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Found 2 results

  1. So as some of you may have noticed I've changed my location from Minnesota to North Carolina, that's because I live here now. As of right now we don't have a house picked out so we're living in a hotel with an extended stay rate, but because of this I don't have a permanent address and it's made life... interesting. I can't get a North Carolina driver's licence with out one so I'm told to treat my Minnesota one like I'm on an extended vacation and I had to get a PO Box to start applying for jobs and for applying to colleges. I'm sure this is only the beginning of many weird bumps and hiccups that comes with doing seemingly basic tasks in modern life without an address since I'll most likely be stuck here for about another month until we settle on a house agreement, which for the uninformed actually takes quite a bit more time than you would think. But don't worry about me too much, I'm still plenty comfortable at the moment and I don't expect to be otherwise anytime soon. Feel free to share your experiences moving out of state here as well.
  2. Hello everyone, I went ahead and made a video showing my issue. It's 2:30 a.m. so I couldn't talk, but I managed to record my mouse pointer: Basically my issue is no matter what I try (changing pointers, re-inserting graphics) the moving sprite for the fighter class is always the big dumb oaf I'm trying to get rid of (seriously, I HATE the default fighters). If anyone knows what's going on any help that is provided will be greatly appreciated. I will also remember to include "[sOLVED]" in my topic title once the issue is resolved. :) Thanks, Gryphon EDIT: I managed to figure it out. Three months back when I was still an uber noob I changed around the text files in the Nightmare module folders. This caused classes in this module to display at the wrong IDs. Fighter is at ID 0x11, not 0x12 like I thought. Thanks to all who took a look at this and tried to help.
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