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Found 1 result

  1. The sun sets after an eventful evening. It has become clear this is no ordinary fight: this is a fight to determine dozens of lives. What shall be their fate? Who shall emerge victorious? Even I, the commentator, am curious. [spoiler=Da Rulez of the game:] 0. Any form of outside contact is allowed, but logs must be sent to the host regularly so they can monitor activity. 1. Each night and each day lasts 48 hours. Game starts on N0 and there are no kills on N0. N0 will only last 24 hours. 2. The player with the most votes on them at the end of a phase is lynched. You may vote to no lynch. Don't tie. 3. Lylo is unusually unsafe. 4. Night feedback may be tampered with. 5. There are items in this game. If you have an item, you may respond to your role pm with "##Give <user> my <item>" during the day to give said user that item. 6. There are no hiddens in this game because they suck. 7. Play to win, but have fun. 8. No screenshots. No editing. No full role pm posting. No quoting the host. No loophole abuse. 9. I reserve the right to sub you out or modkill you in response to a lack of activity. I will prod you first though. 10. If you have a question, ask me. I will respond accordingly. 11. Town Win condition is "You are allied with the Reformed. You win when you eliminate all threats to your faction." 12. Breaking any of these rules may result in a modkill. If you are modkilled your win condition changes to "You win if you escape the Rightful" and spoiler alert: you won't. 13. If a player has been voted a number of times greater than half of the remaining living players then the day will end early and that player will be lynched. Reminder that you may discuss mafia in any medium and that we have an iRC channel on the Dark Myst server called #sforestmafia if you want to use it. Signups: 1. Izhuark 2. SB - Self-Aligned Blackmailer, Lynched D2 3. StrawmanMagnificence Incarnate 4. King Gilgamesh - Reformed Goon, Lynched D4 5. Refa - Reformed Arsonist, Killed N2 6. Faerie Knight 7. PB - Unrepentant Inventor, Lynched D3 8. Junko 9. BBM - Reformed Goon, Killed N5 10. Rein 11. Blitz - Reformed Kidnapper, Killed N1 12. Gaius - Reformed Corrupt Cop, Killed N3 13. Darrman - Reformed Graverobber, Lynched D5 14. Elieson 15. Mitsuki - Reformed Goon, Killed N4 Subs: 1. Marth 2. Poly 3. eclipse N0 has begun and lasts for 24 hours 30ish minutes, aka 9pm GMT 28/08/2015. Online countdown here. If you haven't received a role pm or you think there's a mistake in yours, just say the word and I'll fix it. If you could respond to your role pm to confirm that you've seen it that would also be helpful. Other than that... have at it! Glhf.
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