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Found 3 results

  1. Since my internet issues are solved for now I can still LP this game... at least I try it for now. Anyways don't expect for fast updates. (it might happen once per week) I tend to cut the next parts. Otherwise I might take 200+ parts... and I have no clue how long this game is. Also you will have to deal with the magenta text color. I won't change it! ;) [spoiler=part 1] Welcome to Mother 3, a round based RPG which was released only in Japan unfortunately. Thankfully a translation patch exists, so I can play and show it for you. I chosed this game because it was very beloved. Furthermore I finally want to finish a round based RPG which isn't Fire Emblem or a Shin Megami Tensei spin-off. I tried my luck with Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy but I got bored very fast and quitted them. I really hope same won't happen here. I know Mother 3 is a very dark game, so it has definitely my interest. Also since I only played like 2h of this game for myself before, I know pretty much nothing about it. If I miss any (hidden) items or important conversation, then tell me please! Same goes for special attacks. Three names were submitted. Wirdo and Dewey were chosed by myself. (I notied that I misspelt Dewey's name in the game actually - damn!) Let's start the game: Nowhere Islands -> Tazmily Village -> Behind the Sunshine Forest Home of Alec, Hinawa's father Gunner: I've a weakness for cuteness. So Gunner get up and goes to his mom. Gunner wants to leave the house just with the pyjama. It'd look a bit... strange. Of course Hinawa asks him for to change his clothes. I know this guy! I expect lots of talking in this game. These frogs are savepoints. After a bit Gunner finds Silva along with the Dragos. Sure! This is a mini tutorial. Some controls like dashing are explained. (it took me like five attempts to do it right) You just to have to dash the drago once. Then you can talk to Alec again to get more instructions. a bug appears The first fight! 2 vs. 1, so it should be a cakewalk The icons from left to right: bash (standard attack) items (don't have any yet) guard escape Of course I bash because there's nothing else I could do. baby damage to me Here we go! My first victory! (tbf everything else would be just embarrassing) This was the mini tutorial. Hinawa comes to catch her kids. She made pizza. what a coincidence They're going to leave. Hinawa leaves the door... ... and sends a message to Wirdo. Suddenly a dark shadow appears. What was it? Well, the game doesn't give an answer yet. Here the game really begins. Bombs are thrown into the forest. What did the forest just do to you, you motherfuckers!? The game doesn't only look depressing, but it also sounds like it. Thomas is in panic. It took several attemps to knock on the door till this guy moves: It's Wirdo! Thomas begs Wirdo vehemently to come with Thomas. Of course Wirdo agrees his offer. And has a helper now. Wirdo goes to the dog house (I think it's Dewey)... ... and gets a weapon. Now I can walk through the map a little bit and discover stuff: healing item There are a few people on the way. They give a few hints about the next target. There's a town where you can't do much yet. You can't enter the buildings yet. You only have to talk to this guy to get the map. Without it you can't go further. Outside of this town: This guy is huugggeeee. Wirdo is so wird that even thinks he could to talk this robot or whatever it is. The two have reached a second town: You can enter your real name here. Otherwise there's nothing to do here (yet). Also more discovering on the field: more healing items Ok, then to the west! These two block the way. Just talk to Ed and they'll step aside and you can go further. This guy begs you for help. As reward he'll give you a little healing item. (you can multiple times (even inifite times?) They're coming closer to the forest burn. You can see the smoke already. The first real battle! np This has to be a random encounter. (enemy advantage) sounds good... ... but isn't apparently. Wirdo is paralyzed for like three turns and takes lots of damage. It took me >50% of my HP. This was cruel! I'm not very delighted for the upcoming battles. At least it gives me another healing item. a bracelet This guy also needs help. This hot spring recovers your entire HP. The only requirement is to stay in the water for some seconds. (I was too inpatient and left the water too soon. I needed like five attempts till they were recovered) They go further towards sunshine forest: He's the forest burn. If you hit the fire, you'll lose HP. one of these monsters He lets some bugs appear. a new monster They are stationary. You have to fight them, if you want to avoid the fire. They give slightly more experience than the bats. first level up! IQ sounds interesting... but I guess it's just another term for skill here. To get this present you have to touch the fire. Mean! There's a guy, a stick and a bug. There are quite some people we have to rescue. Wirdo touches the bug... ... but nothing happens... hmm... Wirdo picks up the stick: A new weapon. I equip it. It increases the offense but lowers the speed. If you hit the bug: Three bugs appear - I guess a miniboss or sth. He can use a skill or whatever this is now. (probably requires the Lighter's Number) There are four different attacks, and I have no idea what each one of will do. I use the first option: swing This is probably the best attack because it attacks mulitple enemies. Beaten after two turns. This went well.
  2. I finally want to overcome my laziness and complete a round based RPG, which isn't Fire Emblem of a Shin Megami Tensei spin-off. I try my luck with Mother 3. I've heared and read only good things about this game. I played a bit of chapter 1 yet to understand basics of the gameplay, but I'm going to play it from the very beginning all over again. It'll be 99% blind. Since I don't know anything about this series, I will welcome each hint from you (which I will need anyways). I know absolutely nothing about any special attacks or casts in this game. If there's a way to beat a boss or sth. else in an easier way, I'd like it to know. I'd like to wait for a few days to get a feedback . In the weekend I'd like to start any show you my skills. PS: You can submit names for the characters.
  3. Guys I don't think I should be having nostalgia at this point in my life. Playing Mother 1 and 3 really gave me a lot of feels and the songs too, Pollyanna and Love Theme especially. For you older users, talk about what gives you nostalgia. Feel worthy moments are discussed here too.
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