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Found 3 results

  1. Olwen is underrated tbh, this is a very likable stat table, very satisfying...And yes, that skill is correct. Soon...
  2. Olwen, Blue Mage Knight Do you dislike Reinhardt? Is he the sore eye on your otherwise femme fatale team? Do you hate sharing BH!Lyn with Reinhardt using Summoner and Ally Supports? Are you afraid of insecure about jealous of worried about Reinhardt stealing all your other waifus under your nose when you log off the game? No need to fear, Olwen is here! You can send all your Reinhardts home use Olwen in place of Reinhardt in many cases. As Reinhardt's sister, she is not to be taken lightly. While the Thunder's Fist's approach is based on brute force, the Blue Mage Knight takes a slightly different approach with her quick flurry of lightning slaps and crushing any remaining Resistance with a sharp heel to the groin. Compared to Reinhardt, what Olwen lacks in Attack is somewhat made up for in Speed. While Reinhardt can excel without much support as a slow Brave user, Olwen needs the support in order to deal enough damage and consistently perform quad attack. Level 40 stats: HP: 31/34/37 Atk: 23/26/30 Spd: 31/34/37 Def: 17/20/23 Res: 27/30/33 Total: 144~145 Default skills: Weapon: Dire Thunder Assist: Reposition Special: [none] Passive A: Warding Blow 3 Passive B: [none] Passive C: Ward Cavalry Dire Thunder: General use, Arena offense, Arena Assault Blárblade: General use, Arena offense, Arena Assault
  3. Personally, I like to use Olwen because I will not kill off any characters and she has her brave/hero personal weapons, but I can assume Eyrios is pretty good. Which character did you guys choose?
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