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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone ever used Mozume with both Extravagance and Line of Death skills?
  2. Since Riku is somehow on hiatus. I'll be continuing her polls. But no longer weekly. Mozume a humble villager from a doomed hometown who joins the Avatar's army after being rescued by them. Starts as a weak unit that may end up strong if one invests in her. [spoiler=Possible Classes] Classes in red are ones Mozume can only achieve in either the Hoshido or the Invisible Kingdom campaign. Classes in black are ones Mozume can only achieve in the Nohr or the Invisible Kingdom campaign. Classes in blue are ones Mozume can achieve in all 3 campaigns. Base Classes (8H, 7N, 15T) Bowman Cavalier Dark Mage Fighter Knight Lance Fighter Mercenary Ninja Outlaw Pegasus Warrior Priestess Rod Knight Samurai Spellcaster Villager Promoted Classes (12H, 11N, 23T) Adventurer Basara Berserker Bow Knight Brave Hero Dark Knight Exorcist Falcon Warrior General Golden-Kite Warrior Great Knight Great Merchant Holy Bowman Holy Lancer Jonin Maid Paladin Puppeteer Sorcerer Strategist Trueblade War Priestess Weapon Master [spoiler=Expansion of Possible Classes] Primary Base Class: Villager Primary Promoted Classes: Great Merchant, Weapon Master Secondary Base Class: Bowman Secondary Promoted Classes: Golden-Kite Warrior, Holy Bowman Marriage Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the spouses. I listed the Hoshido characters first, the Nohr characters second, and the shared characters last. Asama: Priestess -> Exorcist, War Priestess Hinata: Samurai -> Trueblade, Weapon Master Nishiki: Spellcaster -> Basara, Exorcist Ryoma: Samurai -> Trueblade, Weapon Master Saizou: Ninja -> Jonin, Puppeteer ​Subaki: Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior, Golden-Kite Warrior Takumi: n/a​ ​ Arthur: Fighter -> Berserker, Brave Hero Benoit: Knight -> General, Great Knight Flannel: Fighter -> Berserker, Brave Hero Lazward: Mercenary -> Bow Knight, Brave Hero Leo: Dark Mage -> Dark Knight, Sorcerer Odin: Dark Mage -> Dark Knight, Sorcerer Xander: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin Zero: Outlaw -> Adventurer, Bow Knight ​ Jakob: Rod Knight -> Maid, Strategist Kaze: Ninja -> Jonin, Puppeteer Silas: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin Buddy Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the buddies. I listed the Hoshido characters first, the Nohr characters second, and the shared characters last. Oboro: Lance Fighter -> Basara, Holy Lancer Effie: Knight -> General, Great Knight Nyx: Dark Mage -> Dark Knight, Sorcerer [spoiler=Clarifications] In the previous optional poll, Takumi placed second, and Hinoka and Kaze tied for third. Therefore, Takumi gets 3 votes and Hinoka and Kaze get 1 vote each. Jakob only received 1 vote so he'll be out in this poll he will return in Round 8 Xander and Tsukoyomi have been added back to the poll. if it is demonstrated again is that the forum is not interested in them, they will be out for 4 rounds, they would return round 11 [spoiler=Possible Skills] Personal Skill: Farmland Master: When standing on Mountain, Forest, Wasteland or Field terrain, the user recovers 20% HP at the start of the Turn Skills are organized alphabetically based on the classes. Within the classes, skills are listed in the order of achievement (e.g. a GK earns Luna at Lvl. 5 and Diamond Strike at Lvl. 15, so Luna is listed before Diamond Strike). Base class skills are listed before promoted class skills. Descriptions of skills Charlotte can acquire through her primary and secondary class trees are listed below. Descriptions of all the skills are located on the skills pages. Classes in black are ones Mozume can achieve in either the Nohr or Invisible Kingdom campaign. Classes in red are ones Mzume can achieve in either the Hoshido or Invisible Kindom campaign. Classes in blue are ones Mozume can achieve in all three campaigns. Base Classes Skills Bowman: Skill +2, Prescient Victory Cavalier: Open Assault, Rescue Dark Mage: Bind, Devilish Wind Fighter: HP +5, Roundhouse Knight: Defense +2, Confined Defense Lance Fighter: Defense Seal, Substitute Mercenary: Stubbornness, Patient Assurance Ninja: Locktouch, Snake Venom Outlaw: Locktouch, Movement +1 Pegasus Warrior: Swallow Strike, Eastern Heart Priestess: Miracle, Rally Luck Rod Knight: Resistance +2, Demoiselle Samurai: Flowing Strike, Vantage Spellcaster: Magic +2, Fortune Villager: Aptitute, Underdog Promoted Classes Skills Adventurer: Lucky Seven, Pass Basara: Breaking Sky, Flamboyant Berserker: Rally Strength, Axefaire Bow Knight: Rally Skill, Kunaibreaker Brave Hero: Sol, Axebreaker Dark Knight: Magic Seal, Lifetaker Exorcist: Rally Magic, Tomefaire Falcon Warrior: Rally Speed, Mirror Strike General: Defensive Formation, Pavise Golden-Kite Warrior: Soar, Sun God Great Knight: Luna, Diamond Strike Great Merchant: Easy Life, Extravagance Holy Bowman: Raven Strike, Bowfaire Holy Lancer: Speed Seal, Lancefaire Jonin: Lethality, Kunaifaire Maid: Servent's Joy, Tomebreaker Paladin: Defender, Aegis Puppeteer: Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet Sorcerer: Vengeance, Bowbreaker Strategist: Rally Resistance, Battle Comand Trueblade: Astra, Swordfaire War Priestess: Renewal, Magic Counter Weapon Master: Strenght Seal, Line of Death Aptitude: Adds 10% to all growth rates during Level Ups Underdog: Hit rate and Avoid +15 when user’s Level is lower than the enemy (promoted units count as Level +20) Easy Life: Luck% chance of obtaining a Golden Coin after moving during the first seven Turns Extravagance: During battles, if user spends a Golden Coin, damage +10 and damage received -10 Strength Seal: After battle, enemy’s Strength -6 Line of Death: During battles, damage +10, damage received +10 Skill +2: Skill +2. Prescient Victory: When user triggers the battle, damage +4 Raven Strike: When user triggers the battle, Hit rate +40 Bowfaire: When user is equipped with a Bow, damage +5 during battle Soar: Hit rate and Avoid +30 when facing Flying enemies Sun god: Allies within a 2 tile radius recover 20% HP at the start of the user’s Turn [spoiler=Summary] The forum has mixed opinions regarding the class of our Killager. However, the top 3 (or 4) is pretty consistent. Optimal 1.5 Great Merchant [20.00%] 1.5 Holy Lancer [20.00%] 3.5 Holy Bowman [15.00%] 3.5 Weapon Master [15.00%] Practical (Nohr) 1. Great Merchant [35.00%] 2. Weapon Master [25.00%] 3. Holy Bowman [20.00%] Practical (Hoshido) 1. Great Merchant [25.00%] 2.5 Holy Lancer [20.00%] 2.5 Weapon Master [20.00%] Preferred 1.5 Great Merchant [20.00%] 1.5 Weapon Master [15.00%] 3 Holy Lancer [15.00%] Next Round 1 Takumi (3+3 votes) [15.00%] 2 Elise (5 votes) [25.00%] 4.5 Hinoka (1+1 votes) [5.00%] 4.5 Kaze (1+1 votes) [5.00%] 4.5 Nishiki (2 votes) [10.00%] 4.5 Camilla (2 votes) [10.00%] Takumi placed ahead of Elise due to placing 2nd in the previous poll. Hinoka and Kaze tied with Nishiki and Camilla due to placing 3rd in the previous poll. So next poll, we're talking about the G-G-G-G-GAME BRRRRRRREEEEEEEAKERR CritKumi!
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