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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Serenes Forests users! So once again Im having troubles in my game. I followed optimizations guides, and everyone turned out good for now, and I got advice for one of my last uncertain pairings, and this was the leftover bracket.... I don't mind their story, its better than the Benny X Peri one imo, but they are pretty nice together I guess :P So Jakobs fine, its never been anything wrong with Jakob.. Its just Nyx.. What do I do with her? Her stats are ok I guess, but she keeps nearly dying or just dying and I have to restart. Any suggestions to make her and Dwyer better? Nyx stats: 10 str, 20 mag, 13 skill, 18 spd, 8 lck, 11 def, 15 res Thanks and have a great day to anyone who helps!
  2. So I just had a thought. What if Nyx could tell us our fortunes before every battle. Like they did in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken or 6, a very old woman joined your party for the sake of giving your Avatar an Augury about your next mission your preparing for in your 'Preperations' screen in return for money. So I thought, what if Nyx could do the same. Pay for an Augury, get told what unit's would best cope, what items units should hold, additional information about the area you're fighting on and who you should pick among your units to meet someone on the field of battle. Perhaps during the Preperations screen or in My Castle between chapters it could be used. I think it would be great cause if this was in both versions, not just make it easy for newcomers by getting prepared and and getting smarter about choices, but more reason to get involved with a character that's actually apart of you army. What's your take?
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