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Found 1 result

  1. It's less than a month before the scheduled Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2013 event. I decided to try to rev up some hype I'd make a SerenesForest thread a month in advance. http://www.nintendocfc.com Last year as a good year for Fire Emblem game representation, with Elibian Nights being one of the most notable ROM hack projects in the event, and Immortal Sword having a certain infamous memetic incident. :) There doesn't seem to be much updates on the site yet, but as the date inches closer I'm getting whatever fanbases I can rallied up. This means I'll probably make a thread at http://smwcentral.net some time later, as well. I'll probably try to set up the Livestream again as per last year, although whether I can stream myself will be entirely dependant on whether I can get a new computer before the start date... keeping my fingers crossed! In the meantime I am considering video projects for the stream and of course will accept trailers for any submissions. Any comments or questions will be eagerly accepted. I'll be following this topic.
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