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Found 37 results

  1. I thought that we should probably seperate the skill requests for the US and Europe/Australia as they are region locked. This way, we can avoid mess inside the original thread. Otherwise, the same rules apply here as they do in the other one: Please state the characters and the skills you need below. Please note that skills from DLC / Amiibo Classes ARE NOT LEARNABLE from MyCastle Battles You also CAN'T LEARN skills from Characters with the BLUE SHIELDS, you also CAN'T RECRUIT them, so don't include them on your team. For people who are replying to Skill Requests, please try to do the following to make it easier for others Have the Throne Empty for Easy Capture Set your characters on HOLD and/or Remove all of their Equipments Remove DLC Class abilities from that character to increase skills available If you want to include the Dusk Dragon, please put it close to entrance so we can break them easily. Don't bait people by only using characters with blue shields since they are not recruitable / learnable Also Remember to Hit Update Castle after you finish making changes.
  2. Can anyone link to a My Castle with 0 base stats units, or add one to their team? Even if you can't save edit, can you please recruit one from 07723-21451-62771-49049 and add it to your team? It would take an extremely long time for me to recruit these otherwise, and I could use the help. Edit: the underlined section does not apply, as you cannot recruit einhajar from others.
  3. Does anyone here have the tools to hack a generic Kitsune or Wolfskin into their My Castle so that I can recruit them? I really like the designs, and it’s a shame they aren’t capturable in the games.
  4. An another insane idea in my mind for Fire Emblem from one of my posts and it will be special for Lunatic difficulty. If all Fire Emblem titles mixed to one, in "my castle" features, it will have an extra "DLC" chapter that only worked once and before reach any chapters which contained the stories (or paralogues) about met any character's descendant, and the 'extra chapter' works like below. The extra chapter is Rescue an NPC monster (which cannot attack and have relatively high HP and Def, no Skills, and with 0 in other stats so it would be mostly got double and critical hits by enemy) who appeared at north area on the map which hunted down by the massive numbers of enemy's (relatively easy) monsters with unlimited reinforcements, which good for exp.harvestings. Battle chapter ended if the NPC monster died or succeed to reach out south area of the map. If the Lord unit got talked to it before it reach out of the map and survived, it will follow you to the castle after the battle chapter ended (but not as an unit), and you will got a temporary extra feature. In the castle, the temporary extra feature is to talk to the Monster for it's request to the Lord. The extra feature would be gone after finished it's tasks or when the player decide to ignore it and continues to the next chapter. The Monster's tasks were request the Lord is to sacrifice each one of any male and female HUMAN/BEORC characters from the player's force (not from post-game's bonus characters that featured by enemy's or deceased characters). Lords, avatar (my unit), characters which already have A, A+, and S support, matured or cursed characters (like Jagen, Frey, Wrys, Moulder, Dozla, Gunther, Nyx, and many more), major characters who destined to be the ruler of the country (king / queen / crown prince / crown princess), and 'branded' characters could NOT be sacrificed. There will be very limited choice of it. The both sacrificed characters could not have their mates (including having child) and will have their own altered endings (and they would had sad endings because they weren't humans anymore). If the player "agrees" to do it, it might be recommended for any weakest characters who has terrible growth that forced to benched overtime and not very affected to the battlefields as well as their respective own 'stories' (note: when decide to 'agree', it will unable to continue to next chapter before the task completed). The sacrificed characters here were not perished at all. The Monster only takes their "humanity" in order to lift-off it's monster-form curse by a defeated demon god. After the task finished, the Monster's form would became a shade of light and thanking the Lord for help, so it can return to it's own respective realm. (The word "it" were used due it have no gender and no character's voice.) The characters were 'sacrificed' by reborn into demi-humans and reclassed to permanent classes that unable to reclass to another (including DLC) class, unremovable Skills, cannot buy and equip another Skills, and lost all of their own already-learned Skills, hence since they lost their "humanity". Note: the other characters cannot be reclass to the respective demi-human's classes. Example below. They have average stats growth and would be considered as the monster units, so they were weak againts anti-monster Skills or weapons (if exist). The level will reset to 1, HP 25, Str 7, Mag 7, Skill 8, Spd 8, Luck 9, Def 6, Res 6 after "reborn". They will become: Angel. From a sacrificed male unit. A winged humanoid creature which gains energy from the purity of water. Flier. Marine. Movement 7. Lance E, Dagger E, Staff E. Skills: 1. -the Character's own innate Skill-. 2. Albatross. -class' innate Skill-. Iote's Shield + restore 10 HP on the start of player's turn if stands on the water tiles. 3. Lv.1.: Raider. Beastbane + Wyrmsbane + Air Superiority. 4. Lv.10.: Edgebreaker. Axebreaker + Bowbreaker. 5. Lv.25.: Bladefaire. Lancefaire + Daggerfaire. 6. Lv.35.: Titan. Luna + Rend Heaven. Lamia. From a sacrificed female unit. An attractive creature with half women to upper body and half snake to lower body. Mountaineer. Forester. Desert walker. Movement 6. Axe E, Bow E, Tome E. Skills: 1. -the Character's own innate Skill-. 2. Lander -class' innate Skill-. Natural Cover + Good Fortune + Negates all terrain's movement penalties. 3. Lv.1.: Slaughter. Armorsbane + Ridersbane. 4. Lv.10.: Bladebreaker. Lancebreaker + Daggerbreaker. 5. Lv.25.: Edgefaire. Axefaire + Bowfaire + Tomefaire. 6. Lv.35.: Titanesse. Sol + Astra. ************************************ Sorry for long posts. Now, if the insane feature above exist and "agree" to sacrifice, from each one human/beorc male and female: 1. Who will you sacrifice? (Their names and from FE series) 2. What will they becomes? (also allowed to take the demi-humans example-forms above) 3. What Skills will they have? (if you have any ideas and they'll allowed to be overpowered) nb. also allowed to take same characters to becomes another demi-human creatures and vise-versa.
  5. Since this is one of the more under used features I thought I should start a thread so here's how we can start 1. Visit another player's castle (gender doesn't matter) and get their calling card 1.5 make sure the other person has you calling card as well 2 make sure you two are giving eachother gifts every chance you get 3. this will take a couple of days notes when recruited the bond unit will start as the secondary class of the player you made the bond unit the bond unit will inherit the last 2 skills equiped given a heart seal the unit can become a nohr prince/ss to be added how the bond unit gets a personal skill ??????????????? my castle codes don't forget to leave you my castle code in your post and leave your code in bold so I can see it better, and that I can copy and paste it into the spoiler European My Castles if there is region locked multiplayer reserved for something else
  6. For those of you who have beat Fire Emblem Fates and don't have much left to do in the game, much like myself, I have created a list of challenging My Castles to battle. It is always fun to test your team against a opponent who has put a lot of thought in creating there team/castle map. I recommend you battle at their castle for a extra level of toughest if you are into challenging battles. Please feel free to add/comment on any castles that you thought were challenging. Castle List: Ft. Raikuno 13990-24660 17481-52989 Twilight 18436-09879 45947-88840 Ft. Brian 08027-95513 67008-98436 DemonicPalace 15737-92170 65680-25217 Ft.Zhao 16142-87964 42189-62908
  7. What I'm trying to ask is: Do people prefer My Castles that are more oriented for battles, or castles that are more appealing, visually and localation wise? Or even just castles that let you easily buy skills.
  8. I don't know if this is just my game personally but I've noticed that no matter how much I increase the skill cap with statues, my amiibos skill cap doesn't go up. However, any other statues will increase other stat caps. Anybody else having this happen?
  9. I heard that you can buy Ike's sword (Ragnell), if he is recruited on to your team. I know that I can't recruit a amiibo character, but he appears in the weapon shop at times so I was hoping to catch him in another person's my castle to buy Ragnell.
  10. So I'm attempting to run a Castle that can be seized easily for skills. I'm a bit new to the concept though. Any tips on what to do to both attract people and make it really easy for people that visit? A few notes though: - It's a Birthright castle, so I cannot provide skills for Nohrian characters or Fuga. - My avatar is pretty powerful, so even if you're on Conquest or Revelation you can still recruit him. Give him a Great Club and he'll proc a skill or get a crit on almost all units. - There will not be any illegitimate skills whatsoever. This means no Aptitude or anything on 1st gen units. The castle address is 18155-86561-61595-16084
  11. As the title says, I'm looking for Boss units to recruit from My Castles. I missed a whole bunch in my playthroughs because I forgot them and I'd really like to have them all. I'm missing: Daniela Haitaka Kumagera Llewelyn Nichol Zhara If you even just have one of these guys in your castle's party, please leave your castle address so I can grab them! I'll make sure to give an accessory as thanks!
  12. So I'm looking for a Caslte that has a Female Kana with the skill Profiteer. I had it for my Male Kana on my other account but I found out you can't learn skills from Male to Female Kana and vice versa. My Castle address is: 08423-44142-28250-65157 Thanks!
  13. So I'm looking for a Caslte that has a Female Kana with the skill Profiteer. I had it for my Male Kana on my other account but I found out you can't learn skills from Male to Female Kana and vice versa. My Castle address is: 08423-44142-28250-65157 Thanks!
  14. The character statues that you can build in My Castle are certainly interesting, indeed. I find them very useful for making my army as powerful as possible. That being said, however, I'm sure you're aware that not all of the characters' statues actually correspond to their #1 best stat, unlike the avatar's. That's why I decided to put together a project/study of sorts, on what their actual "boons" are/should be. I looked at every non-avatar/capturable unit's growth rates and stats to make my decisions (for the children, I looked at their pre-inheritance growth rates because that made the most sense to me. In truth, their stats can greatly vary and their stats with the highest growth rates may or may not be that of their represented statues). I hope you find it interesting. Here is my project Here you can find the game's character/statue combos for comparison Overall, I suppose I've concluded that with very few units having an "actual boon" of magic, defense, or resistance, that it makes sense why the developers shuffled the units around. That being said, however, some of the choices they did make were still questionable in my opinion (Keaton speed? Subaki speed? Rinkah strength? Azura magic? Come on!).
  15. Hello all, As many others, I've been playing Fates and decided to go through things in the My Castle feature. I found the ancient texts section quite intriguing so I've decided to slowly decipher them as I go along and post the result for those interested. Ancient texts are now all translated. Thanks to MOOMANiBE for providing their complete translations and warning of spoilers in the bloodline 2 text. -------------------- No.000 Poem No.001 Prophecy of Sky No.002 Prophecy of Land No.003 Prophecy of Depths No.004 Dragons & People I No.005 Dragons & People II No.006 Bloodline 1 No.007 Bloodline 2 **contains major spoilers** No.008 Monument
  16. I have (Or I will atleast soon) have really good skills on some of my characters from my other save files. My main Revelation file is the one I want to be the skill and competitive castle. Is there any way to bring them over? I can't visit them it says,
  17. Maybe this was addressed somewhere, but so far I haven't been able to find anything about it- granted, I'm not great at searching stuff sometimes but well. So, I was wondering; do the kills in dlc maps and my castle battles even count for the statue upgrades? I'm starting to think that they don't, as I have recruited Kana first and Shiro last, have definitely used Kana more often (at least, I thought so) but still no Kana statue; Midori, Shiro and Caeldori already have a statue. Now I have mostly been playing my castle battles and some dlc lately so I'm thinking that's probably it, but I am not entirely sure about the dlc. (so far I've been too lazy to actually start counting kills, maybe I'm overestimating Kana) Another thing I've noticed is that profiteer never kicks in (on Midori or Azura) in my castle battles. Is that a stupid (and percentage-wise sort of impossible) coincidence, or can someone confirm my suspicion? I've tried using them a few times, nothing. In a normal battle it triggers almost every turn for Midori at least.
  18. Hey there! im on EU Fats and im searching for some skills i cant obtain with Nohr only :s would be nice if you have an european / australian FATES My Castle with one or more of the skills on their charakter. Laslow: Rally Speed, Replicate Xander: Swordfaire/Life or Death, Quixotic Avatar: Tomefaire Siegbert: Miracle, Leathality, Rend Heaven Midori: Norian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, Shuricanfaire ____________________________________________________________________________________ Helping me would be very nice! :))) But pls remember, blueshild units dont help with sharing skills :s
  19. Or has anyone at least found a castle with it (give me the castle address)
  20. Hello everyone. So does anyone have a Jakob with Aptitude? Seems like no one does and I want to make him better so Dwyer is better too. Thanks if anyone does and have a great day!
  21. For anyone who checks the My castle rankings (battle points) I assume you guys see the people who have all 12 Gem springs and all 10 food resources in their my castle, I know this isn't the work of powersave, so is this actually something legit? If anyone needs a picture I can get one.
  22. Something I've noticed...I scanned them in the fourth time, and all of them had the Armory Shield equipped so I could have them work in the armory. I scanned Lucina last...and what I noticed was that she was in both armories...Dawn AND Dusk, in Revelations. Secondly, after multiple battles, the Amiibo never showed up again, in the armory or otherwise. And then I tried rescanning them in...at least, Marth. By this point, I had removed the accessory, and he was working another shop. It seems that the Amiibo only work in a shop ONCE after you've scanned them in, and, in order to get them to start working again, you need to re-scan that Amiibo. Does anyone else know if this is the case?
  23. Another thread talked about it, so I wanted to know what kind of My Castle team people have. Either defensive or offensive or both. See how creative everyone is. Mine:
  24. Basically what the title says. If I start a new file without deleting my previous save, which my castle does the game use as I'm starting a revelations play through but I want to still use my Nohr my castle.
  25. So as you may know, you can assign specific people to be chosen to run the shops/facilities in your castle by having them wear the right hat/shoulder, etc. Im curious who you guys think fit best in what spot, whether it be for the functional benefits, of it it just fits their personalty. Keep in mind there can be more than one person wearing the items, and they would take turns. Id love to hear your suggestions Kaden and Soliel at the accessory shop, because they love beauty/cute things Rinkah as the Blacksmith Elise and Sakura running the staff shops Gunter guarding the prison But what about the Armory, Lottery shop, Einherjar shop, or the Mess hall? or do you have a better suggestion than the people i chose for the other buildings?
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