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Found 2 results

  1. So I was looking for a custom female berserker map sprite and, after searching for some time I noticed that there is no place in this forum where custom map sprites are posted. Not even the Resouces Directory has any map sprites that I could find. Shouldn't some sort of compilation of Open Source Custom Map Sprites exist, like the one we have for battle animations?
  2. Welcome to the SF Open Source Gallery! The purpose of this event is to build a very healthy amount of open source assets to project makers and the like, since there is so few available at the moment. All art assets directly go open to the public. This is completely non-competitive, there are no polls, votes or anything of the like. Just friendship! How it works 1. Pretty simple, you PM me your work. And at the end of the month, all works are showcased in a separate thread (or this one, or Spriter's Resource thread) and will immediately become open source upon reveal. 2. Said reveal happens near the end of each month. Giving a spriter around 3 or more weeks to send in something. Guidelines 1. The fourth Open Source Gallery (OSG) event starts now. 2. Submissions are to be PM'd to me through Serenes Forest. There is also an infinite number of submissions you can give, the more the merrier! 3. You can submit any type of art asset, that includes portraits, map sprites, maps, battle sprites, etc. 4. You must provide whether you want to remain anonymous when the time comes to present the gallery at the end of the month. 5. If you in fact provide your name, you must include whether you want to have the potential user of your work to give credit to you or not. Theme and important dates 1. The Fourth theme of the OSG is The Radiant Collection! Click here for Nickt's most updated portrait list. You are encouraged to use only these portraits to splice with. For mappers, you can make PoR and/or Radiant Dawn inspired maps. 2. The start date of submission begins now! 3. The end date of submission is December 1st. Good luck! And hopefully we get a lot of participants!!! Remember, you can submit as much art as you want! ----------------- Theme 1: Knights, Bandits and Villagers: Total Count: 13 maps. 1 class card, 24 portraits Theme 2: Nobles and Evil Doers: 15 maps, 30 portraits Theme 2: Lords and Evil Doers Total Count: 16 maps, 33 portraits
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