We end with the most infamous cutscene and now we're onto chapter 1. Ugh I am so not looking forward to the fun that is to be had when we get to Invisible Ties D: really I am not. I do not want to see myself "killing" Chrom. really I don't. ETA:Due to some very helpful advice we now have pictures I am so going to have fun now!!
  6. I know this topic has been discussed to death and I know I'm like 1000 years late to the discussion, but I only played Awakening recently, and looking around online I realised that nobody has managed to come to a satisfying conclusion (other than "Morgan is a big mystery and impossible to explain"). But here is my go at attempting to figure out the flow of timelines in Awakening, including Morgan's past, amnesia, etc. If I'm wrong and there is already a better thread talking about this, please direct me to it because I want to read it as well, lmao. Anyway, here are the diagrams I came up with, followed by explanation and reasoning. If you spot any contradictions/oversights, please comment! I look forward to discussing them. IF MORGAN HAS NO SIBLINGS (ie: parent is male/spotpass/second generation, and not Chrom.) [ Original Timeline ] (OT) Avatar keeps memories → Joins Chrom → Succumbs to Grima → Grima doesn't kill Naga → Lucina/others go back to GT, followed by Grima.[ Future Past DLC ] (FP) Avatar keeps memories → Joins Chrom → Succumbs to Grima → Grima kills Naga → Lucina/others unable to go back → Grima summons two Morgans from ATs → Future Past DLCs occur → GT Avatar gives AT1 Morgan a second copy of their book → AT1 Morgan is sent back to GT by Avatar and their memories are wiped.[ Game Timeline ] (GT) Lucina/others arrive from OT → Grima follows and attempts to possess this Avatar → Avatar's memories are wiped → Avatar joins Chrom → Resists Grima → Morgan arrives from FP → Grima is defeated/sealed.[Alternate Timeline 1] (AT1) Same events as the game timeline → Morgan is born, and raised by Avatar → Avatar gives Morgan their annotated book → Morgan is abducted by FP Grima, and brainwashed into serving him.[Alternate Timeline 2] (AT2) Exactly the same as AT1, except Morgan's gender is the opposite.IF MORGAN HAS A SIBLING (ie: parent is first generation female, or Chrom.) [ Original Timeline ] (OT) Avatar keeps memories → Joins Chrom → Morgan and sibling are born → Avatar gives Morgan their annotated book → Avatar succumbs to Grima → Morgan is raised with their sibling → Grima doesn't kill Naga → Lucina/others go back to GT, but Morgan is abducted by FP Grima and brainwashed into serving him.[ Future Past ] (FP) Avatar has memories → Joins Chrom → Morgan (of alternate gender) and sibling are born → Avatar succumbs to Grima → Grima makes this Morgan his servant, and kills Naga → Lucina/others unable to go back → Grima abducts the Morgan from OT → Future Past DLCs occur → GT Avatar gives OT Morgan a second copy of their book → OT Morgan is sent to GT by FP Avatar and their memories are wiped, planting instead memories of growing up with Avatar.[ Game Timeline ] (GT) Lucina/others arrive from OT → Grima gives chase, and on arrival attempts to possess this Avatar → Avatar's memories are wiped → Avatar joins Chrom → Resists Grima → Morgan arrives from FP → Grima is defeated/sealed.ISSUES AND QUESTIONS Q. Why does Avatar join Chrom in OT and FP? A. In all timelines, their mother runs away with Avatar and attempts to shield them from their fate. Sometime after separating from her, Avatar went to Ylisse, possibly looking for Chrom in order to team up against Grima, since they expected Validar to bring about his return eventually. Q. What happened to Avatar's mother? A. Nothing is implied, so while the most obvious possibility is that she died sometime before the events of the game, there is nothing to support that, either. Q. Why does Avatar succumb to Grima in OT and FP, but not in GT? A. Avatar is raised knowing their lineage and expecting their fate, perhaps making them think of Grima's eventual possession as something unavoidable. And they didn't have Lucina to help foresee and thus prevent the events at the Table. In GT, their only memories are that of Chrom and their friends, making their bonds that much stronger, and they aren't conditioned to fear Grima. All this plus Lucina's help, and seeing her defiant in the face of fate, game GT Avatar the chance to resist Grima. Q. Why are there two Morgans in the FP storyline? A. They aren't twins, but rather two same Morgans from different timelines, both used by Grima to serve as his followers. Only one of them was sent back to GT, and the other's fate unknown. (...Although there is this topic.) Q. What's the deal with Morgan, and the two sets of timelines depending on their other parent? A. Morgan is where it starts to gets complicated. If Morgan is remembered by a sibling, there must have been a Morgan in OT. However, if their parent is a second generation character, or a spotpass character who died in OT, Morgan cannot have existed in that timeline (and has no sibling to remember them anyway). This second type of Morgan must come from yet another timeline (AT1), since he cannot have been born in FP either. Thus the two different paths. In both cases, Morgan owns two identical books that Avatar gave them, and since one of them was given to them during the Future Past DLC, the Morgan that arrives at GT must be the same as the one we see in FP. Therefore, they must have travelled through the FP timeline before arriving at GT. The one responsible for this must have been Grima, pulling Morgan from their timeline and using their parent's appearance to manipulate them into serve him. The main issue that arises is that Morgan apparently has recent memories of Avatar. This makes no sense, since in OT, Avatar was possessed by Grima when Morgan was young, and in both cases he has spent the latest period of his life in service of FP Grima. My explanation is that these are fake memories, planted by FP Avatar in order to help them find GT Avatar. It seems that FP Avatar, with the last of their strength, attempted to give Morgan a chance for a better life with GT Avatar, and manipulated their memories in order to facilitate their reunion. (The Morgan remembered by a sibling could be a different Morgan altogether, yes, but if that were the case, what happened to them? I'm trying to tie up as many loose ends as posible here, and the fake memories theory is simpler.) ...And that's all I have, unless I've forgotten anything. Let me know what you think!
  7. I keep asking for help, but you know. Currently planning on trying Lunatic for the time with a M!Avatar paired with Nowi. Nowi: Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Strength +2, Deliverer, Wyrmsbane. (Manakete). So, Nowi is rather limited so the above set is what I thought I would go with. Nothing special about it. Would be there be a reason to have Nowi go for any magical classes? MU 1: Axefaire, Luna, Strength +2, Swordbreaker, Counter/Pavise. (Warrior/General). I had two ideas for how I wanted MU to look. This one here will be an Axe based one, as Axefaire indicates. Let me know if you got better ideas. I thought about +Str/-Lck for asset/flaw but I don't know if it would work very well on Lunatic. I'm aware though that General isn't considered that great, but I've never used General ingame that much. MU 2: Swordfaire, Astra, Sol, Strength +2, Lancebreaker. (Hero). This one would be a sword based MU, but still being somewhat similar to the one above. I would also like a +Str/-Lck on this one, but I also thought about running +Spd. Armsthrift would be an option, though I wouldn't know which skill to remove for it. Maybe Strength +2. So, for kids I'm a bit more lost what to do with them. I won't use Galeforce, because I dislike grinding through Dark Flier unless it's a magical inclined unit, and I ban Galeforce in most of my runs anyway. Nah: Luna/Sol, Strength +2, ?, ?, ?. (Manakete). Seriously no plan on what I want to do with Nah. Morgan: Sol, Swordfaire, Astra, Strength +2, Lancebreaker (Hero). I'm even more lost with Morgan. I probably wouldn't go with Manakete, though I might change my mind. If I go with MU 1 I would probably have her end up with something similar to MU 2. If I would go with MU 2 I'm not sure what I would want to run on Morgan. Except maybe Luna. Thanks for any help in advance!
  8. So, after taking a long break from Awakening (since August 2015) I've decided to pick up the game again. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna play on Normal just to breeze through the game, or go through Hard as a warmup for the higher difficulties. Now comes the problem of pairing everyone and planning everything. I decided to have change some things up, like certain pairings and use some of my less used characters more. Don't have dlc. First of all, the Avatar. I plan on going with a MaMU with the name Camus. I am going to have him end up as a Paladin and marry Cordelia. I only know he will have Luna and Aegis. No plan on asset/flaw and other things. Also, does anyone know what hair color looks the most like FE11's Camus' hair color (or Sirius)? With Cordelia I'm probably have her finish as a Falcon Knight. Seeing how I'm not doing an optimal run, I thought about running Sol/Armsthrift/Galeforce/Lancefaire/Bowbreaker. Thoughts? I plan on having Severa and Morgan end up as Bowknight and Hero, not being set on who gets which class. They will inherit Galeforce and Luna. Ideas for other abilities? How I wish Bowknight was better, but I'll still use it. My biggest change will be pairing up Chrom with Sully. I rarely use Kjelle, even though I like her, and this will fix that issue. As mentioned earlier, I don't plan on having this run be optimal. I will keep Kjelle as a General, even though they suck, and have her inherit Aegis. Since I plan on having fun I might run something like Pavise/Aegis/Aether/Deliverer/Astra. I know Donnel gives her Galeforce, but I'm limiting my Galeforce use. For Lucina I thought about Aether/Rightful King/Aegis/Swordfaire. Not sure what her last skill would be. Thinking about Vantage/Lethality/Lancebreaker/Astra. For the remaining characters I'll go with pairings I like, and the parents of children I'm not interested in will be paired with who's left. Going to list my current pairings below. Open for changes, either because the children will suck or the pairing isn't that great. Lissa-Vaike (I want a blonde Swordmaster Owain) Tharja-Gaius (Nearly always go with this) Nowi-Kellam (Great support, tank Nah) Sumia-Stahl (I like this pairing, plus Stahl seems to work with a lot of children) Cherche-Gregor (Funny support) Olivia-Lon'qu (Great pairing) Brady, Yarne and Laurent I don't care about. Might go Miriel-Ricken so I get another magic user. I also thought Olivia-Frederick and then have Lissa-Lon'qu. Still debating on it. I'll worry about the children as the game progresses. Feel free to leave ideas for them though. That was a long post. Thanks for any help in advance though. In the meantime I'll try to figure out the optimal for my wannabe Camus MU.
  9. Hello, I have been playing this game for a while, but am certainly no expert. Therfor I would like some advice or feedback. I have made a +Str/-Lck MU, and am planning to have him marry Severa. I'm also not really sure about which classes I'm going to have MU, Severa, or Morgan be yet. What I would like to know is, based on this who would make a good father for Severa, and what might be a good class for her and Morgan?
  10. Summary: What if Robin/Avatar had woken up in a different timeline? What if he had woken up in the dire future of despair that the children came from? Could destiny be changed once again or would he fail this time? -Feel free to review by PMing me :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Prologue: Premonition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "This is it! Our final battle," he told her determined. "You seem anxious. I've never seen you like this," She responded to him surprised. It was true. They had been through a lot together, and in that time he never expressed any sign of nervousness. He was always calm, smooth, collective, and ready for battle. This time he looked different, as if something was troubling him. "It's because everything has led up to this moment. Everything we've done, all our hard work, and our struggles. They are what got us right here, right now," Robin said with a serious tone. "I can't afford any more losses. Much like I can't stand losing you." She smiled. "We've faced so many things together, so I think you should know by now that I can watch my back. Right?" "Yes, I know. It's just that, I would never forgive myself if something happened to you tonight." He looked straight in her beautiful eyes. In those two pools he saw his own reflection, and the best out of himself. "Neither would I, if anything happened to you. Do you remember the plan?" She asked him seriously. "Of course. I created it after all." "Right, and this is like the Valley. Risen had us surrounded, we were outnumbered and alone." She pointed to what she could see in front of them. It was getting dark, and there was no sun to light the way while Risen covered the land that expanded before them. They couldn't even see the grass beneath the zombie horde, only the dark gray sky and the burned trees were visible. "No, the Valley differs from now." "How's that? I see no difference," she asked him curious. "Ehmm… because of this." He pressed towards her, and she couldn't help but feel the adrenaline of her heart when he put his lips on hers. She felt so protected and joyful, because she had someone right by her side. Someone she knew that had stolen her heart and would do anything for her to smile. Her blood flowed rapidly in her cheeks, making them as red as ever. He put his hands around her waist and she put hers around his neck, pulling him closer. "We should focus on our mission, we're about to start the battle. Did you forget that?" She told him in a slightly bossy tone while pushing him away, but she was unable to hide her excitement and her rosy cheeks. "I did." He replied with a broad smile, like she hadn't yelled at him. "Although, when this is over, I have prepared a small surprise for you." She nodded and asked, "Really? Then, shall we go ahead so I can see it later?" "Yes. Tell the others to guide our forces towards the enemy. We must focus on entering the castle. It's your job to tell us how to get in, and with our new weaponry, we have a chance of winning." "I know. Tonight, we will write a new future for Ylisse." "Together." He told her confidently and held her hand. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And so the battle began. The zombie fighters rushed at them with a vicious aura. They couldn't listen or feel. They could only see their enemy in front of their eyes. That was their mission, to kill with no remorse of their actions. That was why the fell dragon was so powerful. Although he had great power himself, his army was the one that terrorised the countless cities it found in its path. Did that mean they were better than humans? Of course not. Although their enhanced battle abilities and skills were something to notice, they lacked human's skills like improvising, insight and the two most important ones, compassion and supportiveness for each other. Those skills, unheard to Risen, made the remains of humanity gather and forge a team with one goal in mind, the fall of the fell dragon, once and for all. In this battle, that dream was about to become real after all those years of pain and slaughter. It was the time for the sun to rise, and for the long period of peace to begin. The man, followed by his beloved one, found a path that guided them and their selected forces inside Ylisstol's castle. The building was the key for them to open the door to a bright new world. At least, that was what they thought as he looked around the room. They had just gotten in, but he told them to stay alert for anything. "What is it? You looked troubled," she asked him worried. "I don't know. This is way too easy. It was never that easy," Robin responded concerned. Right then, they heard a huge noise from outside. The man quickly turned around to see what was going on. Unfortunately, in that moment their forces were surrounded by Risen. He couldn't understand what was going on, but before he could even think, he was knocked out from behind. The last thing he remembered before closing his eyes was his beloved one and the feeling of extreme disappointment. He had failed her, something he swore never to do. He awoke disoriented and confused when he slowly opened his eyes. He tried looking around to get his bearings and unconsciously moved his hand only to find that it was tied tight to a metallic chair. With a quick look around the room, he saw nothing but a dim light from a candle nearby. At once, he tried to think of ways to get out of this condition. Alas, the metallic chair was bolted to the ground so he couldn't break it. His hands and legs were also tied with a plastic-like cord making it impossible to move. Not to mention that he seemed very weak. Unable to find an idea to escape, he waited there looking towards the candle's light, and smelling its wax scent. All he could do now was worry about his friends and his love, about their failure, and about the person who betrayed them. Suddenly, he heard noises of footsteps. Then, the sound of a door cringing open. Before he knew it, a man appeared before him, holding another candle and a knife. "Thank goodness! Hurry! Cut the ropes and let's save our men! Hope isn't lost yet!" The man in front of him laughed sarcastically. "Your plan failed tactician. We've been holding you here for a while now. The battle was lost before it started, and there is nothing you can do anymore." "What?… We? It was YOU! You hit me from behind! You… Traitor! How could you? We trusted you! I trusted you!" He tried to move in a fury but he couldn't. "I am definitely going to enjoy this. You are alive because I ordered them not to kill you. You know, for old times' sake, but I came here with a deal. You will tell us where you are keeping it. You kept that secret for yourself and-" "Don't speak her name!" He cried furiously as his face reddened in anger. Robin moved his body with rage to escape, only to be stopped a third time by his ties. "Haha! I won't. I was so close, but so far away. You lied about its place. It wasn't where I thought it was. Tell me where the real one is and I will grant you a place right next to lord Grima." "I prefer to die before I help you! Snake!" He spat at his face using the only way to attack he could think of. However, the man wiped it away from his eye and continued like nothing had happened. "Don't worry I am not in hurry. I have all the time I need. I finally defeated you! Could I ask for more?" "Arrrgggghhh!" It was a female scream. One he recognised immediately. "NO! What are you doing to her? You crazy psychopath! Tell me, damn it!" "You will tell me where you hid it! Or she will die. I will slaughter her in front of you, but if you comply then I will let you keep her head! Haha!" The man laughed evilly. "Now, tell me where you hid it!" Robin was lost in thought. He had no other choice but to comply. "Tell me Sir Robin. How did everything begin? Tell me everything you know or she will suffer." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: The Man That Never Was Prologue-Premonition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Author's Note): Hello everybody :) This story was created to become something completely new, based on the characters we all love (from Awakening) and maybe answer in some interesting questions, like "Can Robin change the fate of a doomed world?, Can love be found in such place?" Well... I believe there is only one way to find out :P This prologue is a bit shorter on purpose to smoothly proceed into the main story. Please don't mind any grammatical errors. No copyright intended. Until next time! Please have yourselves a darn good one :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J.D. King
  11. I know the west wants to play Roy. But I think the prequel will get adapted first. Why? Children mechanic. Well, they might get adapted simultaneously but AT LEAST the prequel gets the physical copy. One of the improvements I think is gonna happen is fixing continuity errors. Sacae will have unique set of weapons from the rest of the Lycia. MORGAN will be the tactician and will be PLAYABLE IN BOTH GAMES. This might be the first time we see a grown up Morgan. What improvements you want to see in the hypothetical remake?
  12. I'm currently on my 4th playthrough and am undecided on who to marry between Lucina, Say'ri or Tiki. I know none of them give you an additional child, but I would still like marrying one of them. How does each of them do as Morgan's mother? Any specific asset/flaw depending on who you marry? How would Morgan turn out? Things to pass down? There's a poll, so vote on whoever you've had the most experience. Playing on hard-classic.
  13. Stats: Class: Pegasus Knight Skills: Speed +2, Relief, Ignis, Galeforce Level:10 Str:17 Mag:18 Skill:22 Spd:22 (+2) Lck:13 Def:14 Res:14 Parents: MU & Cordelia MU's Asset & Flaw: -Str, +Mag
  14. Let's forget about likely couples and examine likely siblings for a minute. Out of the all the future children, who is most likely to be Morgan's brother or sister? Let's assume that both generic and unique supports happen for Morgan. Also, disregard official hair colors. That way Kjelle and Noire don't get an unfair advantage. Ironically, I kinda have to nominate Noire. Not only because she and Morgan play off of each other really well, but also they have similar talents. They both have martial and magic skills, plus they share this odd talent for making crafts. Noire makes a series of talismans for herself, while Morgan made a entire box of masks during her support with Gerome.
  15. Hello Everyone. Wow this feels strange (never posted in a forum before). Anyway to the point. I know there are a lot of resources out there but I was wondering what the best Morgan would be for a +SPD -LCK MaMU. So far I've narrowed it down to two: Sumia!Lucina!Morgan: (49/40/64/65/56/39/41) + Aether Lon/qu!Severa!Morgan: (51/39/66/66/54/40/38) These stats are as a assassin w/LB. Stat-wise there are pros and cons to both but Severa!Morgan seems to have better stats where it matter (+2 strength, +2 Skill, +1 Speed) but no Aether. So I guess my question is do a bit more stat points really make a difference(I've read discussions where a +1 in something sounded really important) or is Aether such a good skill that sacrificing a couple points is a reasonable sacrifice. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. In my experiences, Brady, (whom I recruited three days ago) is my new almost favorite child, pushing poor severa down to third (this doesn't include superpeppykawaii female morgan). Noire takes first by a few miles because, well, her personality, it's just like that one sincere old lady from birdemic, "*insert blow kissing noise here*", so real, and yet I find that to be what sets her a tier above the rest for me. What are anyone else's thoughts? I almost wonder if anyone will even read this...
  17. I was wondering what the best class or just good classes in general for a Morgan who is the child of Yarne and an +Skill/-HP MU? Also on a lesser note the skills: LB, Galeforce, Vantage, Weaponfaire. Was thinking a Bow Knight or a Hero.
  18. My aim of this whole optimization thing is to make a supersoldier Morgan Assassin. I was going to go +Str/-Skill or +Skill/-Def I'm planning on pairing Lon'qu/Chrom and Olivia. The Lon'qu and Olivia pairing seemed to give Inigo some pretty nice skill/speed to pass on to Morgan. However I'm debating between either picking Lon'qu or Chrom to be the father of Inigo. Chrom seems like he would have more to give, but then I'm not sure if I should pick different assets and flaws, depending on how much skill I lose by switching to Chrom. Looking at the calculator a Morgan with Lon'qu as the father of Inigo gets 5 more speed than Chrom as the father of inigo does, pretty massive difference. With Chrom there is more 2 Def 1 Str 1 Lck and 1Res more than Lon'qu as the father. What do you guys think would be the better pairing and assets for an Assassin Morgan? Thanks, -Andronicus
  19. Everyone says that Chrom!Brady is awful due to overlap, but I hardly find that to be an issue. after all, the only problem with class overlap is lack of skills. This is only bad if you're given a bad skillset, and you will not. On my next Lunatic Playthrough, I will prove to the world that this Brady is still broken. Maribelle! Lucina Sage (Brady too) 80 39 59 56 54 60 38 52 (limit broken) Lucina Skills:Galeforce, LimitBreaker, Aether, Rightful King, (Dualstrike prob...) Brady Skills:Galeforce,LimitBreaker,Rightful King, Dualguard, Luna Notes: 1.I find it necessary for each person to have a minimum and a maximum of one offensive proc, Brady uses Luna well, as does everyone in this game. 2.Rightful king Dualguard doubles its effectiveness to a sick degree, and in an A support with lucina, you would Dualstrike 100% of the time, and guard 30-50?% percent of the time (prob 40 % to take no damage.) 3.If I am not logically refuted, I will have either Marry Mu to Brady or Lucina. (Both Aether and Rk sound nice for Morgan) If Brady:Galeforce, Lb, RK, (Ignis/Luna/Astra/Sol), uh... Filler? Tomefaire? If Lucina:Galeforce, LB, Aether,(Vantage,Wrath.. Something passive/offensive) uhh... Tomefaire? In addition to kickass Morgan skills, your stats on a Magic/defense morgan will be 80 39 61 51 54 59 45 57 (Limit Broken) Anything with a question mark needs clarification, or if you can prove me wrong, IF CHROM!BRADY IS TRULY THE WORST, then please prove it. Morgan's stats are from sorc, and I also forgot Armsthrift, for I am not against Nosferatanking at all. MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  20. So I want to make a very strong 3rd gen Morgan for challenging StreetPasses (by challenging I mean difficult, not troll-y lethality/counter etc) while keeping my MU very balanced. I was originally going to go Kellam!Nah!Morgan with +Def/-Luck but then def isn't all that great because of Luna and I dunno if I want to make a manakete with all those weaknesses and i hear it loses out on speed. So now I am thinking of +Mag/-Luck for a Ricken!Noire!Morgan and have him specialize as a Mage of some sort, but the only thing I know about this is that it has high magic. However, if I go this route my MU can go Dread Fighter and have equal Str and Mag. But the -luck does reduce the magic cap by 1 for Morgan. Also, if I'm going the sorcerer route, then Morgan would have: Limitbreaker Armsthrift ? ? ? And the last 3 I'm thinking of maybe Vantage + Vengeance + Wrath, but the 96% proc rate for vengeance isn't 100% (I know it isn't a big deal, but it kinda bugs me XD. If I had a male morgan, then I could get 100% proc rate for vengeance + lower defense which makes vengeance a bit more useful, but then my MU would be more limited to magic using classes because of the Mag asset making Magic > Str and there is no Dread Fighter which boosts up the Str to match Mag. Plus, I feel weird having a feMU when I am a guy. I'm not one of those guys that like making female characters just so you can stare at a female character instead of a male one.) Anyone have any other opinions/ suggestions on what to do?
  21. I've heard some people say that "Companions" is not buggy. Well... I'mma prove you wrong. Right Now. Now, long story short, I battle saved my No-Other-DLC Apo clear at the Anna kill for posterity's sake. Well, I had a reason to demonstrate the kill, when I noticed this gem actually occurring (It's been reported before): [spoiler=Images] Just a show of some positioning. Note the formation selected... that's indeed Morgan and Inigo. Here's Inigo. Note: This is -obviously- the US version. Look. Clearly states Wife: Morgan. This is -normal-, nothing out of the ordinary. And there's the kicker. Says "Companion" on hers and "Wife" on his.
  22. This is something that's bugged me ever since the Future Past or Future of Despair DLC came out and the bosses of the first 2 episodes were shown. Both of these bosses are Morgan, as far as I've seen. But what irks me is the fact that BOTH genders for Morgan are shown. The male Morgan in the first episode, and the female in the second. Again, as far as I've seen and what the DLC conversations tell me. Now, for all intents and purposes, these DLC episodes are, supposedly, what would happen if Lucina DIDN'T go back in time. Could this mean that, if the Avatar DOES indeed marry, he/she has twins? Now, I know the ending for Morgan shows that historians believe that Morgan came from a DIFFERENT future, but hear me out. What if the Morgan you get IS indeed from the same future as the same Lucina that goes back in time. And what if the avatar that does fall to Grima's will DOES have twins? Here's my theory: The Morgan obtained (I know I'm sounding like Morgan is an item, but this is for the sake of there being either a female or male avatar, and if I don't keep it general like this, the replies to this would be filled with "YOU CAN MAKE BOTH GENDERS FOR THE AVATAR AND GET DIFFERENT GENDERS FOR MORGAN") is actually NOT named Morgan at all. The child that travels back in time is one of a pair of twins. In the process of brainwashing/hypnotizing, one of them resists and escapes to go back in time. However, in the process, loses their memory. After ending up in the past, all they can remember besides how to fight is that the avatar is their parent and the name Morgan. Assuming the name is it's own, it introduces itself to the Avatar as well as the rest of the army as Morgan. However, in reality the twin that DID get taken over was named Morgan. Again, this is just a theory.
  23. Morgan can already inherit weirder classes(Fighter, Villager), so why not Conqureror if his father is Walhart. Overlord's max stats aren't obviously overpowered like alot of boss classes and its not like Awakening's classes are that balanced anyway. Before anyone mentions this would give Female Avatar/Male Morgan an advantage over Male Avatar/Female Morgan, note that Manakete is only available to female Morgan as there are only female Manaketes in this game for some reason.... So it would work out evenly.
  24. Right now my pairings are: ChromxSumia VaikexLissa GaiusxOlivia HenryxMaribelle DonnelxSully FrederickxCherche GregorxPanne RickenxMiriel Lon'quxTharja KellamxNowi My avatar's asset is skill, flaw is HP. I was going to marry Cordelia for two really good children, but I'm thinking about switching him out with Virion so I can marry someone else. Severa can get good enough skills with either, she'll just be a bit more defensive with Virion. Feel free to critique my other pairs, but I'm mainly worried about Cordelia. Vaike and Lissa are already married, so I can't change that. Thanks for the help.
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