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Found 1 result

  1. *music plays* Behold, my so unexpected but most likely mosty awaited and demanded among the masses FE13 run, by yours' truly. There have been many, many runs throughout this game's short history, but none like my own! Many have tried, but few have succeeded...when it comes to simple completition, anyway. I, however, wish to go beyond the maingame and see just how far I can drag my time with this. This run I have in mind happens to be in a way some sort of small tribute to my first run, in the way that I will be doing some of the things I've done in it barring the many many silly desicions. I'll also be bringing some new things (for me, anyway) to the table, and will be using characters I haven't used/killed off on my first run. As the title implies, this run will be an in-breed between LTC and casual play in the sense that I will be using the characters I like, reguardless of how much it'll affect my team while still attempting to pull the lowest turncounts that my resources allow me. I kind of wish I had a capture card for this... Effeciency? Far from it. My character choices and resource distribution will likely be a mess. You'll get a heart-attack to see how well I use my funds. LTC? I'll be going as fast as I can as long as I don't rely on BS luck (see: ninja dodges), what is in my team's reach and most importantly- What is currently within my knowledge. However, you're more than gladly free to throw in some advice and suggestions for me, I'll appreciate those as well. As a basic principle, I won't be allowing myself any casualties and go on with it. No, not because I care about this- But it's just been so long that I have been doing that, that I will be doing this just to add a small thing to the challenge. PARALOGUES AND XENOLOGUES ARE IN Yes, I'll be doing those...if it's even possible within LTC no-grind team. I obviously won't be doing every single Paralogue and Xenologue. I'll be doing the ones that I have available (Children Paralogues and Xenologues I have downloaded). I'll leave Xenologues for after Ch.25 so the maingame isn't more of a cakewalk than it already is. My current goals are the following: LIBRA - Need I say more? Make the new successor of The Legend See if I can actually LTC Xenologues Use my favorite characters and actually have them be useful at some point of the game (two of these are already High tier) N.O.W.I - Scrapped. ): And at last, da rules: Personalized character theme songs! Progress:
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