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Found 13 results

  1. The newest game in Nintendo's long-running Fire Emblem series has been announced! Titled Fire Emblem Engage, it is due to be released on January 20th, 2023. In just over four months, it'll hit the Nintendo Switch console (no, not the Nokia N-Gage). So... what are your thoughts thus far? Are you married to the idea? Ready for a divorce from the series? Or just totally disengaged from this announcement? Gimme a ring in the comments!
  2. Nintendo just announced there is a new Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase coming tomorrow at Jun 28th at 6AM PT / 9 AM EST in the morning. Like the other Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcases this is merely focuses on 3rd Party Titles that has zero 1st Party Nintendo titles in it. I totally think Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, & Persona 5 Royal might going to be announced since all the three Persona games had been announced to be on Xbox Consoles & PC. I don't know if Square Enix is going to be showing off Dragon Quest 12 along with the other Square Enix properties in tomorrow's Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase?
  3. To this day, I've never understood why on earth Alm was made to be an invincible hero without the flaws to contrast Celica with character development to boot. If Celica was also another superwoman, then at least I'm glad there isn't the double standard, but she isn't. Celica may as well not be a protagonist, and worse, the whole contrasted pair theme gets botched (Zofia vs Rigel (or peace vs war) thematic dichotomy), which was the point in the original game. I'm dreading the possibility that Sigurd might end up becoming Alm 2.0 and be another invincible flawless hero, and go against the entire point of the first part of Genealogy/FE4. It's something that I've been thinking about as the Nintendo DIrect approaches and the possibility of the FE4 remake surfaces. Am I thinking stupid/paranoid? Quite likely. In fact I hope I'm proven wrong, but considering how IS seem allergic with writing flawed (or struggling) males heroes in more modern games (Dimitri finally being an exception (whether partial or in whole may be up to debate but still)), I'm not too optimistic with this. Anyone else have similar opinions?
  4. Nintendo just announced a new Nintendo Direct will be coming tomorrow at 2 PM PT / 5 PM EST. In the description that it's going to be roughly around 40 minutes focused on Nintendo Switch games launching in the first half of 2022. For my hopes and wishes that I really like to see in the Nintendo Direct is: Any new Fire Emblem announcement (either remake or a brand new game since we haven't got a brand new announcement since Threee Houses ad Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light rerelease for English) Probably new Nintendo IPs Maybe that third console part that was shown in the Database for the NSO Expansion Pack (my guess it's possibly be TurboGrafx-16 Online since Sega Genesis Online became the first 3rd Party Console service to NSO)
  5. I just saw this from GameXplain that it was just announced that there is going to be an upcoming Nintendo Direct focus on E3 2021 at June 15th. This is going to be broadcast at 9 AM PT / 12 PM EST and it's going to be around 40 minutes long + Treehouse Live Event as well. Edit from June 3rd: I'm going to post the link of the Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Stream when it's time, be sure to check it at June 15th at 9 AM PT. Edit from Jun 14th: Nintendo just pulled up the official Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Live Stream up for tomorrow morning. Be sure to mark your watch schedule to make sure that you don't miss out on watching the Direct.
  6. There is a third Partner Showcase for the Nintendo Direct Mini series was just announced today. This Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase is going to be live happening tomorrow at September 17th and it's going to be a live stream instead of a uploaded video like the previous two Partner Showcase videos. Since we know the first two Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase that we saw July and August were merely focus on 3rd Party titles than 1st Party titles from Nintendo themselves. The stream starts at 7 A.M. Pacific Time tomorrow morning which is around 20 hours remaining (as of this post) as of right now.
  7. So what do you guys expect for our new game, in all hopes its alot and not a Smash 4 port.
  8. Well folks, it's finally here. Will we see the long-awaited FE16? We'll find out next time on Nintendo Direct Z. Hey Nintendo, if you could announce a Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles X, that'd be great.
  9. Now, i know we already have a Xenoblade Chronicles thread. However, i'm making this thread to share my thoughts about the direct and hopefully you can too. So, let's begin. We got some backstory on the world of Alrest. Everyone lived on Elysium but then they got banished and sent to live on the Titans. However, even the Titans don't live forever and it looks like the main objective of the game is find a way back to Elysium. Living in paradise and then banished, where i have i heard this story before... Japanese voice pack confirmed. So, for those of you who complained about the English dub, you're saved. Personally, i lik the English dub but now there's an option for everyone. Story trailer. It looks very cool and there may have been a spoiler there but putting spoilers in their trailers is a Xenoblade thing appearntly. They did it with XC1, they did it with X, and now they're doing it with XC2. Zeke and his Blade, Pandoria are the newly revealed playable characters. Zeke definitely has my favorite design of the party. He's the black-clothed, eyepatch guy seen in the trailers and wallpapers. They also showed off some of the villains. Whenever a unique monster is defeated, a tombstone will appear when they fell. By visiting these tombstones, you can challenge them again. I think that's a really neat touch and it's better than having to wait for the unique monster to respawn like in previous games. Map in your way? Art names in your way? You can customize the UI to remove these to take in more of the scenery. As Poppi is an artifical Blade, she can be customized with special parts. You ca acquire these parts by playing a special retro Nopon mingame. My only worry is that Poppi will be to customization to the point where Tora never has to switch out. Three different types of combos: Driver Combos, Blade Combos, and Fusion Combos. I'm loving this combat system more and more. DLC confirmed. I can already hear the salt but i will say, it's basically following Breath of the Wild's DLC. The game will be supported with DLC all the way up to Fall of next year. It contains: Some new items New quests New Rare Blade (i actually don't like this part) New Challenge Mode Brand new story. The brand new story has me really hyped. Biggest surprise though is that on Nov.9th, Breath of the Wild will receive a free update. It contains a quest and, upon completing it, you'll recive Rex's clothes for Link to wear. This cross-promotion is really cool. So for those of you who watched, what are your thoughts? Are you more interested in the game now? I'm personally buying this at launch and having it be supported via DLC all the way up to Fall of next year is amazing.
  10. So the direct happened today, and I'm giving my personal viewpoints on it. I'll be honest it was lacking severely, but with E3 being big for Nintendo this year, this could just be a small warm-up for them. So my personal highlights were mainly the amiibo being announced. It took forever but we are finally getting the last smash series amiibo, in two versions each no-less! Additionally getting the young link and two skyward sword links was also something I'm happy of. If you follow breath of the wild some, you'll know that there is two amiibo outfits not obtainable legitly, and these amiibo fit them. The odd thing is why is there two skyward sword amiibos? That's something that has me intrigued. The other main thing for me was them briefly discussing Echoes. While we already knew most of this information from leaks and reviews, it was still nice to hear about it. So what are your guys opinions on this direct?
  11. I haven't really posted here that much, but I wanted to ask if anybody was interested in Animal Crossing? Beyond the title, who are your favorite characters, how much do you play, and are you looking forward to tomorrow's direct. Seeing as what yesterday was, Halloween gave me a hard time when literally half of my villagers are afraid of bugs. Only one clue I got didn't elude to a villager who was afraid of bugs.
  12. http://www.siliconera.com/2016/08/30/nintendo-direct-presentation-coming-thursday-upcoming-3ds-games/ Albeit, only for upcoming 3DS games. Nevertheless, it's... something at least. Right? Outside of Pokemon Sun and Moon, forthcoming releases on the system seem kinda lacking. Not expecting anything longer than 20 minutes.
  13. I decided to continue this "trend" I've been doing and analyze the latest Nintendo Direct. Kicking things off today was a new look at the upcoming Star Fox Zero. It showed off new stages, designs, and amiibo functionality. Tapping in the Fox amiibo will let you play as the Arwing from the original Star Fox from the Super Nintendo! How cool is that?! Perhaps the most curious thing I saw from that, though, was a new character called Katt, who appears to be a pink fox-like character. And the Project Guard tech demo revealed a few E3s ago was confirmed as a Star Fox game, called Star Fox: Guard. But I think we all kinda knew that already. Then there's yet another new update for Splatoon. (Is this still going on?) Aiming to improve lesser used abilities, adjusting the ranking used in matchmaking, and some new Splatfest elements. The second update seems to add some new weapons into the mix. Again. Next, we're shown a video regarding Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It shows off the new sports game included, Rugby Sevens. It also shows Diddy Kong is faster than Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, Super Mario Maker gets some new updates, too. Shaking a Thwomp will make a Skewer from Super Mario World. You know, those large spike pillar things that spiral down, clashing into the castle floors and walls? Shaking a P-Switch will also get you a Key, and you can't have a key without a lock, so shaking the door twice will get you a Locked Door. You can have enemies hold Keys so you can make mandatory bosses, which I think is awesome to finally have. You can also shake Coins to get Key Coins, where collecting a set amount will make a Key appear. Think Red Coins, only instead of a Star, you get a Key. Super Expert Mode will also be available, giving you even more insanely hard challenges (like my Run of Doom! stage) and some more costumes, like Tetra from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Up next, we're given a game we've all been waiting for (except for probably me...), the now officially named Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (read as Sharp F E). Keeping with it's Japan-focused environment, the English game will keep the Japanese VA, but will have English subtitles. That's perfectly fine with me and any other JP anime fans, but there's no word on English VA. Doubt there will be tbh. As the first non-Nintendo developed title shown off, Lost Reavers was announced during a Nintendo Direct last year. Developed by Bandai Namco, it is a free-to-play, online, co-op action game where you have to work together to explore dungeons, defeat enemies, and escape with the treasure. It seems pretty promising, actually. Next they show off Pokken Tournament, but there wasn't really anything new that I caught. Early buyers will want to hurry to collect the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo Card, though. Then they reminded us that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will be released tomorrow. They showed off some abilities in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge, but perhaps the most important info is it's free! Animal Crossing gets some more amiibo cards and Isabelle will get a standalone package PLUS a new amiibo based on her Summer Outfit. Then they announced a new Virtual Console line-up exclusive to the New 3DS systems, this time based around the Super Nintendo games. The original three; Pilotwings, F-Zero; and Super Mario World; are all available now with more to come soon. ...Game Freak? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! "My Little Pony" meets "Solitaire" at the horse races. Who would've thought? Next is a look at the newly revealed game: Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. It keeps the same gameplay mechanics as the original, with some new moves, features, and characters, such as Gunvolt's rival: ...Coffin? I can't quite hear the name correctly... Then we're shown a look at the new Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations that will be released digital-only on the 10th of March. As well as some new DLC coming later. Next, we're shown another look at Hyrule Warriors Legends. Ganondorf gets a new costume based on the Wind Waker incarnation and there's an artbook for GameStop pre-orders. But perhaps the best info that came out of this was the inclusion of Medli, the Rito girl from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind... Waker... I'm all for new characters, but three wasn't enough? Disney Art Academy is a thing. Bravely Second: End Layer has a demo available, similar to how the original Bravely Default had. This demo has a sidestory not available in the main game and you can tranfer the rewards to the full version once it releases. And there's a Collecter's Edition now available to pre-order which includes a soundtrack and an artbook from the game. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgot Past will be available on the 3DS. This is a fully revamped version of the original game (released as Dragon Warrior VII in the west) for the original PlayStation. The graphics have been updated and the script has been completely re-translated. Cool! Now, we're given a trailer for Monster Hunter Generations, released as Monster Hunter X (cross) in Japan. Similar to the Chrom and Lucina costumes for a game earlier in the series (can't remember which one. Could be this one!), Marth's attire will be available for the game as DLC. They have a full trailer of the costume available on Monster Hunter's Twitter page. Now, the game I was waiting for information on: Metroid Prime: Federation Force! The game everyone asked for but no one wanted (except me!). They went more into detail about the game, explaining that Metroids, Space Pirates, and, of course, Samus Aran, will be in the game. The chibi-esque style of the game is strange for a Metroid title, but I like it! More information on the game will come at a later date, they said. Rhythm Heaven Mega Mix will include the original, never-before-released-in-the-west GBA game: Rhythm Heaven. Finally, we have a new Kirby title called "Kirby: Planet Robobot," which has Kirby ride a mech-suit! Kirby is also getting his own line of amiibo for the game. Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddledee will be amiibos when the game releases this June. And that's about it! Personally, the ones I'm most excited for are Metroid and Dragon Quest. What were your favorites or thoughts on the Nintendo Direct? EDIT: How in the world did I forget "Paper Mario x Splatoon"?! Paper Mario: Color Splash will be coming to Wii U and it has Mario hammer paint back into the world. It seems to be based on the gameplay as the recent Sticker Star, which is... okay, I guess? Personally, I would've preferred something more like Thousand-Year Door.
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