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Found 2 results

  1. 1. Hoenn God, this region was fantastic. My 9 year old self had a ball traveling through this region completely blind and seeing all kinds of new and unexpected things. I really like how it was so diverse, too. From the grass patches under the Cycling Road on Route 110, to the never-ending sandstorm on Route 111, to the calmly descending ash on Route 113, the Battle Frontier...it was just very awesome to explore everything and discover new things. I still remember calling my friend over the phone on school nights as we tried to decipher the mystery of the Regis. Why can't Pokemon games do that anymore? Man, it was fun. I might be blinded by nostalgia, but shit, Hoenn was fantastic. The only annoying things about this region? ...Not the surf routes. I could deal with surfing all over the place (but fuck you Wailord), but I could not deal with Routes 132, 133, or 134. Holy shit. Being a completionist at heart, flying back to Pacifidlog Town and having to battle evey trainer and get every item and get to the Sealed Chamber was always a nightmare. Also the only ice area in the game was in the Shoal Cave, and that was only on certain days. I like my ice areas. :< 2. Kalos Just want to say that the various Pokedexes this region had was brilliant. I'm at about 506 Pokemon registered in total in my National Dex, and there are still many Pokemon I have to find in all the dexes. The exploration feel is very fun. As for the region itself, I like how everything is close together like it was in Unova (though they did it better here), and like Hoenn, the locations and features of this region were very diverse. I question the huge gap between the first two gyms, though. I didn't expect for it to take a while to fight Grant, but alas. Maybe a 3rd game in the series will improve this, but Kiloude City being the postgame...Friend Safaris and the Battle Maison were awesome, but there has to be more to this region then that. :t 3. Sinnoh I personally really liked Sinnoh. I really did. I like how you just had to complete the Sinnoh Dex to enjoy the postgame to its full extent, and the game made sure that you'd encounter all 210 Pokemon in the region. I also liked how Mt. Coronet seemed to split the region in half, and thought the idea of differently colored Shellos/Gastrodon was creative. And the Distortion World as a whole was a very cool area and something I haven't seen in a Pokemon game until then. What I didn't like? Saving a lot of data... Platinum improved on Diamond and Pearl's flaws, but the region still felt...slow. I 'unno, it might just be me. Also being pretty much forced to use Rapidash in D/P if you didn't pick Chimchar was an odd decision. Flint's team was hilarious, though! The Battle Frontier could've been better, too, but it's hard to have one that compares to Emerald's. Maybe the 3rd Kalos game can whip something up, then again...OR/AS might (they better) bring back Emerald's Battle Frontier...we'll see. 4. Kanto Interesting region. I like how the games gave you a little freedom in R/B/Y/FR/LG after beating Misty, because then you could fight Lt. Surge, Erika (almost typed Eirika, haha. I've been playing too much FE8), Koga, and Sabrina in any order, and then the Sevii Islands were added in the remakes (but then taken out of HG/SS grrr. I liked the Sevii Islands.). And compared to Johto, exploring Kanto AGAIN was way more interesting to me, and the tough trainers were everywhere and made things hectic. But Kanto didn't have the features that I liked seeing in Hoenn, Kalos, and Sinnoh. Sure it was fun to explore, but it didn't really have any noteworthy areas or landmarks (Lavender Town's theme aside). 5. Unova Playing through White was fun. Playing through Black 2 was even more fun. I really liked the plot of Black 2, for some reason, because I felt that the player character didn't really pay too much attention to badges, but helping their friend/rival stop the remnants of Team Plasma once and for all. And I liked how we could get Pokemon from generations I through IV again (lol Huge Power Azurills before the first gym). But there was nothing particularly interesting about this region that blew me away, so to speak. It just felt like, "Okay, this is here. Good to know. Moving on now to the next part of Unova and never coming here ever again." I mean, Twist Mountain seemed cool. Shame I got through it as fast as I could in White and never even visited it in Black 2 due to not giving a shit. Yeah, Black 2/White 2 had among the best postgames in the series, but there just wasn't really anything memorable about Unova. Didn't help that X/Y were announced and made everyone forget about B2/W2 in an instant. 6. Johto I like how in the manga, Gold didn't really care about gym badges. He cared about hunting Silver down and taking back Totodile for Professor Elm. He made several friendships and rivalries in the region, and going through Johto was an amazing adventure for him. Didn't...really feel that way to me. Sure, it's fun, because POKEMON, but... Johto felt so cramped. I just now realized this. Now, the Johto+Kanto combination made for quite an adventure, but Johto by itself is...not so great, in all honesty. There weren't many noteworthy places in the region (Ruins of Alph puzzles were fun, though), the level curve was pretty bad, the Victory Road was barren (Silver you fucker let me fight the trainers), and I feel Kanto blew it out of the water, as well as every other region. Yeah, they added a Safari Zone as well as Routes 47 and 48, but...that's it? I think that Whitney's Miltank is remembered more than the region itself.
  2. In the spirit of OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire being released soon, let's have a draft of our adventures through the Hoenn region as tribute. Rulset? We don't need a ruleset. This isn't competitive, so just pick your mons and have fun. Starters are free, and Rayquaza is banned. Whee, let's go. Teams: Psych: Ralts, Seedot, Slugma, Skarmory, Carvahna, Chinchou, Snorunt, Grimer, Bagon Eclipse: Tentacool, Swablu, Machop, Mawile, Spinda, Skitty, Torkoal, Chimecho, Minun CR: Sableye, Aron, Marill, Slakoth, Doduo, Seviper, Spoink, Wynaut, Regice AMC: Zigzagoon, Spheal, Luvdisc, Zubat, Tropius, Rhyhorn, Plusle, Beautifly, Ninjask Lucy: Wingull, Magikarp, Electrike, Barboach, Volbeat, Girafarig, Staryu, Vileplume, Registeel Ice: Taillow, Shroomish, Abra, Trapinch, Goldeen, Whismur, Dustox, Pinsir, Duskull, ZM: Natu, Igglybuff, Corphish, Poochyena, Phanpy, Cacnea, Heracross, Pikachu, Horsea Horace: Geodude, Voltorb, Koffing, Baltoy, Solrock, Nosepass, Gulpin, Corsola, Feebas Breezy: Anorith, Bellossom, Sandshrew, Absol, Shuppet, Vulpix, Castform, Kecleon, Illumise Terrador: Lotad, Makuhita, Numel, Magnemite, Shedinja, Wailmer, Relicanth, Regirock, Gorebyss [spoiler=undrafted scrubs]Huntail Lileep Psyduck
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