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Found 3 results

  1. Honestly, after getting spoiled on two major plot points, I'm just going to make this thread and pay attention to nothing else. At this point, the only thing I care about is Nishiki. I want to know his personality, who his kid is, etc. TELL ME EVERYTHING. I know how sad this is but I can't help myself NISHIKI Route: Hoshido Class: Yokou (Fox Spirit) Promotion: Nine-tailed Fox Profile: A fox spirit youth who lives in a remote region of Hoshido. Following his father’s footsteps, he acts as his clan’s leader and keeps his people in order. Supports: ??? Child: ??? [spoiler=child] Let's find all the information we can find about him!
  2. In this discussion, we will be taking a look at Nishiki from Fire Emblem Fates Hoshido/Birthright and turning him into an op streetpass unit. Also, one more thing before we start this discussion. Ever since Marriage seals and Buddy seals have been confirmed you also have to think about whom Nishiki will S-support and A+-support with. These discussions will only cover his BASE stats and classes, so I will not be talking about spouse options. Anyway, be sure to leave your build for him below, include class and skills. With the introduction out of the way, let's start the process. Who is the unit: Nishiki was born to the leader of a Youko fox spirit clan, I call what happens when a Taguel and Beast Laguz have kids, and as such is the rightful leader. Eventually, however, he has to put aside his leadership duties to help in the war against Nohr and Hoshido. Since his clan is located in Hoshido, he decides to help that side, meaning he is only playable in Birthright. So, now that we know about the unit, let's start breaking him down a little deeper. We will cover the unit's class tree, growth rates, personal skill, and all skills the unit can obtain, excluding DLC. Personal growth rates: HP, 45 STR, 40 MAG, 10 SKL, 25 SPD, 45 LCK, 50 DEF, 35 RES, 40 *Starting class* Class set: *Fox Spirit (otherwise known as Youko)* -> Nine-tailed Fox Spellcaster -> Basara or Exorcist So, what class to use? Well you are stuck with, and for this discussion we are using, 9-tailed fox. Why? Look above you, do you see that magic growth rate? IT IS SO LOW! Spellcaster is completely out of the question for Nishiki, only make him a spellcaster for skills and or to make him a Basara and spam Naginatas. Take a look at these max stats and maybe you'll understand why Spellcaster is kind of useless to him, unless you want to make him a Basara in which case I understand. Max stats; in order of HP, STR, MAG, SKL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES 9-Tailed Fox : 55, 30, 29, 30, 36, 34, 25, 36 Basara : 65, 32, 30, 27, 33, 36, 28, 34 Exorcist : 45, 26, 33, 28, 34, 28, 23, 33 Personal Skill: Gratitude; When a unit uses a healing staff on the user, that unit has their HP recovered by half the same amount. This can make Nishiki kind of a broken supporter/glass cannon. Say you are having a non-healer-healer/glass cannon heal him, say that 5 times fast, all the way back up to 80 HP and that healer will heal himself by 40 that same turn. That is INSANE, the unit can spam heal Nishiki with fortify and bulk himself up as well. This already makes Nishiki very useful as both a glass cannon, who can take hard hitting moves to help heal whomever is healing him, a tank, so healers can spam heal him so that they can heal themselves from hard hits, and a supporter, look at the two reasons stated above. All obtainable skills: Breaking Sky, Flamboyant, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire, Even Illusion, Beastbane, Even nap, Four fangs And now, drumroll please, the top 5 skills you should and shouldn't use on Nishiki (in my opinion); Don'ts: 5. Rally Magic-Magic +4 to all allies within a 2 tile radius for one Turn when the “Rally” command is used. I'm going to say it now, no rally skill is useless. The only reason this is counted as a don't use skill is because all the other skills on the "do" list are more viable. That is why this skill is only at Number 5; it can still be used, but not really useful. 4. Flamboyant-User and enemy’s Hit rate +30 and skill activation rate +15 during battle. This is just like Line of Death, but more toned down. And just like Line of Death, this activates even if the enemy is attacking you. And if the enemy has Lethality (and it's Saizou) Then you can kiss Nishiki good-bye. 3. Tomefaire-When user is equipped with a Tome, damage +5 during battle. Only use this if you are using a spell caster Nishiki, as here it is completely useless for a 9-Tailed fox build. 2. Magic +2-Magic +2. See above, and I also really hate the "+" skills. 1. Fortune-When user triggers the battle, Luck% chance of gaining double experience when user defeats the enemy...Streetpass team...Your units don't get EXP...I swear this is Locktouch Kaze all over again. Do's 5. Breaking Sky-Skill x 1.5% chance of adding half the enemy’s Strength (if user has a physical weapon) or Magic (if user has a magical weapon) as damage. Ah, yes. Sweet revenge. This can help Nishiki immensely for any of his classes and just makes him more useful. The only reason that this is at Number 5 though is because his skill stat is...so-so to say the least. 4. Even Illusion-During even-numbered Turns, damage +4. This fixed what Even rhythm did wrong. Still, not having this the first turn kind of sucks, but it is still a damage adding move that defenses can't counter which is great. 3. Even Nap-Recover 40% HP at the start of even-numbered Turns. Once again, fixes what Even rhythm did wrong. Couple this with Gratitude, and Renewal (If his spouse happens to be Sakura) and Nishiki is pretty much invincible 2. Beastbane-When user is a Garou or Fox Spirit, their attacks are effective against Beast units. Coverage is all I have to say, and this is great for our 9-Tailed fox build. 1. Four Fangs-The enemy’s HP is reduced by 20% after the battle. Even illusion, Breaking sky, and an Attack stance all put on top of this means that your enemy has a very low chance of surviving, especially if they have a high STR stat. So their you have it. Building a good competitive Nishiki as I recomend. Don't forget to comment your build and also what character I should look at next. I'm Wolfie, and why does Nishiki make me want to play Okami so bad?
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