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Found 1 result

  1. So you voted, and here it is~ Once Upon a Time is getting a new coat of paint. Same rules apply as last time. Everyone that died in my first run of Shadow Dragon stays dead, levels may be doctored according to time and the "New character" stays for variety. Silver's personality is getting a major upgrade from MyUnit's rather.. interesting personality *read: lack there of* which means her dialogue will be changed according to HER personality and the way she interacts with the cast around her. None of this "Oh my grandpa raised me after my parents died, but he was kind of a dick to me but I wanna be a knight, oh i'm also a sue" bullshit. Expect new expressions for her pallet. That said what do you think guys? What're you looking forward to in the new run? What do you wanna see? Anything I can change up to your liking? I'd love your opinions! (that being said, directory and prologue 1 will be up next post.)
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