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Found 1 result

  1. Well, time to bite the bullet and do my very first PMU run! Rules * Max of two picks. * This run will be a 16 unit run (which includes Corrin, so you will be picking the other 15) ** 10 of then characters will be parents of either gender. ** The other 5 will be children. When selecting a child please tell me who the mother will be. * First person to post may choose Corrin's gender, name, appearance, voice, talent, boon, bane, husband/wife, and of course what class Corrin will end with. * A character must go into their chosen class as soon as possible. * Children must be recruited as soon as possible. * Characters are free on the chapters when recruited. * Unpicked characters may be deployed, but only for Pair Up. * No DLC or MyCastle except for the Support Grinding. Seal buying is a soft maybe at this point. * Anna's First Gift may be used, but only once. So only one Witch or Balistician, but not both. * NO TROLL CLASSES * First Come, first served. Well then, lets get started then shall we? --THE TEAM (Team name pending)-- Corrin (Max 1 *longol*) 1) Aether (Female, Fighter Talent, +Spd/-Lck, Berserker) Parents (Max 10) 1) Sakura - (Priestess) 2) Setsuna - (Sniper) 3) Subaki - (Master of Arms) 4) Rinkah - (Spear Master) (Oboro A+) 5) Saizo - (Falcon Knight (Subaki A+) 6) Azura - (Omyoji) (Sakura A+) (Kaze S) 7) Kagero (Mechanist) (Asama S) 8) Ryoma (Kinshi Knight) 9) Takumi (Spear Master) 10) Asama (Basara) (Hayato A+) Children (Max 5) 1) Selkie - (Nine-Tales) (Oboro) 2) Midori - (Kinshi Knight) (Azura) 3) Sophie - (Hero) (Hinoka) 4) Hisame - (Paladin) (Mozu) (Sophie S) 5) Mitama - (Master Ninja) (Kagero S) ALL SPOTS FILLED! Thank you everyone!
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